(2016-08-03) Home Again
Home Again
Summary: After they have Quinton and Kayla settled. Piper breaks down again and Elijah does what he does.
Date: 8.3.2016
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They got back well after midnight. Piper roused enough to get herself to the infirmary under her own steam, but she was pretty much staring into nothingness and unspeaking. Now that everyone is settled though. Kayla and Quinton in one of the patient rooms, guard in the hallway outside the door, Piper is fully breaking down. Sobbing can be easily heard from the living area and there she is sitting on the sofa, crying into one of Quinton's sweaters.

Things had definitely not gone as expected. Though to be truthful, Elijah wasn't exactly sure what they were expecting to begin with. The unknown of Quinton's circumstances had weighed so heavily on the doctor's mind, and the rest of camp as well, that he thought it would help to finally have answers and closure. This new world should have taught him better by now. The answers they found only left the doctor more uncertain and upset.
However, there were those who were in worst states and in need of deeper care than the doctor. So once they arrived back at camp he didn't miss a step, despite his prosthetic leg causing him a good deal of discomfort at the moment. Yep, he could feel the callouses forming…so at least that was a good thing right?

Quinton was quickly set up in a bed, Kayla in the one next to it so they would have each other. Both were examined for the extent of their injuries, Quinton more thoroughly given his extent of time with the Silencer. Once they were each set up for the night and guards were in place, Elijah finally let himself breathe as he steps out of the room and closes the door behind him. It is then that he heard the sobbing. Piper…

Despite everything that had happened…part of him understood. Why she had acted as she did. Why she had done what she did. Did it mean he could forgive what her? Not yet. Did it mean he was comfortable around her? No…which would be perhaps a humorous irony if it weren't such a serious situation.

Still, he couldn't abide letting somebody be so upset and not trying to do something. So now, his steps take him to the living area of the Infirmary. More specifically to stand in front of the sofa she's on. History had taught him, and perhaps more recent history made him even more hesitant, not to disturb the woman suddenly. So he doesn't reach out yet…just merely announces his presence. "Piper…" His voice is soft, half in comfort and half in sleep deprivation.

She's sobbing hard so it is going to take her a few moments for words to even register. When they do she looks up at Elijah, it's hard to tell in the darkness of the room but her pupil black eyes (they are extremely dilated, the norm in low light conditions for her) are bloodshot and swollen, her face paler than usual and flushed. She is not a pretty crier, oh the faces! She stares at him a long moment before finally speaking between her hiccupping sobs…"He took us…" sob, hiccup, sniffle. She wipes at her eyes "From Quinton. You, Kayla, me. He took us from him." she isn't only crying for her loss, but for Quinton's as well…maybe Quinton's more even.

Indeed, not having the enhanced senses, Elijah could not see that well in the dark room. However, as Piper speaks he could probably imagine her expression and appearance well enough from the emotion in her voice. It broke his heart for the woman. It was a heartbreaking situation all around and none of it was right. None of it was fair. None of them should have to be dealing with this…but here they were.

"We got him back physically, Piper…" he says in that same soft tone, but with a determination to it now. Despite his exhaustion, he spoke with certainty. "We will get him back mentally as well. He is a fighter. He held on this long for us to be able to find him. I know that he will continue to fight…and we are here to help him now."
The doctor reaches a hand out to rest gently on the woman's shoulder. "I know it's hard…I know it hurts…but he is here. Hold onto that for the moment. We will work on the rest as we are able…together." Perhaps it was the tiredness. Or perhaps it was the memories of his own being brought to his mind. Either way, with the last part of his statement the doctor's voice falters slightly.

Was Quinton hurt? Yes. Was this situation grim? Definitely. However…the poet was alive. They still had him. The same could not be said for others that had been lost along the way.

The woman shakes her head at Elijah "You didn't…" Piper chokes back another sob, it's hard enough for her to talk on most days (the last three weeks the odd exception) crying just makes it that much harder "His eyes, so cold when he looked at me. Like he was looking at a stranger." that was the first blow. That he remembered Kayla and not her, the second, but she is glad that his sister wasn't completely taken from him, just made dead. "He, the Silencer took his memories, erased them, replaced them with others." she is in shock and awe about that, as if she didn't know that was even possible. "They are gone." she doesn't really know enough about memory and how it works to realize that they aren't really gone, gone. They are probably still tucked deep inside Quinton's subconscious, waiting to come out.

It is a sign of her emotional state that when the hand is put on her shoulder she doesn't shy away but instead cants her head to rest a cheek on it. Desperate for the comfort being offered, even if it comes from the Doctor. There is a staggered breath "Alive…yes." she is grateful for that at least. She'd rather him be alive and not remember her than dead. Though she would have been able to handle his death a lot better than this…maybe in the long term.

The doctor just lets Piper vent and grieve, knowing this has been building a long time. Now with Quinton found and back, regardless of what state he was in, it could act as a catalyst for all the emotions that had been held at bay while things were unknown. Elijah just lets that happen, not moving his hand as the woman rests against it. He wouldn't make a motion to comfort her further, but also does not pull away in case she seeks it out for herself.

"Not necessarily…" Elijah furrows a brow, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his free hand and taking obvious care in picking his next words. "They may still be there. Just…pushed back." He looks to Piper "If capable of doing so, yes the Silencer may have erased them completely…but he was rushed. Desperate."
The doctor's gaze lowers a moment, going to his prosthetic leg before back up to the woman with a sigh. "When he injured me and took Quinton…there was an urgency there. He wanted Quinton's help and he wanted it as soon as possible." A pause before he continues, "I could be wrong…but if he was acting with that degree of urgency…it wouldn't serve his need to take the time and wipe Quinton's mind fully. Rather, with the unstable degree Quinton's mind was already in from previous circumstances, it could have been that he simply overwhelmed his current memories with false ones until they became pushed back or buried underneath what the Silencer created."

Eli could be wrong, but he couldn't not say anything…just in case he wasn't.

Piper's face is once more burrowed into Quinton's sweater and hand moving to rub at her neck a bit. With all the tension she has been under and then having to look up at Eli the last few minutes she probably hurts all over and not just her neck. "I didn't know…" the words are muffled by the sweater, but at least her sobs are under control for the moment, though there is still the occasional hiccup and sniffle. "They could do that…I could do that." a glance is given upwards at Eli. She looks skeptical but she is desperate and she will grasp any straw of hope she can at this point "you think?"
"I do…" Elijah says, "Or…at the very least I believe it is a worthwhile theory to try." The doctor shifts in his stance, wincing heavily then. His hand draws away from Piper's shoulder and goes to the leg portion above his prosthetic limb. "scuse'…me." Yep, he was done. At least with the leg.

The prosthetic limb had gotten far more use than anything the doctor had been used to before. He steps out of the room with more of a limp before returning shortly after, carrying the crutches in his hands and setting them against the wall next to a nearby chair. "At least I can inform Monica about the durability…" There was always a bright side!

Sitting in the chair, he rolls up his pant leg to reveal where the remaining stump of his leg settles into the cup of the prosthetic. It was belted on rather efficiently and in truth was a marvel piece of mechanic to behold. Especially in today's time. Monica had done a phenomenal job.

He begins the task of unfastening the bits holding the prosthetic to his partial limb, giving another hard wince both from discomfort and effort as he pulls the prosthetic away. Setting it gently under the chair to be out of the way he'd examine his stump. It has a sort of 'sock' over it, to help reduce as much rub and irritation as possible, but from the looks of it the fabric was saturated with sweat. Pulling that off, at least the area underneath doesn't look too irritated.

At least the doctor seemed more comfortable with his leg than he had after the event itself. He had made himself become accustomed to looking at it…accepting it as well as incorporating the use of the prosthetic into his routine. Elijah knew that was the only way this was going to get easier.

With that task out of the way he looks back up to Piper, "As soon as Quinton is awake we can assess his mental state as well as his stability and move forward from there. If there is any chance of getting him back…we will find it." Back to business!
As he excuses himself, Piper nods, leaning back on the sofa and curling up on it, the sweater held to her chest like one would a favorite stuffed toy, taking comfort in the Quinton smell that still lingers on it. She only watches him a bit, to her what he is doing is kind of a private thing, so she tries to respect that, keeping her eyes downcast until he speaks to her "What if we can't? What if he can't ever remember? If he leaves?" all things she can't bear to happen, but she can't help but wonder about.

Should it be a private thing? Who knows. Either way, it's what Eli had to live with now so in an attempt to get more comfortable with it he tried to make it as natural as possible. Still, he seems to notice the woman's downcast gaze and the doctor clears his throat.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable…I'm trying to get accustomed to it…around others." He does seem a bit embarrassed…or ashamed? Not looking at her either for a moment as he finishes. He was still getting used to it himself and while yes part of that meant dealing with the fact others would inevitably see his leg or stump or whatever you want to call it, it didn't mean he was fully confident with it yet.

He fidgets a bit in the chair, pulling the pant leg down to cover his stump before shaking his head and looking to Piper. "You can't worry about all of the unknowns. It will drive you mad. He's here and for right now we have reason to believe we can bring his memories back. So we have to try. We will deal with any other matters as they arise…and that is all that we can do."

She wipes at her eyes, dashing more of the tears that are now silently falling down her face. "Should I try to fix him?" Piper glances back to the room where the siblings are resting, The occasional noise of fitiful sleep making her wince and look even more worried "See how much is there?" she doesn't know if she can, she isn't the fully functional Silencer that the kidnapper was. Most times it is a struggle just to do what little she can with the mental abilities the nanites give her.
"I'm already mad." a hollow grim smile that doesn't reach her eyes crosses her face "What's a little more." she is under no delusions of her mental state.

"Don't…say that…" Elijah says, looking back to the woman and a frown would be on his features. "You're healing…like the rest of us. Yours is just more on the inside…" A simple but truthful statement from the tired doctor. Now, in response to her question, he shrugs. "That's up to you. If you're too uncomfortable trying…we can try to find another way. However…remember something, Piper."

Shifting in his chair with a wince again, Elijah gets better situated and leans back heavily in the chair, slowly feeling the ache and exhaustion taking hold. "That Silencer may have known what he wanted to turn Quinton into…but you know who Quinton is…and who he is…who he has been…is far longer standing than who that Silencer tried to make him be. If any of Quinton is still in there…he will come back. He just may need help."
It was all Eli could really offer at this point. "I'll help him…in whatever way I'm able. I promise."

Piper grimaces at him. It's true. She's mad and broken…maybe Quinton is better off not remembering her or the short time they had together. "But…" there is that defeatist thinking coming to the surface. She needs her old self back, the girl she was before she was a Silencer, and the aliens came and she feel hard for a broken poet. That girl wouldn't care, but as she told Monica, that girl is dead, and only the occasional ghost of her comes out. Certainly not enough to help her now.

"I hope you are right." she tells him instead, "Because we haven't had forever yet." whatever that is supposed to mean.

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