(2016-07-22) Legs and Baby Bumps
Legs and Baby Bumps
Summary: Mostly a day in the life. Mon finds one of those little things that makes life seem more civilized, then takes Eli's new leg to the bar to tinker with it and chats with Sophia.
Date: 2016.07.22
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It has taken Mon months to remember to look for one. She's been busy. Even when she did think of it, it took a long time today to find one simple enough to still work. What was it with the old world, right before it ended, that even the simplest hand appliances somehow needed micro-controllers in them? Still. She found what she was looking for, a lady-specific Panasonic screen shaver. Its batteries are toast, as have been every battery she's encountered since the end of the world, but a little tinkering to bypass them and connect the shaver to a working 12 volt isolated power supply from a dead laptop, a little more tinkering with the fiendishly fine windings of its motor and let the thing run strictly on corded power, and it powers up in the shop. Then she boils the foils and cutter for half an hour over over a gas grill. A little time in the bathhouse, and the application of a little electricity (to the shaver) and Mon feels like a new woman. She heads to the machine shop to pick up something for her hands to do, then heads to the bar.
- - -

The bar is open and has enough customers in it to keep the Hispanic woman busy moving from tables to the bar. Sophia has started to wear loose fitting clothes, although it's done nothing to him the change in her walk, the slightly wider gait. She gives a low laugh at something one of the men say to her as she passes and smacks him on the shoulder. The barkeep is rarely seen outside of her bar now, either she's hiding, or nesting has started.

Monica comes in with a gadget. It's kind of a bar with a piece of leaf spring on the bottom, and a lever that goes up to a joint most of the way up. She finds a seat and listens to the jukebox a while before Sophia wanders by. "Hi.

<FS3> Monica rolls Machinist: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Physics: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Medicine: Good Success.
<FS3> Sophia rolls Cheese Making: Failure.

Sophia cocks an eyebrow but has learned to not ask. "Hola Monica. What can I get you tonight?" She even offers the other woman a quick smile, "The last batch of cheese did not turn out so well, but I have some other food if you are hungry." While the bar does not have a menu per say, she sometimes has some foods. "I have some boiled eggs, if you'd like."

Monica smiles. "Eggs would be lovely. And pretty much anything with a little alcohol in it." She gestures to the gadget on the table. "It's a leg for Eli. Getting the knee limiter rod timing working right has been a pain in the ass. How've you been?" She tries to wait until Sophia isn't watching to look for a baby bump.

Sophia has eggs (ha!) so she nods. "I will bring you salt and pepper too." If Monica isn't going to be picky, she'll get some generic drink that Soph has plenty of. More head nodding at the news for Eli, "Beuno. He will do better moving." When she turns to get Monica's food and drink there's definitely the start of a bump. Soph is looking a little thin in the face, but that could be stress.

Monica nods. "He's been moving. He's doing pretty well, but he'll do better once he's walking again. I hope." Mon rubs her eyes a little. "I know with animals you get 'em up and eating as fast as you can, no matter what.

Sophia goes about, getting the drink and eggs and filling up a few of glasses on the way. She was clearly very good at her job before the world ended. Even with the added weight, she moves with a tough of grace. "I don't know about animals vs. humans, but I have seen enough military to know that it's not just moving. He needs to feel useful." The stuff is set down in front of Mon.

Monica nods. "And have faith that what happened to Quinton isn't his fault. We had a long talk about that. Do you know anything about his life before he came to camp hope? Thank you." Mon sips her drink. "Dandelion wine?"

Sophia makes an agreeing noise, although she' s not heard the full story. "All of that is very strange." If she knows, she still shakes her head, "He has told me very little." A small smirk tugs at her lips and she nods, "I am attempting to not empty out my stores immediately." Hence making new stuff, like the dandelion wine.

Monica nods. She sips it again. "It's really good. I think we can get the good doctor going again. He's pretty damned important here. Plus there's research to be done that could change everything. Meantime, how are you doing?

Sophia snorts, "I will bring him some dandelion wine." Who knows, that may help! Her nose wrinkle sand a hand waves, "I am fine. The bar keeps me busy." Just the bar and cheese making it seems. Nothing and no one else.

Monica nods a little. "What about Bob?" Mon looks - and feels - remarkably awkward. "Er. Not really my business. But you're important too, you know? They say alcohol is what makes civilization possible. And that's what we're trying to do here.

Sophia freezes, and by freeze, it's her demeanor goes cold, "What about him?" All friendliness leaves the tiny woman. "I know it's important. i wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't." She sounds a touch defensive, like maybe she keeps telling herself that, not that she completely believes it. "I am going to get the bar self sustaining and then keep adding food. It will be an echo of what we had." Maybe what they can have.

Monica looks at her glass and nods. "Things have to change. But we have to remember the important things… because they were hard won.

Sophia folds her arms and then unfolds them uncomfortably. Her chest is just tender enough for her to not be able to do the annoyed arm fold like she used to. Insterad she turns to eye the rest of the room. "Si. We are doing well, and will remember."

Monica gets up to touch Sophia's shoulder. "I can't ever seem to keep my mouth shut and let you be, can I?" She sighs. "I just… I don't know what to say or do. I mean, it scares me and I envy you at the same time." Mon closes her eyes and her mouth opens and closes a few times as though trying to catch that sentence before it gets out.

Sophia's nose wrinkles again, "Envy? No. No." Her shoulder is pulled away from the touch, "I will most likely die, the recipes for the wine and cheese are written down in the kitchen." There's a mixture of anger and fear in her voice, but she quickly smooths it away and looks around again to the room, probably looking for an excuse to walk away from Monica.

Monica frowns. "Why?" And why, Mon wonders, would she go through with it despite the threat to her life? Even most churches make an exception for that.

Sophia doesn't know the reasons Monica is wondering, just the question, "Why? It is important, you said so. Society needs wine and cheese." She eyes the room, but they are being uncharacteristic un-needy, those jerks.

You say, "Why will you probably die? I mean… I know my history, it's not safe but that's a long way from most likely.""

Sophia's head snaps back and her eyes narrow. Instead of answering Monica she just huffs and turns to walk towards the bar. Her smokes are there and she's starting to get a headache.

Monica sits down and looks into her drink again. She drains it angrily. "If I'm going to lose a friend and a bartender and one of the last tiny percentage of people left on this planet, I'd really like to know why."

Sophia moves behind the bar, although she glances around again. That kind of talk isn't something she wants spread to her customers. There's enough drama. "It is nothing. Do you want another wine?" She grabs her smokes, which are getting seriously low.

Monica sets the glass down in resignation. "Yeah. Sure. please." She looks down at the leg she's working on and gets out her Leatherman to adjust on it some more.

Sophia takes her time, serving a few more folks while lighting her smoke. Then Monica's wine is poured and she brings it over. "Here. If you want more eggs let me know." She sure wishes she had pretzels. Or peanuts!

Monica looks up at Sophia and raises her glass to the other woman wordlessly, then sips it.

Sophia just nods. While the stores of wine are decent, she's not pouring anyone drinks until their glasses are empty. Her hand goes to her lower back and she turns back to the actual bar. It's kind of her safety zone. On the way there she busses a few tables of their glasses.

Monica presses the artificial leg she's working on to the floor, and rocks it forward, putting some weight on the top shaft. The knee stays all but locked, bending slightly on a spring until the ankle bends past a certain point. The knee unlocks and stays unlocked as she picks it up and swings it forward, the knee spring straightening it in a kicking motion. The knee clicks into lock again. "That works."

Well good, kicking legs are good. Soph moves to set the dirty glasses in the back to wash up later. They have a large enough supply, and few enough patrons that she usually doesn't have to wash dishes when she has customers.

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