(2016-08-01) Hope
Summary: Noah brings news. He's seen Quinton alive.
Date: 2016.08.01
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It's late, late enough that when the peddler Noah rolls in he just secures his wagon and horse and makes his way to Soph's bar to get a drink, he's trade tomorrow. It's warm out, so the door is propped open and the bar is only partially filled. Soph is behind the bar, as usual, wiping up some spilled drink and yelling at the poor soul that did it, "No more. You're wasting it!" Her crabbiness is about as equal to how much her pregnancy is becoming apparent.

Monica wanders in after another busy day. They're all busy, truth be told. She's starting to round up the materials for another batch of rifles, and starting to think about a proper furnace for melting all the inconveniently shaped steel into stock she can use. She's managed to not carry her M0 into the bar this time. It gets heavy in the summer, and besides. It's not like she's not armed. "Hey Sophia." She looks at Noah. "Hi. Are you new?"

The older man turns and gives Monica a grin, nodding hbis head, "Not new, but a viditor. I'll be bringing out my supplies to trade with tomorrow." Speaking of he turns back and pulls out a carton of cigarets and hands them over to Soph, who's eyes widen and she gives the man an honest grin. "I will get you the cheese you wanted!"

You say, "Oh, you must be Noah. I'm Monica." She looks at Noah. "I don't suppose you've got any drone parts to trade." She finds a seat, and tries not to look disapproving at the fact that Sophia is smoking while pregnant. She's been properly propagandized about that."

Noah chuckles, sitting down as Soph scurries to make him his drink of choice, "No…but I can look for them if you'd like." Noah doesn't seem to be bothered by Soph smoking, making he's just old enough to not believe it. or seen enough to know it doesn't matter anymore. "Is it the whole drone you want, or just the battery?' less to carry with one.

You say, "The whole thing, preferably. The fewer pieces it's in, the better. I want to take a good look at the drive systems. If we can figure those out, we can save a lot of bother down the road when we start finding out how hard it is to make neoprene." She looks at Soph. "How've you been?""

Sophia gives a small shrug, "I am fine." Noah gets his drink and then she looks to Mon, "What would you like?"

Noah smiles, it's almost grandfatherly as he sips his drink, "I Will see what i can find, but it will be damaged in some way." Else it would still be flying about! He doesn't ask what she's planning. Sometimes it's better to not know. "Do you need anything else for that?" He smacks his lips approvingly and nods to Soph, "I will keep looking for the list you gave me, Sophia."

You say, "Mm… Any alien technology that doesn't explode, I guess. If you know where to get some CNC machines we might have enough power for them some day, but… I have no idea what I'd trade for something that big and heavy." She looks at Sophia and nods. She's certainly not going to nose into her business with strangers around. "Could I get a glass of the dandelion wine please? And is there anything you need from me?""

Sophia's head shakes, "No Monica. I am well for now." She moves off to get the wine, her gait is only a little different. She's mostly just growing in the chest, poor thing.

Noah watches Soph move, aware of her condition but he turns back, "I would ahem to know what a CNC machine was to find one." He takes another long sip, content with the liquid, "Oh, is that fella around? The one with the funny name issues? I think I saw a brother or cousin of his a few weeks back." Blood Family is hard to come by anymore, those that have it should be notified.

Monica looks at Noah, all other subjects going to the side. "You saw a relative of Quinton's? Where? What did he look like?"

Noah nods, "Well, I don't know for certain, but he looked like him. In the face," The older man motions to his own, "especially. Thin, almost bird like." Yeah, that sounds like Quin. "He was hurt, I traded with the man with was caring for him. It didn't dawn on me who he looked like till I rolled into town tonight."

Monica frowns a little. "Hurt how? And what did the other guy look like?" Mon isn't about to air Camp Hope's laundry with the trader, but… it sounds like Quin is alive… and if the other guy were going to make him into a silencer, he wouldn't need tending and wouldn't still be hurt, right?

Sophia blinks, shifting in his seat, "I don't know, he was sleeping in the truck, leaned against the window when i saw him." old man eyes narrow , "He was a younger kid, maybe 20. Talked funny, like from one of the coasts….Why?" He swivels in his seat to look at Monica, "Is Quinton's brother missing?"

You say, "Quin's never mentioned having a brother. He's missing. I need to know where you saw this guy, where the truck came from, absolutely anything you know about those two guys. Even if it seems meaningless or unimportant." Because… when she tells Piper, Piper will know all that too, but it's sometimes hard to get information out of her."

Noah's lips press together, frowning instantly, "Now….hold on….I'm not trying to get anyone into trouble, If Quinton took off and wants to be gone, I'm not going fro get in the middle of this.' he should have kept his mouth shut. His drink is quickly drained, "It may not have even been him, his hair was short, almost buzzed."

You say, "He didn't take off. The other guy kidnapped him. Nobody's asking you to get in the middle of this. You're the only person who's possibly seen Quinton since he was kidnapped. I want to know what you know.""

Noah sighs, "You didn't say that." She didn't, missing is different than kidnapped. "I'll tell you what I know, but you have to tell me what you know then. If there's someone kidnapping beyond the gangs…" Because Noah hasn't heard of gangs wanted people like Quinton. "I t was …Almost 3 weeks ago, they were heading north, I think. He had a stocked truck, weapons and supplies, camping stuff."

Monica listens. "Not a gang. Just one guy as far as we know. Did they say where they were heading? What road was this on?" North. Into the great empty of Southern Kansas. Three weeks ago. That's just great.

Noah rubs his eyes, going through the encounter in his head, "He was worried about his-Well, Quinton. Siad he wanted to bring him to a place he'd be comfortable. I didn't think anything of it beyond that he was being a good friend. People don't take care of each other like that anymore." And apparently still don't! The older man pinches the bridge of his nose, like that's somehow going to help him remember more details.

You say, "I don't know the whole story. There may be caretaking going on. It might be… the guy was just that desperate for a friend. I don't know. But that's good news, that Quin was alive three weeks ago, at least. A place he'd be comfortable." Mon thinks about it. "Gotta be a town. Quinton's not a wilderness kind of guy by nature.""

Noah's eyebrows furrow, "That's…" Well, it's a lot of things. He sighs, looking back to the now empty glass, "Perhaps. He said something about hoping it would still be there. There's been a lot of places that have been destroyed."

Monica ponders that. "Something north of here that might not still be there." Mon shakes her head. "I need to look at an atlas.

Sophia returns with the wine, setting it down for Monica. She frowns slightly, not having heard the conversation and then moves to refill Noah's empty glass.

Monica looks up. "Thanks Sophia." She gestures toward Noah. "He may have seen Quin and the guy who kidnapped him. Headed North, to someplace Quin would be comfortable. Something the guy hoped was still there, but might be destroyed.

Sophia frowns immediately, she's been rather nevous about the entire thing, even going so far as to not speak the poet's name. "He couldn't still be alive." It's not said maliciously, she just doesn't have hope. "I thought…didn't he live in New York?" That's probably not helpful.

Monica shakes her head. "Geez. You could get there in three weeks, that's for sure." Mon sighs. "Well, we know he was still with us three weeks ago, but the bad news is he could be anywhere in the North American continent that's accessable by road."

Noag shakes his head, "New york is gone." All the coast are, on both sides. "Don't he got a sister here? Ask her. See if she can think of a place?"

<FS3> Monica rolls Mind: Success.

Monica looks at Sophia. "Old camp hope. It's North, it's not in a destroyed city… there's no telling if anything's left of it… I'd have to confirm it with his sister but…" She looks at Noah. "How long are you going to be in town?""

Sophia just blinks, "That…why would he take him there?" She's tried to stay away from the entire situation. She has enough o worry about, worrying about people not in camp she can't handle.

Noah shakes his head, "I was going to trade tomorrow and then leave." He never stays long.

Monica nods. "Okay. I think a few other folks are going to want to get what you just told me from you, just so they get it as close to the original source as possible." Does Mon think Piper's going to go fishing in Noah's mind? Well… yes. Mon certainly would, if it were her. "Thank you so much for this. This is the first good news about him that we've had."

Oh boy, that'll be an interesting situation. Noah nods though, "Have them come here in the morning then. " He turns back to his drink, nodding, "Good. Delivering good news is always good." Much better than , oh lets say, there's no more CA.

Monica nods. "I will. Quick question for future reference. Is there much of a market for semi-automatic rifles? I'm thinking for trading purposes."

A long sip, "Always a market for weapons, but bullets are in more high demand, to be honest." Noah sighs, slowing down on his drink. He'll be headed to bed soon, for sure.

Monica nods. "Good to know." Mon doesn't tip her hand here at all. She sips her wine. Yes, she can probably trade for valuable things, if she doesn't mind arming the countryside. But with the only readily available source of cartridges for the M0 being camp hope… at least until someone else figures out how to make them. Something to think about. Mon drinks her wine and tries to think where Piper likely is right now. Must tell Piper. Must talk to Nora. Must make more guns and ammunition soon. Her head is buzzing and she's quiet while she tries to prioritize.

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