(2016-07-13) The Mourning After
The Mourning After
Summary: Bob comes to visit Eli. What is there to say?
Date: 7.13.2016
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Patient Room #1

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

Everything had been a whirlwind since the call had come over the radio the day before. It was the following day, late morning, and things still weren't much better. Quinton had not been found. Any trail the guards had managed to find ended fast and left no indication of how or where to proceed. The only possible upside, using the term loosely, was that Elijah was finally awake. Lying in bed, dosed on whatever medicine they had available to help ease the pain and keep him calm, the doctor's eyes are open with his distant gaze resting on the ceiling above the bed. His body is covered under the blankets, arms over the blankets with his hands gripping the blankets loosely on either side.

Bob hadn't been in often to check on the Doctor. He'd organized scouting parties, but so far, no sign of Quinton. Still, he knew Eli's surgery was done. Perhaps not as professionally as if Eli had done it himself. There were probably techniques others didn't know. Ways they could have saved more tissue. Bob wasn't much use. Seeing injuries often doesn't make you a medical professional. Bob comes in at a slow pace, nodding to the med tech who'd helped see to Eli. Then he comes to rest leaning against a wall. "Looks like you survived the night…" he comments dryly.

Elijah doesn't seem to notice when another person enters the room, perhaps just being used to the movement of the others who had been helping him. Or perhaps just still being out of it. Either way, when Bob speaks the doctor's gaze pulls back to the room and over to their leader with a confused expression. The statement processes though and Eli swallows before speaking in a tired voice "Yes. Thanks to you and the others…" His brow then furrows into a frown "Still…no sign of them?"

A slow nod is given by Bob and he remains posted up against the wall. "I need you to tell me what happened out there, now that you're more…well, you." He pauses and then adds, "As best you can, anyway. I figure you are in a world of pain right now, I ain't tryin to push."

The doctor gives a slow shake of his head, "I'm fine. I can talk." He still sounds like hell, but it was obvious he was determined to help. Eli looks to Bob, focusing his thoughts a moment before nodding. "We were on a run. At the gas station. Talking and then…he was there." He frowns, gaze dropping to the floor as he frowns again "He hit Quinton. Knocked him out. Pulled a gun…on me. I tried…"

The doctor's eyes close, "I tried to talk to him. Help him." Why had he tried to help him? "He wanted help…to change. To not be a Silencer. I told him…I could help but…he didn't believe me." Eli's eyes open again, looking to Bob a bit hesitantly. "He tripped. I…ran at him…tackled him. Tried to get the gun but…it fired." His eyes close again as his head lowers. A pause before, "He took Quinton and left while I was on the ground…" He swallows "I tried…"

Bob is quiet during Eli's explanation of events. He doesn't move, and doesn't speak, he just listens. So when Elijah is done, Bob gives him a slow nod. "Ok…" He takes in a deep breath and then lets it out slowly. He goes through the various things he wants to say. The brief anger he feels and the frustration. Instead, he takes another slow breath and lets it out. "You noted what direction they went in. We'll track em down." He pauses and says in a more calming tone, "This ain't yer fault. You did what you could."

Elijah opens his eyes again, but his gaze stays on the covers. The area over his legs…leg. The doctor frowns and speaks in a low tone "I had a gun. In my bag. I should have…" He swallows again, frowning more. He could argue that he was worried the man would have hurt Quin. Or that he didn't want to risk being killed himself because somebody needed to get word to camp. Which he had. However…deep down he knew something else to be true. Another reason why he hadn't gone for the gun. "I let him walk away…with Quinton."

"Look, Doc, you do a lot of things well. Shootin' aint one of em. Best that you were able to get word back to us. We'll find him. If the Silencer wanted to kill Quin he would have done it out there. No need to bring him along for the ride like that otherwise. Don't beat yerself up."

Bob's words were meant to help…but they just solidified Eli's inner self-reprimanding. Still, that wasn't the focus right now. "We need to find them. Fast. He doesn't have long…" Eli sighs, looking back to Bob now and worry on his face. "The Silencer. Thinks Quinton can help him…switch over. He's been spying on us…on Piper. Seen how Quinton is with her. Thinks Quinton is the reason she's not a Silencer anymore. That's why he wanted him…and when he finds out that isn't the case…that Quinton CAN'T help him…" He just leaves it at that.

To say that Bob really doesn't understand how Silencer's work exactly would be a dramatic understatement. He just knows they are evil, except for Piper who isn't. "Huh…" Bob replies and then he nods, "Yeah. Soon. I'll have our scouts get back out there now. We'll find him. Don't worry." He frowns and pulls off his hat, then runs a hand through his shaggy hair, "You should get some rest. I'll go get everyone back onto looking for Quin."

Elijah 's gaze just stays on the covers and he nods along with what Bob says. With the man's last statement, the doctor does look back to him though. "Thank you, Bob…and please…keep me updated."

Bob glances to the ground and then nods, still looking down, "Yeah, sure thing, Doc." He looks up and Eli and then turns for the door moving out, "Get some rest."

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