(2016-07-15) Mental Interrogation
Mental Interrogation
Summary: Lines are crossed is desperation
Date: 7.15.2016
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Patient Room #1

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It had been three, technically two and a half, days since the attack that led to Quinton being MIA and Elijah being laid up in the Infirmary. Visitation had been limited to give the doctor time to recover, but with so many hands on deck searching for Quinton it was easy for people to slip in. Currently, he is awake, sitting up with his back against a stack of pillows and his notebook from that night in his lap. Blood still stained the cover and parts of the pages from him handling it in his injured state, writing down notes just in case Bob and the guards had gotten there too late.

Eli flips through the pages, looking over what he had written that day…trying to remember anything else. He knew he had relayed everything to Bob. There was nothing else. Still…there had to be something else that could help. He just had to think harder. Try…harder.

it's been a long, hard two and half days for Piper. As soon a s she heard about what happened she wasted no time. She had to go do her own searching, she didn't know about the notebook, so just had the guards testimony to go by. It wasn't enough. Looking like she hasn't slept in days, dusty and mostly smelling the horse she has been riding during her search, she comes into the infirmary and directly to where the doctor is laid up. Her eyes are swollen and red, either from road dust or crying, but probably both. Despite her tiredness she stares at him with an intensity she has never had before. "It's about time you woke up." holy a full, coherent sentence. Nothing like righteous anger to get her mind focused and railroad the social anxiety she suffers. Kinda tragic really.

Elijah 's gaze shoots up from the notebook at the blunt statement from Piper. Taking in her appearance, the doctor just kind of…stares at her for a moment. It's insure if he fully comprehended what she said. He still appears to be in a state of shock from everything. "Piper…" Finally his brain catches up. Whereas the circumstances seemed to have helped her mind unlock, it had had the opposite effect for the normally proper and eloquent doctor.

Opening his mouth to stay something…Eli's brow furrows into a frown before he just closes his mouth and lowers his gaze down to the notebook. There was nothing he could say to make this ok. Her expression…her grief and tiredness. "Go ahead…" With whatever she wanted to ask. Whatever she wanted to yell. Hell if she wanted to hit him. He just left it open for her to decide.

Piper stares right back. There is no tentativeness in her body language at the moment, though a lot of tenseness, it's been an emotional couple of days and she has a lot of pent up emotion still. "There is no sign of him. What happened? Why didn't you do anything ." she does yell at least, her voice is to horse from all the other outbursts for that, but her tone is thick with what could only be desperation.

At the hoarse tone and the clear emotion in it, Elijah winces with her words, gaze staying on the notebook. Silent for the moment, he lifts it up for her to take. After a moment he'd swallow, still not looking at the woman "His description is in there…as well as most of the details." Indeed, the Silencer's appearance was noted in as much detail as the doctor could summon in that moment after the attack. How the man had knocked Quinton out. Taken him. About the man being a Silencer. Wanting help to not be one anymore. Piper's name was jotted down.

It was shorthand, but detailed enough. Still, it left some explanation needed. It was also obvious as the notes carried down the page that he had become less and less coherent as he had written the words. More abbreviations. Less legible handwriting. Dried blood smeared over portions of the page where it looked like the side of his hand dragged as he had been writing. "I…tried…" Eli says in a weak tone. He doesn't try to defend himself past that or convince her. The woman stood by Eli's bed, obviously upset and clearly tired from her days of searching for Quinton. The doctor himself looked tired in a different way, gaze down on the covers now that he had handed the notebook to Piper.

Monica wanders in, probably with the same idea Piper had. Find out from the doctor what happened. Perhaps unlike Piper, Mon also is concerned for the doctor himself.

Piper is only concerned with one man at the moment and it isn't Elijah. The books is taken and without even looking at it she hurls it across the room. She doesn't realize Monica is there yet, so hopefully she doesn't get hit with it. "I need to see it. I have to see it." she drops to sit on the edge of his bed and grabs his face in her hands "I'm sorry." she tells him a her mind enters his and begins to search and mine his for the memories for that day. They are fresh and new, so it shouldn't take long, mere moments really, and when she does she begins to play them like one would a video. it won't be the most comfortable of sensations, forcing her mind in, but unless he buts up a fight it won't hurt.

Elijah jerks as the book it tossed, gaze coming up only to be met with Piper sitting on the edge of the bed. His eyes widen a moment, but he doesn't have time to process what she's saying or doing before she Vulcan mind melds him. The doctor's eyes close tight against the intrusion, but he doesn't put up a fight necessarily. Perhaps him being caught off guard mixed with the state of his mind already attributing to that fact. Then, he sees it…the events happening. Again. No…he couldn't see this again. He wasn't ready. As the memories come back more solidly he manages a small tug against Piper's grasp on his head "Stop…" It's more of a plea than a command.

Monica is reasonably quick on the draw, even when she's only trying to grab a notebook out of the air. She snags the notebook out of the air before it beans her and watches what's happening. In the time scale that Silencers operate in, it takes Mon an eon to figure out what's happening in the first place, another eon for the cold to settle over her, and a third for her to clear her throat to get Piper's attention (hopefully.) "I gotta tell you that no means no, Piper?"

His eyes may be closed, but Piper's are wide open and staring as she reviews what happened as quickly as possible. She doesn't like this anymore that he does, and while she is in his brain he can certainly feel that. Could this very thing be what causes her aversion to people touching her? It's something to think about.

As soon as he begins to pull away and plead with her to stop she removes her hands from his face, "He is broken." but they linger a moment until hearing Monica brings her back to reality and she lowers her face down and to the side "No." her hands coming down as she leverages herself back to her feet.

When Piper finally breaks the connection, mere moments in reality but it felt like longer to him, Elijah releases a shaking breath as his gaze lowers back to the covers. A hand grips at them a moment as he processes what had just happened. He doesn't seem to realize Monica is there yet. In a quiet shaky voice, "You could have asked…" He looks back to Piper, emotion on his features. Pain? Betrayal? Grief for sure. "I would have let you!" in a tired raised tone. He already felt bad enough about Quinton being taken and now to feel mentally interrogated? Great.

Blinking he finally focuses on the rest of the room enough to see Monica. "Monica…hi…" Quickly trying to recover his composure he looks back to the blankets and adjusts them to lay more uneven. Trying to cover up the area where they sunk down on one side. Where his left leg should be.

Monica takes off her hat and chucks it onto the nearest table that doesn't have equipment or anything else that needs to stay sterile on it. Apparently she's not leaving the room any time soon. Mindfulness. That'd be why her pistol's in its holster. She closes her right hand to let the nails scratch the itch on her palm. Clearly 'shoot them all and let God sort them out' is not the right approach, but Mon is hugely, badly conflicted, and it shows. "Do you like how he looks, Piper? Does he remind you of anyone right now?" Mon's guessing really, and probably for the wrong reasons. Women she's known who hate being touched usually aren't telepathic alien enhanced humans. She glances at the good doctor. Notes the missing foot-bump in the bed.

There is no eye contact now and Piper backs away from the doctor's bed. "I'm sorry." she just repeats again, she did what she felt was needed. Would she do it again, who knows, but desperation and her anger and grief doesn't make for rational decisions. A glance is given to Monica but no eye contact there either and then back to Elijah, her confusion at the question obvious. "I don't…" whatever she was about to say is lost as she notices what is missing. It's enough to send her over the edge again, only this time instead of paying she looks like she is going to be sick…there is a gasp and she clutches her stomach, fleeing into the other room to be sick in private. It's all catching up to her now.

Elijah doesn't raise his gaze again when Piper looks towards him. At her gasp and departure, the doctor's eyes just close tight against the sound of her vomiting. He understood though. He had done his fair share at first too…but then the realization had sunk in. Mostly. What could he do? There was no returning what had been lost in that regard. However, they could still find Quinton. They had to. He had to do his part to help with that. Finally composing himself enough again he raises a tired gaze to Monica "Thanks for coming to visit…I'm afraid I'll be very dull company though

Monica pulls up a chair and scrounges a notebook that doesn't seem to have the doctor's writing on it. "Sokay. On behalf of those of us who've done things we regret in times of anger and grief… I'm sorry." She gestures toward Piper. "Meantime… if you don't mind… I'll keep you company. I have to figure out how to make a prosthetic leg." It's how Mon deals with things like this. Tie up her brainpower trying to solve the problem.

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