(2016-08-04) You Can't Always Get What You Want
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Summary: Mon and Piper talk about the other silencer, and what was done to Quinton, and what's to be done.
Date: 2016.08.04
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Monica has her rifle slung over her shoulder when she comes in to see Piper. "Come on. Let's go scavenging." It's not entirely altruistic. Piper is a far, far better scavenger than Mon will ever be, and if we're going to have a civilization, we need to keep ahead of supplying the stuff it takes to make it go, from the banal (toilet paper) to the sophisticated (more computers would be nice.) And the buildings won't resist the weather forever. But it's also because Mon expects Piper needs some friend time after everything that's happened.

Piper hasn't done anything as mundane as scavenging since Quinton went missing. For those three weeks it was nothing but searching and looking for clues to his whereabouts, and now that he is back, well things are a lot different. She dropped a whole lot of bombs on the poet yesterday, so today she is giving time to process, space. What else can she do? That doesn't cross all sorts of ethical lines of course. At least she is looking better rested…a little, her eyes are still bloodshot from crying but at the moment she seems okay. There is just a nod and she grabs her things and follows Monica in silence to a house nearby. It's hard to tell if she is silent by choice or if now that Quinton is back and alive at least she has lost the ability to form comprehensive sentances.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
2 Cans Apricots
4 Canned Puddings

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Pack of Diapers
4 Jars Dried Herbs

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Cans Apricots
1 Pair of Socks
1 Shirts

<Scavenge> Pied-Piper searches and finds:
1 Box of Twinkies
2 Spatulas

<Scavenge> Pied-Piper attempts to search here but fails to find anything.
<Scavenge> Pied-Piper searches and finds:
2 Taper Candles
1 Griddle Pans

Monica lets Piper be for the moment. Just opens the door and lets the other woman into the house, then gets to work scavenging. She sniffs at one jar. Herbs. She's about to hand it to Piper when she finds a much more valuable find. She hands the full pack (!) of cloth diapers to Piper. She sniffs the herbs again. "Whaddia think? Poperi or pot stash?" She hands the jar over too.
<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Herbology: Success.

Leading the way in Piper looks around the house, getting a feel for it before she begins to wander around a bit. She has a method to her scavenging, which usually consists of her being nosy and such before actually starting to look for stuff. Taking the diapers she gives a nod to Monica, such a find would normally get a smile at least, but she hasn't had much to smile at lately. These days only Quinn the younger can get a smile from her. She sets them on the table, out of habit. She usually scavenged with Quinton and they had there way of doing things, so she naturally falls into that. Everything goes on the table and then is sorted and divided between thier packs. Glancing at the bottles she takes them, opening each on to look at and sniff "Thyme. Sage. Bay. Oregano." no pot and at least she can get those words out. "Have a stash." why would she need some who knows how old pot.

Monica nods. "If we can find some grains, I read hops and marajuana are close relatives. Place I read it said "this beer will fuck you up." I'm thinking that might be a good thing to make for Sophia to hand out. Times have been a little tough lately, and I bet her supply of dandelion wine is getting short." She eventually comes up with two cans of apricots, which she shakes and eyes suspiciously, even though her mouth waters at the idea of them. The puddings less so. She sets them on the table, followed up soon by a pair of socks and a shirt. "How're you holding up?" she asks, finally.

Piper pokes around the other side of the kitchen. She is pretty much just going through the motions, putting no real energy into the searching, but hey Twinkies. Those go on the table, but they both know they will end up in Piper's possession and not go into the community stores. There are some things she just doesn't share. Peanut butter and anything considered junk food. "Barely breathing but I'm not dead." she answers.

Monica nods slowly. "Where there's life, there's hope. I kinda had to have that talk with the doctor a couple weeks ago. Next thing I know he's wearing that leg into combat, and I'm like "uhh… okay… we really should fine tune it some more…" Mon pokes at the box of twinkies curiously. "Did we all really eat that much sugar in the old world?" She should be grateful. If she still did, that cavity she's been nursing for a year would have long since gone critical and cost her the tooth. She's quiet a while before adding, "Do you know what was done to him?"

"Yeah. Shot some-one." she leans against the counter picking at the hem of the overlarge sweater she wears. Overlarge because it is one of Quinton's. She's taken to wearing them since he went MIA and still is considering the circumstances. "Some did." she looks at the box then back to Monica. Her brows furrow pensievely at the question "Yes." and it is distressing, knowing that such a thing can be done. Wasn't it bad enough that they, her and other Silencers, were programed to kill but to remove the things that made a person who they were, thier experiences…"His memories of the last year or so were erased and planted with false ones." she frowns "I guess he is taking a page from the aliens book. They did that with us, the Silencers."

Monica closes her eyes and nods. "For that, we need to blow them out of space. Soon." She notes the length of Piper's sentences, but doesn't say anything. "Can I ask… how you came back? How you… became you?"

It seems she hasn't quite lost the focus the recent crisis has given her, not totally…or she could have bloodshot eyes because she is high as a kite…though she exhibits no other signs of being under the influence of drugs. She shifts her gaze, not looking at Monica. That is something she has never really shared with anyone, not even Quinton. And she is hesitant to do so now "I fought the program. It won…" the eventually is implied "Not before I was institu….institu…" she may be speaking in pretty good sentances but institutionalized is just to big a word, so instead she swirl a finger around her ear to symbolize crazy "shock therapy." which Monica already knows that enough juice will take out the nanites as well as jump start them. She must have had a lot of volts but through her, it's surprising she doens't have brain damage. The abbreviated story comes out in peices with pauses inbetween as if she was trying to say it in as few words as possible.

Monica blinks. "That'd about do it… ECT… that'd tend to turn the nanites in your brain off. At the cost of neurological damage." Mon blows out her cheeks. "We might actually be able to give him what he wants. I assumed… it was falling in love with Quinton."

Piper pulls a face at Monica. One of those 'seriously? you actually beleived that?" kinda faces "Not a fairy tale." love can do a lot, but that's not only pushing it, but shoving it into a big muddy puddle and then walking all over it "No, I was broken when I met him. He just showed me that…we aren't monsters, he pulled me out of darkness." she was in a very bad place when she and the kids arrived, having only recently gotten away from her captors…thanks to the plague and all.

Monica shakes her head. "Not a fairy tale, no. I was thinking about how I was when I came into camp. And all of a sudden it wasn't me and a horse against the world. Society… falling in love… I assumed you two arrived together, I guess. But yeah. Knowing you're not a monster. That's a big deal. Pulled out of darkness… big deal too." She ponders. "That's what the other silencer believes, it sounds like. That something about the relationship was what it took."

There is a shake of her head "No, met at Camp Hope." okay now a ghost of a smile comes to her face at the early memories she has of her and Quinton. "Months before I spoke to him and weeks before speaking again." it was probably the longest courtship in recent history. The smile fades quickly though "Yes. this Devon thinks Quinton can fix him." her brows furrow "He fixed Quinton though." and that vexes her too, that the Silencer gave the poet what he wanted and she didn't for lack of not knowing she could.

You say, "Fixed him how?" She looks at Piper."

"No more bad brain days. He can talk now." he's no longer broken, he's whole, even if all the memories he had of them and everyone in Camp Hope are gone. And now the waterworks start again. He's fixed and she knows that her words will eventually run out and she will start having bad days and good days again, and where does that leave her?

Monica reaches out to her, a little hesitantly, but… oh what's being lobbed into a wall? It wouldn't be the first time. Unless Piper resists mightily Mon will pull the shorter, vastly stronger woman into a hug.

Nope she doesn't struggle, fight or bodycheck Monica into a wall just sobs harder, shoulders shaking as Piper burrows her face into the other woman's shoulder. It's surprising she even has tears left considering how much crying she has done lately, but nope she still has them. Buckets full.

Monica squeezes Piper tight. "There are still things to try… you can try to give those memories back… or find them if they're still there. Or we can try and convince the other silencer to. Or worst case… worst case… there's still chemistry between you. You can start over if you have to.

"I don't have his..I have mine." and it's not the same, not the same at all. Piper shakes her head, the two sentances said between sobs "Not there." maybe she tried and either doesn't have the same skill/ability or they just aren't there. "I don't…He won't…" a few more racking sobs "I'm just his captor."

You say, "Then the other silencer is going to have to. If he wants to be human.""

Well that is a confusing statement to the woman and Piper pulls back to get Monica a confusing look as she wipes the tears from her face "Huh?" she asks a hiccup coming from her.

You say, "We know relatively high voltage discharge turns the nanites off. We know you can survive it because you did. We can give him what he wants, but he has to give us what we want first."

The woman's well groomed brows come together. Piper doesn't do anything to them, her eyebrows have always been that way. Probably because of pre-arrival laser hair removal. That was the rage and she was in show business. "I don't think it works like that…memories." she nods though "But if he admitted what he did…" she was just going to kill him if she ever seen him, but that wouldn't prove anything except she was a killer. Getting him to admit to Quinton what he did though…

Monica ponders. "That might get you somewhere, at least. Knowing you've been overwritten… I still wonder if he could bring me up to speed on controlling the nanites, alien power cells and hover engines… I need to have a talk with this boy.

Piper isn't unreasonable, and she can see the logic in what Monica is saying. She doesn't like the idea of giving her fellow Silencer any help but if it is a means to an end. "If he wants Quinton back he'll show up sooner or later." probably sooner "And you can lure him in."

Monica nods. "Yeah… question is… if we get him shut down so he's human… can you live with him being here?"

That's a question for the ages. Thankfully she knows the answer to it, or think she does "He won't. Silencers are loners by nature." how they came to be who knows, maybe it's the program, Piper is no exception though there are times when she craves being sociable, though most of the time she can't be.

Monica nods. "Then even if we shut him down, he may never get what he wants. But I'll offer, if he's willing to deal."

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