(2016-07-17) Blame Game
Blame Game
Summary: Piper blames herself for the kidnapping of Quinton
Date: 7.17.2016
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Patient Room #1

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It had taken some time and motivation, but Elijah was finally up and moving. His strength wasn't to where he could keep it up for a great length of time yet, but continued practice and healing would help with that. Still in his patient room of the infirmary, the doctor currently stands by the window, crutches under his arms as support and to help his leg balance the weight of his body. He definitely looks less professional in his attire today as it was more about comfort and functionality. A basic white undershirt and he had managed to alter a pair of scrub pants, cutting the left leg of them off so as to allow room for his bandaging. It would also making it easier for changing the dressing and cleaning the injured area. His hair is a mess, but it at least looks like he had managed to get a bath in recently.

Since the mental intrusion and her being sick, Piper hasn't been back to the infirmary. And she really doesn't want to be there now either, but there are things here she will need. Now that she knows the missing poet is injured…another crack to the skull, as if he needed that, she is going to head out better equipped. Not all the medical supplies are kept in the kitchen cupboards, the closets in the patient rooms serve that purpose too. With pack in hand she steals herself and stalks into the room when Eli has been set up. She gives the man a quick passing, if not guilty glance, and makes straight for the closet to stock up on bandages and other things that may be needed. Who knows what other injuries Quinton could have gotten between his abduction and now.

Elijah continues staring out the window, apparently deep in thought as he doesn't hear Piper's entrance. However, as she rummages around in the closet he lofts a brow…looking over towards that area. "Hello?…" Maneuvering his crutches to turn himself in that direction, he takes a few steps to get a better view. "Piper…" He does seem surprised by her presence…perhaps even a bit uneasy. Maybe she just took him off guard. Or maybe he was still remembering the other day. "…going on another run?" he guesses.

Bandages, gauze, medical tape and other first aid things are shoved rapidly into the pack. Piper looks cleaned up at least, but she still carries herself with that weary tenseness she has worn the last few days. Her back stiffens and she pauses her raid of the supplies when her name is said followed by the question. "Yes." her tone is now flat, emotionless, she is probably running on empty, but running she still is "I have to find him. He wouldn't…" there is that catch that signifies she is holding back her torrent of emotions "It's my fault he was taken."

Elijah frowns as she blames herself. Is that what he sounded like? Wow…hearing it come from another person made him realize how ridiculous the notion was. "No…" The doctor shakes his head, shifting on the crutches to adjust his weight, looking back to the woman. "It's the Silencer's fault…he is the one…that took Quinton. The one that did all this." He had taken the poet. Taken Eli's leg. Even if Eli didn't fully believe that yet, repeating it would help in eventually accepting it. "Blaming ourselves…does no good to help Quinton…"

Piper stares at the box of bandages in her hand, then slowly shakes her head at the reasoning from the doctor "No." her tone seems adamant "I heard what was said. He took Quinton because of me." she glances up briefly, but there is no eye contact still. How strange to have such coherent sentences from her. So long she hated her inability to communicate, now that she has such focus to do so, she wishes it weren't so. "Because of me, and our relationship."

The frown deepens, but Elijah keeps his focus on the woman "I know it's no use to try and convince you otherwise…so I'll just wish you luck on your run." He knew from his own guilt. Having somebody say 'it's not your fault honest!' didn't really help. So he wouldn't try to push it on the woman any further. Still, even despite their encounter the other day, it was obvious he was still concerned.

He couldn't help it. It's who he was. In truth he couldn't even say for sure if the Silencer showed up now that he still wouldn't try to help him…even if he wouldn't like it. Part of him hated himself for that right now. Which was an odd feeling. "I'll…let you finish getting ready…" He turns, making his way back to the bed on his crutches. At least he seemed to be getting the hang of them. Mostly.

The woman nods, taking his words as agreement that she is to blame and not an argument against it. It's doubtful that the doctor could win that argument either way. The rest of the few things she needs is shoved into the pack and she zips the thing up to sling it over her back. "I'm not the only one that needs luck." she glances at him again. At the moment, he needs it as does the missing poet.

Whereas she took his statement as agreement, Elijah was also aware her focus was on the poet so he took her last statement as such. She'd do whatever it took to get him back. She had already proven that with him. "Quinton is a fighter…he's already overcome so much. I have faith in his ability to make it through this as well…" Finally getting to the bed he begins the awkward process of lowering himself down, gripping the crutches firmly and shifting his weight with a grimace. At least it was getting less awkward, slowly but surely.

"Yes." that much is true as much as the poet doesn’t say he is a manly man, he is a fighter alright. "Keep that in mind for yourself." They are all survivors now. With that she heads out, leaving Eli to rest.

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