(2016-07-14) Search But No Rescue
Search But No Rescue
Summary: Monica and Piper go out in search of Quinton. Their first stop the scene of the crime.
Date: 7.14.2016
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It didn't take much convincing from Piper to get the location where Eli was found and where Quinton was last seen. She didn't even have to put anyone in a headlock and she was pissed off enough to do that and more. She has been flipping back and forth from balling her eyes out in grief to wrathful indignation. At the moment she is falling on the latter part of that spectrum and strangely it is focusing her thoughts and trodding over her usual social anxiety "This is the place." she gently pulls her horse to a stop at the gas station that the encounter took place. She looks around their surroundings, and then to Monica "How're you at tracking?" full sentences even. She is armed to the teeth, rifle, pistols, knife and even her nun chuks, and thanks to what she used to be so knows how to use them adequately enough.

Monica is also armed to the teeth, though in truth Chester (the horse) is doing most of the heavy lifting, currently her rifle, several hundred rounds of ammunition, a tomahawk, and some rope in addition to the usual pistol and knife. There wasn't time to come up with an electrical weapon, and of course testing it would be problematic anyway, so she stuck with steel, lead, explosives, and hemp. Hey, if they find the silencer half a mile away… She looks over to Piper. "Lousy. That's why I was starving when I got here." There's a coldness to her voice that isn't usually there of late, a narrowing of eye as she scans the area around the store, as she feels for that feeling of being watched. She nonetheless looks over the ground for tracks.

<FS3> Monica rolls Tracking: Success.

Well there are tracks aplenty. All over the place. Coming and going, some could be Quinton's and Eli's, more are probably Bob and the guards coming and going. With that many boots it may be a bit hard to figure out who's is whose. There is blood too, but that's probably Eli's, he was injured.

"Probably better than me." Piper is good at a lot of things, tracking isn't one of them. She slides off her horse adjusting the strap of her rifle on her shoulder as her barefeet touch the ground. "You were alone…a long time?"

Monica slides off as well and crouches down to study the tracks. Chester is a patient horse, and a well trained one. He steps away a few steps and finds some grass to nibble. "Yeah. Lot of the times I wasn't… I would have been better off alone." She looks at a track. "I dunno. This could be them. Could be one of the guards… definitely human tracks… or at least someone wearing human shoes."

"Not now though?" Piper has to wonder why that isn't the case now when it was then. She moves to where Monica is looking at the tracks. Had the comment about shoes been made under other circumstances the woman might find it funny, but at the moment it doens't hit her funny bone. "Let's look inside." she begins to head into the gas station, but it is must more of the same, only with a bunch of maps scattered around and more of Eli's blood. Bending over she picks up a map, her breath catching as she chokes back a sob and tries to fight back the despair threatening to overwhelm her.

Monica slips her pistol out of its holster and cocks it. "Better class of people," is all she says. She looks at Piper, sighs a little, carefully uncocks and re-holsters her pistol. Mindfulness. Mon's divided. It's not a safe location, as recent events have already proven. On the other… Piper's her friend. Even though the separation between the Silencer (boo hiss) and Piper (yay!) is mostly one of intent, even though having Quinton gone and the doctor possibly maimed is more than enough to send Mon looking for scalps… and she is… Piper needs her help. The building seems empty. There's time. "C'mere," Mon says gently.

Piper clutches the map to her ample chest, sniffling a bit, "Quinton wanted more maps." and apparently he found them, only to be taken away before he could collect his treasures. She looks back at Monica, more tears welling in her eyes and threatening to overflow once again. One would think she would be cried out already…or severely dehydrated, but such is not the case. Moving toward the other woman she picks up maps as she goes, adding them to the one she already has in her hands, so what if a few are bloodstained.

Monica hugs Piper, the maps, and everything. Risky? Yes. But what else is there to do? "They didn't kill him. If they were going to kill him, he'd be right here, and you know it. We will get him back." Mon's level of tension would be obvious to Piper. "We will get him back," she repeats, savagely.

There is no violent outburst this time, just a sudden wracking sob as she clutches the maps tighter to herself as Piper is wrapped in the other woman's arms. She is not a pretty crier, all ugly faces, reddish face and swollen eyes "There…" sob "are worse…" more sobs "things…" more here too "than death." she knows, she has been through them herself, first hand.

Monica gets her bandana for Piper. It's sweaty and has the funk of having been sweaty a lot over its operational life, but it's drier than Piper's face right now, and buckskin doesn't absorb much. She nods to Piper, assuming she's speaking from experience. "Yeah," she admits. "But death's the only one that's hopeless." Is she imagining Quinton made into a silencer? Maybe. It'd be shattering for him but… at the same time it might repair his damaged nervous system… and with the full force of his character and mind… well.. okay, Mon has to admit she only knows the Quinton of today. What's deeper inside, she doesn't have a clue to. But creating a core of violence in that man would be… hard.

This bit of crying doesn't last as long as some of her others and within a few minutes Piper has gotten a hold of herself. Taking the hanky she wipes at her eyes and then nose, as she nods at the words "Not hopeless." she takes a few deep breaths "Have to bring him back. Like he brought me back." she hasn't even thought about the whole Quinton becoming a Silencer thing, mostly because she thinks it impossible outside of the medical facilities the Others have.

Monica nods. "Like he brought you back. Like Camp Hope brought me back. It's not hopeless. They're good at that back in camp. We are good at it," she corrects. "We will bring him back." Mon sincerely hopes it's as simple as she's saying. There are thousands of things that could go wrong, and there's the simple fact that Texas is big. There are a lot of places Quinton could have been taken. But right now, keeping Piper together is the most important thing. Right? She goes on hugging the other woman. She's used to it enough to pay attention. Like cats, Piper makes it clear when she's getting uncomfortable.

Piper hand wobbles "Sort off. Kayla and I got taken. He helped rescue us." she was being quite literal in this case and not so much figurative. She shrugs out of Monica's arms just like the cat she is compared too and looks around. Sure she has the maps still clutched to her, but she is in control now…for the moment. "I don't understand…" she gives a confused shake of her head "why take Quinton…of all the people, why him?

Monica nods. "That's a good question." She stops to think about it, crouching down to poke at the tangle of tracks again. "Maybe there was something here they didn't want him to find. But in that case, why not kill him?" She looks at Piper. "I mean, even if he was another silencer and we didn't know it and he was never activated… what's it gain them? The only strategy that I can see from it is it has something to do with you. As a way to mess with you or… something like that. And from everything I've heard about Silencers, they're usually more direct than that."

"Or take them both." Piper doesn't mention them both being killed. She might not have the feels for Eli, but she doesn't want him dead, and he they were together. The mention that this is something that happened because of her makes her blanch and she shakes her head "No. No. No." if he was taken because of her…that's nearly to much for her to bear.

Monica says, "It might be a good thing. If they're going to use him as leverage, they have to keep him alive. And they'll be in touch. We have to be ready for that." She looks up at Piper and stands up. "There's no nice way to ask this, but… if you had to… to get him back… could you switch your nanites back into active mode? I know they'll do it. What I'm asking is… would it be possible for you to do it and then… use that to help?""

Just the thought that she could be the reason that Quinton was taken, that it was to get at her or similar, that just about takes her to that precipice of despair again as she shakes her head at the notion "I can't…I didn't." if that's the case then this would be her fault. Her heart is fractured enough, that would totally break it. The sobbing, sniffles it all stops at the question about the nanites and her line in the sand "If it could get him back…" she only has to think for a few moments "get him back without question…Yes." she nods at that "Not possible. It could just as easily kill me."

Monica nods. "Okay." Mon bites back an angry moment. Why can Piper be superwoman enough to throw her, Monica, into solid objects, but she can't… Mon doesn't let it get further. Her inner thought is "You. Shut the fuck up." It does. Piper might see these conflicts go by in her expression, might sense them, but they do not escape Mon's lips. It must, Mon reflects, be just as frustrating for Piper. "Then… " She takes a breath. "Then we'll have to find another way."

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Sense Motive: Success.

Piper watches Monica pensively. She is pretty off balance at the moment so who knows what could set her off. And no telling what way she will go when she does, crumbling or violent. She is well aware that something is going through the other woman's head and there is a sudden tensing as if readying for something, though she is undecided if it is going to be fighting or fleeing. "Another way." she relaxes…well as much as she has been since finding out Quinton had been taken "Well there is nothing…" she glances down at the maps she is clinging too "or no one here."

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