(2016-08-03) So Far So Good
So Far, So Good
Summary: There's an old saying, that a doctor shouldn't fall in love with her patient. That goes double when you're a vet. Mon's finally noticed that she's kind of treating Eli like a farm animal and taking liberties with his person. And when she thinks about it, it's been pretty personal. Almost intimate. And that Eli is like her, a bright, dedicated nerd.
Date: 2016.08.03
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It was the day after…everything. Early evening found the doctor in his doctor's lodging in the infirmary. A typical setting for him, but far from typical circumstances. Quinton was back…physically at least. He and Kayla were still recovering in one of the two patient rooms and Piper was probably still out there with them. At least as far as Eli assumed. He had been unable to fight sleep any longer and come in here in the early hours of the morning.

However, his sleep had been uneasy and troubled. His mind raced with different scenarios and worries. Currently, Eli just sits with his one leg over the side of the bed and foot resting on the floor, his stump resting against the mattress under him as he just stares at the floor. He wears a white undershirt and a pair of scrub pants with one leg knotted so it didn't drag the floor. His hair is a bit wild as he has the sheen of sweat still on his brow.

Monica wanders in with an oil can. "Hey. I heard the news that Quin's back. How are they…" she follows Eli's gaze. "Are you ok?"

Elijah doesn't look up as Monica enters, but nods "I'm alright…" An obvious lie. "Quinton is back. The others are…with him in the other room. He should be mending up fine physically. We'll know more about mentally…later."

Monica reaches out to rub Eli's shoulder. "Yeah… unconscious… last thing he needed was another head injury. You look burnt. How bad was it?

The doctor just nods in confirmation. He was still exhausted. "The prosthetic leg held up well…but I'm not used to that much movement. Sore…" As if on cue his stump shifts some. Elijah still wouldn't look away from the floor. "I…shot him…" he frowns "The Silencer. In the chest…"

Monica frowns a moment and bends to look over Eli's stump. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting you to go from standing to baby steps to combat…" And, just as if she'd observed Chester walking stiffly, she, reaches down to check the good doctor's stump. Without asking, without even really thinking about it. "You shot him in the chest. Did it even slow him down?"

"It would have…killed…a normal man…" Elijah pauses, seeming troubled by that thought. Taking a breath, he clears his throat. "When I looked back again he was gone…noting but a puddle of blood. But…I shot him." The doctor frowns, looking to Monica "and I don't know that I fully regret it…" Or regret it at all? "I wanted to help him but…he was a threat to the others…"

Monica feels the stump for wounds or blisters. She looks at the doctor, looking him in the eye. "He didn't die. You didn't kill anyone. You knew it wasn't a potentially lethal injury for him." She shakes her head. "No harm, no foul. But even if you had… seems to me… he hurt you, he hurt Quinton, he hurt Kayla, he hurt Piper… man has it comin'."

Monica 's expression seems more than a little haunted as she looks back at Eli's leg.

The doctor looks to Monica as she speaks, noticing her expression and frowning before his gaze goes back to the floor. "It doesn't make it easier…" Sighing, Elijah shakes his head "How's my leg?" he looks back to her.

Monica goes on feeling the leg, up into some fairly awkward territory. "gaskin and stifle seem a little swollen, but I don't feel any damage." She stops. "Um. Quads and… these…" She pats the sartorious muscle and the one from the front of Eli's thigh to his groin. "Are swollen."

Elijah just nods, understanding that business was business. However, he was used to being on the other end of this kind of exchange. "They were radiating heat when I took my prosthetic off…the whole limb was. Cooled it down and have left it off all today to let it breathe…"

Monica nods. "I'd be looking at your shoes and hoofs if you were a horse. I'm a little over my head with humans, but… take the prosthetic off, let the muscles cool off and the skin get less chafed.. sounds like a plan to me." She looks down at the doctor and draws her hands back slowly. "Does this happen to you? Where… you're handing some part of someone's body that's pretty private and it's like you don't even think about it? It's like they're patients and not.. people.

"I understand what you mean…yes…" Elijah can't help but smile and chuckle a bit at the statement. "However, at least for me, I wouldn't say it is that they aren't people…I just view it as my job. To serve them and ensure their health." The doctor smirks, looking to her "That doesn't mean it's always an enjoyable job…but it helps deal with the less savory aspects a little better."

Monica nods slowly. She looks away. "I don't think you need to worry about becoming a killer. If you can still see someone as human when they're screaming and crapping themselves or whatever. Seeing them as human keeps you human, I think. Times I've killed people… when it wasn't mercy killing… they were threats, to me, to anyone else coming by. Not people. Just threats. I can shoot threats all day." She leans close to kiss the doctor's cheek. "I need to think of you as people. As a man. Not a patient."

Elijah is nodding along with everything she says, the kiss to the cheek taking him off guard though as he blinks and a brief flush would come to his cheeks. "I well…yes. To all of those things. I would like to not be a killer and…I think threats are…bad…" He clears his throat "And I am glad you think of me as people." There's a bit more of the awkward doctor! "Thank you…"

Monica blushes, looking away. She nods. "I've been… trying to think of myself as more than just a machinist… and a killer. So… who are you, when you're not in scrubs?" She pulls up the chair in the room. "I've seen part of you I've never seen before when you're my patient. It's a good part, even if bad things had to happen for me to see it.

"I don't think of you as a killer at all" The doctor quickly recovers with that thought. "Like you said…they were threats." If it was so justified for her why was he having such a problem? That's the way it goes. "When I'm not in scrubs?…" Elijah furrows his brow a bit, shaking his head "Honestly…I'm still figuring that out I think." Her last statement has him lofting a brow "Oh? What part is that?"

Monica looks at the doctor. "We have stuff in common in some ways. We're both… bright, focused, dedicated to our craft… you fix people, I make things. Neither of us is super-social by nature, I don't think. But once in a while, we peek out from behind what we do, and since all this… I've seen you peeking out. Geez that sounds like you need to wear underwear or something. That's not what I mean. I've seen…" Mon stops and taps on her forehead. "The vulnerability. The man who was once a boy. The pride, the urgency, the need that makes Eli also Doctor Elijah Cooper Reid. I've seen a lot of you. It's probably a good thing I'm with someone or I'd probably embarass myself with a schoolgirl crush again. I like you.

"Oh…" Is all he can seem to say to that. "Well…thank you for…all of that. I appreciate it." Elijah thinks a moment, seeming to debating something. "If it's not out of line to say. I like you as well…so it is definitely a good thing you are with someone." He chuckles "I would never attempt an affair…I have no respect for them and well…I'm afraid I'm not in a place right now where I think I'd be much good for anyone anyways. So it spares you that heartache." The doctor furrows a brow "As I said. I'm still…figuring out who I am. I can't very well take care of somebody else if I can't even figure out myself can I?" Hey at least they could be honest!

Monica blushes deeply. "If we all waited until we knew who we are before we got involved with other people we'd all die single. But yeah. Gabriel…" She smiles a little. "I don't know. I've never been in relationships before."

Elijah can't help but laugh at that "Somebody I knew once said something very similar…" A fond smile on his features a moment before he looks to Monica again and his smile spreads and is genuine. "I'm very happy for you and Gabriel both." Her last statement has him chuckle again and he nods "I know the feeling…but trust me. If you just go with what feels right…it'll end up ok. Don't over thing it…and believe me I know how hard that is…but you won't regret it."

Monica nods. "So far so good." She takes a slow breath. "So far so good."

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