(2016-08-02) Not Quite A Rescue
Not Quite A Rescue
Summary: What do you do when the person you came to rescue, doesn't wanna be rescued?
Date: 8.2.2016
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After the info that was delivered by Noah the small texan town was a buzz with what to do. Finally after what probably seems like longer than it should to some, the group left in the morning and is pulling up near the old Camp Hope camping site now. An undetermined number went with (So people can join later), some have elected to stay with the truck, the rest are moving cautiously into the old camp grounds, weapons most likely drawn. It's still light out, but the sun is starting to set, casting a glow around the paths as they walk. Everything is green and growing, not many signs of human life.

To say Kayla has been a mess since her brothers kidnapping would be the understatement of the millenia. She has barely eaten, slept only when she couldn't fight it anymore, and spent much of her time looking for her sibling. The wear shows on her face - she sports deep, dark circles under her eyes, her cheeks are more hollow than they should be, and her skin is pale. She is tense, eyes darting around as she moves with the group in the campground - like hell she was staying behind!

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Elijah likewise, was probably not in the best of conditions for the travel, but had insisted on coming. Quinton had been taken while in Eli's company. He owed it to him. Not to mention that given what the Silencer had done to him in mere minutes…Quinton would no doubt need medical attention. That being said, Eli had spent the past days getting as adjusted and comfortable with his prosthetic leg as possible. Monica had done a superb job with the mechanics and everything worked like it was supposed to. However, his gait still looked noticeable different for those who knew him. As usual, his satchel is over his shoulder and he stays in pace with the group, an easier task for the moment as they move slower to remain unnoticed.

The last three weeks hasn't been particularly kind to Piper. She's been awake more than she has asleep, living on coffee and not much else…and it shows. Now though she is wide awake and keyed up, ready to come down on the kidnapper like an avenging angel, adrenaline will do that. She is weaponed up and barefoot, she and everyone with them will need all the advantages they can when going against this Silencer. She move soundlessly through the woods, shadowing the others. She never thought she would ever be at Camp Hope again, especially under these circumstances, she but she knows these woods, better than the others perhaps, since she traversed them a lot and for longer, even if by a few months.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Kayla rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Kayla is quite aware - hyper aware, really. She isn't being particularily stealthy, but she IS avoiding the strings of cans. Her fingers tighten on the knife in her hand. "I don't ike this at all…where -is- he!"

<FS3> Quinton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Elijah follows behind Kayla, staying quiet himself for the time being. Last thing they needed was to draw attention to themselves. Stepping over the string of cans. A bit tricky with the leg, but he manages. The doctor then looks ahead, eyes narrowing as he tries to make out something a moment. Suddenly a tap forward onto Kayla's shoulder and a motion to get Piper's attention as well before he'd point with his free hand and finally speaking in a low tone. "Booby trap…" Indeed there was one. It looked more advanced than the cans for sure, more of an alarm system purpose to it. His other hand holds his gun down by his side. Yep. His gun.

Whether she noticed the cans on her own or when they were pointed out to her doesn't matter. Avoiding them, that matters. Knowing that there are there makes that business easy enough. She taps her lips at Kayla, what's the purpose of being stealthy if talking is happening. Though a question was asked so it needs to be answered "Probably…camp building." she whispers in return. Ever since Quinton's kidnapping her brain has been super focused and she hasn't had much trouble with communicating. It's sorta tragic.

Closer to the buildings that they all know is a beat up (aren't they ll at this point) looking truck. The hidden home alarm system that Eli points out is definitely more advanced, someone with skill set it up.

Kayla goes still as Eli taps her arm, and she bobs her head as the trap is pointed out. She isn't goin near it - her skill with all things mechanical is dismal, at best…non existant really. She glances to the other two and shrugs

Elijah wasn't much better with the technical/mechanical realm…unless perhaps if it was medical related! He looks at the system a bit longer before to Piper as if waiting for her command. Even if he still wasn't 100% comfortable around her again, she was definitely best equipped to lead this mission and so he'd follow.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Climbing: Failure.

Well Piper was going to climb a tree to get a better vantage, but all the branches are out of her reach, even when jumping. #shortgirlproblems. Instead she pulls the pair of binoculars out from the side pocket of her backpack and uses it to first get a look at the truck and then a better view of the closest buildings.

Kayla just holds her ground, eying the thing in the way of getting to her brother. "Go around?" she mouths, motioning with her hand in case their lip reading isn't up to snuff.

Elijah frowns, looking to Kayla and then off to the camp again. He sighs, looking between the two women again and speaking in a low whisper "Perhaps a distraction? Or diversion of some kind?"

There is a sharp intake of breath from Piper as she pulls the binoculars away from her face "Movement." she whispers to the other two "First aid building." She studies the building, with its windows it's going to be hard to sneak up on and they are probably on the opposite side of the one wall that only has the one window. The one for the bedroom that Eli at one time called home. "A distraction…yes. Maybe the truck…"

The area seems to get quieter, like the camp itself knows something is happening.

A distraction? Kayla can do that. And moves to do so without any indication she's going to give the others a chance to stop her. If she doesn't set off the trap, she'll hit the horn.

Elijah was about to turn to Kayla to offer a sugges….annnnnd she's gone. He just blinks and looks back to Piper, offering a shrug as if to say 'Guess she's the distraction!' He'd then get a small chill…all over his body. The kind you get when something isn't quite right? Or like when you're watching a scary movie and somebody in it says 'It's quiet…too quiet'.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Great Success.

"You know how?" Piper gestures to the gun in his hand. Considering they are hardly talking at the moment it is probably the most she has spoken to him in days…or at least this trip "Cover us. Get close, but stay covered." with those final words she disappears into the woods, doing what she can to sneak up on the building while Kayla leans on the horn of the truck.

She is fully expecting to pay for such a blatant approach, but Kayla isn't about to be argued with. She lays on the horn, holding it down for a long moment before beeping it several times before pressing it down and simply holding it. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Elijah nods "Well enough…" He wasn't experienced in fire arms, but had used guns in battles before. No kills yet but…there was a first time for everything! He doesn't hesitate, nodding and following Piper's orders as he finds cover and makes his way closer to the camp.

Well, if whoever was inside didn't know They were there before, they certainly know now. There's a soft noise ing the first aid building and the door swings open, but no open comes out or can be seen. A voice that's familiar to Eli (And Piper from Eli's memory) is heard from inside, "Don't do this. Just move on!" Whoever is inside has a slightly surfer accent.

"I'm not going anywhere until I have my brother," Kayla is nothing if not stubborn. She is only too capable of out stubborning her brother, and it seems like this is her chance. Pulling her hand off the horn she turns around to face the first aid building, feet slightly apart and chin angled upwards. "So if you want me to leave, let me take him with me."

Piper's hands ball into fists at the familiarish voice. It would be so easy just to shoot him in the head right now and get it over with. If she had line of sight at least…and if she knew exactly where Quinton was. The guy could have him hidden anywhere. As she gets to the building she ducks quickly under one of the windows until she hears Kayla yelling. She'll then pop her head up to look into the first aid building to see if she can see either Quinton or the surfer sounding guy.

Elijah would freeze a moment in his current spot of hiding, close to the building but still a few feet off. At the sound of the voice the memories come flooding back and his eyes close for a moment. Opening, gaze goes to rest on his prosthetic limb…and the doctor's brow would furrow. Right. He had to do something. Shifting his stance he makes his way over to a vantage point away from Piper's to try and give them as much advantage as possible. He chooses a window closer to the door near the front of the building, staying low and covered to the best of his ability. His gun is raised and ready…hopefully.

The sound of a rifle being cocked echoes in the cabin, although there's no answer right away. There's no sign of Quin, but the surfer voice finally rings out again, "We don't want to hurt anyone!" We? "No one is taking anyone away." Ironic much? He seems strangely…calm.

There's a soft sound, and as Piper turns she's meet with the muzzle of Quinton's father's gun pointed at her head. Fortunately or not, the person holding the gun is the man they've been search for. But he looks very different, and there's no recognition in his eyes as he looks down at the tiny woman. His hair has been cut short, almost buzzed and he's snarling, "Drop your weapon." No stutter, but no awareness other than this is someone sneaking around his camp.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Alertness: Success.

"I just want my brother…QUINTON!" Kayla's voice raises - maybe if he hears her inside, he'll find some way to break out and get to her. He's smart that way…always has been smart. Too smart! She starts to move away from the truck, keeping her hands up where they can be seen. "I lost my brother once, I can't lose him again." As she speaks, her voice cracks and her eyes glitter with tears. "Please." she pleads.

With Quinton speaking both coherently and in the tone he is, Eli doesn't quite recognize the man as being who he is. Instead, at the sound of somebody ordering Piper to drop her weapon, the doctor turns and raises his own gun to train it on the figure standing above Piper as she is crouched down in cover. He doesn't say anything, figuring if it was a Silencer they were already aware of his presence…and if they weren't a Silencer maybe he had some element of surprise. He waits for now though…seeing if Piper has a solution.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Sense Motive: Failure.

At first Piper's expression borders on ecstatic and she seems ready to fling herself at him, the gun in her face puts that reaction in check very quickly and she pauses, looking at him in utter confusion "Quinton?" she studies his face, trying to decide if this is an act to make the Silencer think he is on his side, but she is clueless. "What…I don't…" she expected a lot of things, this was not amoung them and certainly not in any of her wild imaginings of how this rescue was supposed to go. And while she isn't dropping her weapon she isn't raising it either "We came…" now that she is face to face her own speech is starting to collapse, but that could have more to the sudden shock that is in front of her "take you home." no she isn't going to cry…nope, nope, nope…yet her eyes are filling with tears.

Kayla's scream makes the poet's eyes dart in that direction, the man's snarl drops into a more confused look. "Drop the fucking gun. No one needs to get hurt!" Piper's words have him shaking his head , "I am home!" There's confusing lacing his words though.

The Silencer seems to realize what's happening on the side of the building. He steps out, gun raised at Kayla. "Go home, there's no one left here for you!" He's a pretty boy, a scar on his left cheek, but it doesn't seem to mar his look, instead if amplifies it. "I told your doctor the same thing. I don't want to hurt anyone else. " Mayeb he knows Eli is there too?

"And I told -YOU-, I am NOT leaving without my brother." Kayla steps forward, once again, either not seeing or not caring about the gun leveled at her chest. Another step, and she swallows. "Quin…I told you I wasn't ever losing you again," she calls, voice raised once again as she continues forward. She looks like she might just try to wak her way into the building, silencer or not.

Hearing Piper's words, Elijah's gut drops. What? No…how could that be? Either way, he quickly realizes two things. 1. Piper was in a compromising situation. 2. She was not in the state of mind to get herself out of it right now. Then there's Kayla and…HIM! He has a gun trained on Kayla. Quinton has a gun trained on Piper. If Eli let either woman get hurt he'd never be able to forgive himself. Oh blast it! What was going on!? Not to mention his leg. Still not fully used to the mechanics of it meant the prolonged crouching was starting to get difficult to say the least. Wincing from discomfort, the doctor realizes things are looking grim fast.

Oh double blast it! Sure why not! Elijah quickly stands, stepping out from his cover and gun still trained on Quinton though he speaks loud enough for the other man to hear as well. "Kayla get in the truck. Quinton is over here and has a gun trained on Piper. Something's not right get in the truck NOW!" If he managed to get that warning out he'd limp a bit to stand in full view of the poet and Silencer now, "What did you do to him?" he calls over to the Silencer.

The rifle is still in Piper's hands, her knuckles white from clutching it so tightly. It's useless anyway, as a rifle at least. But she knows countless other ways to use it, but she can't, is unable and/or unwilling to use it against the man in front of her "No…" she is so focused on Quinton that everything else is mostly tuned out. Kayla's screaming, the demands of the Surfer Silencer "This is not. Your home…." she has to take a breath to keep control of her emotions and get the words out "is with me…us. Piper. Kayla. Elijah." hoping the names will jar his memories. She has an inkling of what was done and if it is what she thinks she might be able to reverse it, but not like this.

The silencer isn't going to allow that, it seems. The gun is raised, but then when Kayla gets to close the rifle is swung, cracking her in the head. "Doctor, come get her…I don't want to hurt her!"

Quinton frowns, his breathing increasing as everyone is yelling and these strangers know his name. And one sounds so, so familiar. But that's not possible. He buried her! And then this tiny woman says her name and Quin takes a step backwards. "Don't….don't say her name!" His hand tightens on his gun, but there's doubt in his pale eyes.

<FS3> Kayla rolls Body+body: Failure.

<FS3> Kayla rolls Body+mind: Failure.

Well, that ended almost as expected - Rifle butt 1, Kayla's head 0. Kayla yelps as the wood connects with her skull, and instantly drops to her knees, hands connecting with the ground and only barely managing to keep her from faceplanting in the dirt. She sees stars, but that stubbornness of hers keeps her from collapsing. She isn't able to form words in this moment, but she -does- manage to crawl another foot forward. Quinton…needs her…

Elijah watches Quinton's expression contort…hears the man's conflict in his voice. "Quinton look at me. My name is Elijah. This is Piper. Your SISTER Kayla is on the other side of the building with the man who captured you. He TOOK you from us. He did THIS to me!" The doctor pulls up his pant leg to reveal the prosthetic limb. "Please…you have to try and remember." Then, he realizes something…Kayla's calls had stopped. But there was no gunfire.

Lofting a brow he steps back enough to get view of Silencer, now seeing them on one side of the building and Piper and Quinton on the other. "Kayla!" He sees the girl struggling to crawl. The doctor's attention and aim are both suddenly turned from the poet to the Silencer as he aims his gun on the other man. "Drop your weapon!" Could Eli actually bring himself to shoot the man? Who knew. Though with the man's reflexes he might not be given the chance to even try.

They sound of the wood on skull registers, Kayla's yelp and the man calling to the doctor. Piper is starting to lose her control on the tears. Quinton's confusion and strange demand doesn't help. "Whose name?" her head cants, it could be a familiar gesture, she does it a lot when questioning something "Kayla's or mine?" she to is about to point out that the man he is with just hit his sister, but Elijah beat him to it. She glances at the gun instead "You will have to use it." her words are coming better now "We are taking you with us or we will die trying." she has a lot of faith that the Quinton she knows, her Quinton, is in there somewhere.

The surfer takes a small step backwards, not wanting to have to hurt Kayla anymore than he already has. Cold eyes turn to glare at Eli, "Take her, we just want you gone!" We again. His gun is raised as well.

Quinton's steps takes another step backwards, "She's dead! Don't-" He hears the sound too. He glances towards where Eli stepped, ignoring the doctors words to him, instead he calls out, "Devon? Are you okay?" The blonde's head snaps back, "I'm not going anywhere with you!" He's not getting kidnapped!

<FS3> Kayla rolls Body+body: Success.

Her voice is soft; its doubtful that it would carry to the other side of the house. "Quin.." She heard his voice, and it's enough to cause her to change her path. And to pull on some untapped reserve of strength to stagger to her feet and head unsteadily towards where Quin might be. "Quin…?" she calls again.

<FS3> Quinton rolls 8 V Elijah Firearms+50: Great Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=mind Vs Quinton=mind

< Piper: Success Quinton: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Devon starts to call back to Quinton, but is cut off as Eli's anger gets the best of him and he shoots him square in the chest. The silencer's own gun goes off, the bullet lodging into the side of the first aid building near where Quin has Piper trailed with his gun.

Piper tries pleading with the poet, but whatever's been done to him has been deep and drastic. She offers a hand, offers her gun, but he just looks at her untrusting. There's more head shaking but when the gunshot rings out, Quinton turns and darts towards the front of the building. Two things happen almost at the same time, Quin runs into his believed to be dead sibling, and Piper grapples him from behind. His gun flies from his hands and he gets a strangled out, "Devon!" before Piper's hands are on his head, much like what she did to Eli.

Devon has had over three weeks to reprogram Quinton, erasing and filling in spots of his memory to better help the Silencer with what he needed. Quin's mind is a swirl of emotions, some real, some not. Half truths bombard him, and Piper, and it's too much for the lanky man. With the strain he's been under the past few weeks, he collapses. Pale eyes roll backwards and he's a lifeless heap, most likely on top of poor Kayla.

With all the commotion, when Eli turns back to look at the man he's surly killed, there's just a puddle of blood remaining. It takes more than a fatal chest wound to kill a silencer, silly doctor.

Kayla is promptly squashed beneath her brother and likely Piper too. She lands hard, and the stars pin in front of her eyes again before she, too, seems to go limp - here's to hoping the doctor doesnt have two limp bodies to deal with!

He couldn't risk it. As conflicted as all of this had him, despite what Devon had already done to them…to him…to Quinton…to camp…Eli still had to believe he could help the man. However, not like this. Not if it risked the others' safety and lives. Before he seemed to know what happened the shot rang out. However, the doctor didn't have much time for shock to set in. Not only did the others need his help but…there was no actual body when he looked back. Right. He'd have nightmares about that later! "Piper…" he looks to the woman "If you can help me get Quinton and Kayla into the truck…I can drive us home…" He wasn't sure what state the woman was in.

Physically Piper is fine, emotionally and mentally, she isn't so good. Tears roll down her face, she isn't even sobbing, she is so far past that, she just nods and points to the Silencer's truck since it is closer, they don't have to haul the pair as far. Once they are in the truck and heading home, she pretty much just sits and stares out the window in a near catatonic state, before she pretty much passes out too.

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