(2016-08-05) Downhill
Summary: What started at as not terrible quickly went downhill
Date: 8.5.2016
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<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Good Success.

It's faint at first, the singing, coming from a distance, but it grows steadily closer, the words of the song becoming more clear as the singer gets nearer. Definitely a female singing, the voice a golden one, some would say angelic. Soon..too soon perhaps it is outside the apartment door and then inside the apartment that house the infirmary "And tomorrow's another day, and I'm thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain." a song about how today may have been bad and tomorrow might be too, but bring it on and I'll get through it, that sort thing. The song continues a bit punctuated by some noises of jars and stuff being put away. The song ends though as the singer appears in the doorway, the wild haired, tiny woman, another tray of food in hand, though this time a few wrapped Twinkies and a bag of chips are on the tray too. She knows, he knows, she is there, the singing giving her away, unless he is sleeping or something, either way she politely knocks on the door frame, where three+ weeks prior she would have just walked in.

Quinton's frowning now, but in slight confusion. He's sitting on the bed, sloughed against the wall. The poet's been basically pouting for the past two days. He's ate, although not as much as he probably should, and one of the books Piper brought him is open to what appears to be a random page. It's not got his attention though, the singing does. The frown is directed at the door, but it's tinged with confusion. Like maybe something does feel right there, and that's what's upsetting. Once he sees her, he blinks, surprised. That is not who he expected. A shift on the bed, uncomfortable and he just eyes her.

The look of surprise has her canting her head at him before that veil of stoicism Piper is so good at falls into place. Unlike the previous days her hair is mostly in check, held back by an orange floral bandana and of course she is barefoot. Since he hasn't said anything she walks right in with only the slightest of hesitation and moves to set the tray with its lunch and junk food at the end of where he sits "You're here." he's surprised she is the singer, she is surprised he hasn't snuck off yet…successfully at least.

Successful is the key word. They've put a few nails into the window frame after his attempt to sneak out the first night. The surprise leaves his face and he glowers, "Where else would I be?" Quin is a grumpy prisoner. Pale eyes flicker to the food and he turns away as his stomach growls.

It's nice to see that some things never change. Getting him to eat has always difficult. And Piper isn't above using bribery to get him to do it. "Eat..we'll walk." her brows furrow. She is starting to loose her focus, words aren't coming as easy for her, but she is trying "Show you something." she moves across the room to perch on the edge of the other bed.

Quinton's eyes narrow, trying to see what the purpose of this is. But getting outside, getting to see some of the layout might be worth it. Piper's word issues have not gone unnoticed and he glances at her, like he's trying to figure something out. Finally, "If my parents are here I don't want to know."

There is no sense of guile coming from the tiny woman. If she is even capable of it. The other day she certainly didn't seem able to hide anything. Piper watches him, watching her and his statement as her shaking her head at him "Few parents…not yours." that should be a relief, no other people who he thought dead coming back to life. "Eat. Please." she tries a smile, but it doesn't quite get there.

His eyes close, maybe in relief. Ghost sister was hard enough, ghost parents? no thank you. The poet's head leans back and rests against the wall. He looks tired, more tired than when they found him. A breath is taken, but then he just lets it go. Trying to reason or argue with these people had done him no good. He slowly reaches for whatever is closest on the tray. he doesn't even care that it's yummy junk food.

Well she could say the same. One side knows they are right, the other thinks they are. Reasonable in this case is subjective. A bit of relief crosses the woman's face as he finally relents and goes to eat something. Today though she tries another tact. Instead of dropping things on him she questions "Tell me…" there is a bit of a pause, hoping he will at least look at her "how you met Devon?" well that is a whole sentence at least, so she does still have it in her.

The twinkie is picked up and stared at before he sighs and slowly starts to unwrap it. Her question though makes Quin pause, pale eyes rising to look at her. "Why?" There's a level of worry that wasn't there a moment ago.

She has a few reasons why, but is there any he would actually beleive. Piper could just shrug and blow the question off pretending that she doesn't care, but she knows if the man she knew is in there somewhere he would know she was bluffing. He might know even if that guy isn't. "Curious." she finally settles on that one "Does it match mine."

Quinton takes long time to answer, afraid he might make shootings worse. So the end of the twinkie in broken off and popped into his mouth to whew, and give him some extra time. "He was in the plane with me when the power went out." Makes the most sense for Devon to insert himself at the start of Quin's turmoil (Literal turmoil). "Helped me bury my parents and Kayla. He took care of me during the Red Tsunami."

Piper nods, a look of concern crossing over her face before it is masked once more as she asks for further details instead of telling him that isn't what happened or how it was, "Seated next to you?" while her face is stoic her tone isn't so much, there is a curiosity there with its underlying worry.

Quinton breaks off another mouthful of twinkie, now eyeing her uncomfortably. Like he's waiting for her to argue or somehow sue this against him. The smallest of nods to her question, but then he sets the twinkie down to reach for whatever drink there is. Is that a small tremor in his hand? Nerves or something else?

Well isn't that convenient…for him, Devon, not for them of course. Piper hmmms thoughtfully, she certainly is watching him though, much like she did the other day and always has. "Did you see him…get on the plane?" now that she has something to focus on, questioning him about this early memory her words are coming easier, less fragmented.

Quinton blinks, frowning and glares up at her, unsure what this is supposed to be about, "What? What kind of a question is that?" He doesn't answer though instead, looks down at the glass of …milk? How do they have milk? it's cold too! The poet's head tilts slightly and he sniffs the drink, "You have cows?" It's only now dawning on him that there's electricity in the room too.

The question about the question goes unanswered instead Piper answers the other one "Yes." she gestures to the plate on the tray, with its slices of turkey and fresh vegetables "Yes. A whole farm…act-ually." she tells him "One of the things I was going to show you." probably not until she showed him more important things, but they would have gotten there eventually. "Did you want to see?"

A whole farm. And power. This is ridiculous. The milk is set down without taking a sip, the poet is starting to get another headache. He seems to get them a lot. "I want out of this room." If Piper really looks, there's signs of some kind of possible tantrum. The books look way more beat up than when she delivered them, the bed frame is slightly crooked.

"You always do." the words slip out, without thought even and she bites her lip, but nothing she can do about it now, just hope it doesn't set the already frustrated Quinton off. Piper has been to focused on the poet to even notice the conditions of the room and its contents but as she gets up she looks around and then to him, she can probably guess "Her?" there is only one her she could be talking about, Kayla, but she is sensitive enough not to say the name at least. Her fingers flex a bit, it's hard to fight those things that are habit or second nature, so instead of holding her hand out she gestures to the door and then steps out or the room, past Bear who is leaning next to the door. Bear just gives her a look of uncertainty and she gives him a 'it's okay' kinda signal as she heads the rest of the way out. "That's my apartment." she points to the door that is directly across the hall and opens it briefly so he can glance in…so many toys scattered across the floor, but otherwise neat and tidy, but if one were to look in closer they would notice the music compositions covering the walls. The tour than carries on.

Quinton tenses, but doesn’t go off. And doesn't respond to the her question, he won't even acknowledge it. It's just too much. She said things he's not been able to process fully, although some is starting to click now. He ignores Bear, who sighs and will push off the wall following the two. The poet glances at Piper’s apartment and then away, looking almost sick. It don't register that the toys are for older kids. There's a Quin junior…God, he's got to be being drugged. He couldn't have a kid…a girlfriend, and not remember. He couldn't have imagined burring his sister. The logical side of his brain is taking in how many doors, the layout of the apartment. If that's all the info he has, he'll take it. it's more than he had.

Looking sick wasn't the expression she was expecting, confusion and/or indifference maybe, but not that. Piper closes the door softly and heads outside, where the drizzle falling from the sky doesn't seem to be helping alleviate the heat any. It's a meal time so there are people seen halfway across the grounds, sitting under the patio gazebos eating their own food, and somewhere in the distance is the sound of children playing. "We are a community." she gestures toward those eating, just a handful "About 53 people. With more coming in as word spreads about what we have here." she doesn't go that direction instead she heads to another building with a large A on the side of it. Bear trails closely behind the pair acting the guard.

Well, yes. It is kinda an odd look for him to have…if he wasn't piecing together what Kay-what the other woman said. Baby. Even with the rain, Quin takes a deep breath, some of the tension leaving him once outside. Which is a little weird, he's not inherently a nature boy. His pale eyes scan over the area and people. He stops the snarky comment about them kidnapping people to up their numbers, better for him to be quiet. He slows though, eyes narrowing at the building, "What's in there?" Unless they're moving him to a different cell, it should be laid out the same…right?

Despite being nearly a foot shorter than him Piper has no trouble matching his longer legged pace, and besides Bear and him no one seem to notice their passage. Though they are well out of casual conversation range and seem focused on food and conversation under the gazebos "Hopefully answers." or more likely more questions. She isn't exactly sure how much Quinton wrote, but if he kept any kind of journals they would be in his apartment, and maybe seeing things written in his own hand will put him at ease. That's her thinking at least. It's surely to backfire. Pulling the door open she heads into the building, and with Bear behind him there is only two choices the poet has, follow are make an attempt to run.

Quinton's moving slower, like he instinctually knows this is going to be a bad thing. "I don't…" it's the first time he's really trailed off, but it's not because of a hitch, he really doesn't know what this uneasy, terrible feeling is. Well, besides kidnapped. Maybe that's all kidnapped feelings? "I don't want to go in there." And he stops near the doorway, head suddenly turning to look around. Maybe for an escape route, or help. Or Devon, who knows when he'll show up to rescue him! The rain is soaking into his shirt, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

She starts to reach out and touch him, but there is a pause and Piper pulls her hand away slowly. "Okay. Okay." she nods, for some reason she seems sensitive to his moods and all except that need to leave, those too "We won't. Can I bring you something though?" she gestures toward a door along the hallway "From that apartment?"

Quinton's shaking, and takes a few steps backwards, "No. I don't want anything from there! It's not mine!" Someone’s been saying something to him, apparently. Fear flashes over his face and he does what Bear's there to stop, he darts.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=reaction Vs Brawl=8

< Quinton: Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=melee Vs Quinton=melee

< Piper: Failure Quinton: Success

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Marginal Victory

Bear is the lumbering short, so he isn't as quick as the lanky poet. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in reach. When Quinton tries to dart away he lunges, the meaty hand gets a hold of the back of the poet's shirt, but it is enough and he hauls the skinny man back to wrap an arm around his waist and lift him off his feet, leaning his head back as he holds the poet in a one armed bear hug to his chest.

Yes, a total back fire, Piper should have expected it, but everyone has been preaching hope to her, and she has been clinging to what little bit she has. When Quinton darts she is moving to but Bear is closer and gets him first. Which is just as well, the guy is bear like in his strength and not just size "Hold him." Piper moves closer trying to get close to do something but a flailing fist gets her right in the face and a foot in the chest one is enough to have the tiny woman reeling the combination has her thrown a few feet and to the ground. Bear's arm tightens around the poet "Be still." the silent man growls then looks to the woman "You alright there Piper." well so much for him not knowing her name anymore.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=reaction Vs Brawl=8

< Quinton: Failure Brawl: Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

Quinton's not aiming for Piper, Well…not until she's going for his head. There's fear now, he knows what she is, knows what she can do! "No! Stay away from me!" he's squirming and tries to get Bear to release him throwing his head backwards, connecting with the larger man's jaw. He his him hard enough for bear to give a grunt (Although to be fair, it could just be in surprise that the poet is actually struggling), but not hard enough for the lanky man to get loose. Quin himself gives a low grunt of pain as he's squeezed, his arms and legs still flailing. He doesn't acknowledge the name, if he heard it.

If this were a fairy tale, the Disney kind at least, the blow to his supposed girlfriend as Kayla called her would snap him out of his memory issues and back to reality…or something close. But this is no fairy tale, its a nightmare, for both of them. Piper has one hand clutched to her chest the other over her nose, blood seeping between the fingers. There are a few gasps as she struggles for the breath that was just kicked out of her. "I'm fine." but her tone is quite shaken and there are tears in her eyes along with pain and sadness "Take him back to the infirmary." she tells Bear as she gets to her feet. She lets the large man carrying his struggling burden lead the way and she follows a few feet behind pretty sure her nose is broken.

Quinton lets out a roar, more intense than needed even if he's scared or frustrated at the situation, "STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!" Arms and legs are flailing, but it's almost like he's fighting something else. "LEAVE …ME ALONE!" And there it is, that hitch in his voice that's been missing. The poet isn't focusing his yelling at anyone in particular, he seems to be just trying to get away, from Bear, from the situation, from the lies which is now his reality.

That's enough to have anyone left eating across the way turning their heads to see what the commotion is and there is some major staring a few of them are off duty guards so some running over to assist Bear with the struggling, fighting poet. The roar, the screaming and fighting from Quinton causes Piper to flinch. It takes her a moment to realize that Quinton isn't fighting them so much as just what is going on. She is at a loss at what to do since she can't get near him but she does pick up her pace trying to at least talk in a soothing tone "It's okay Quinton. No one is going to bother you. You'll be left alone." at least for a day maybe two. She opens the door to the building and then the door to the infirmary, where he is pretty much just tossed into his room and the door slammed behind him.

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