(2016-08-06) Explanations
Summary: Kayla finds out what Quinton's issue is, but they have no idea how to fix it
Date: 8.6.2016
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Patient Room #2

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

Kayla has been put on bedrest, or close to it, by Eli - the guard outside is stationed for Quin, but no doubt Eli has made some remark about Kayla too. She's had enough of lying in bed, though, and has scooted up to sit, an open sketchpad on her knees and a coloured pencil in her hand.

After yesterday afternoon's debacle with Quinton, in which she ended up with a broken nose and some bruised ribs, and he ended up thrown kicking and screaming into the other patient room by multiple guards and possibly locked in, Piper is once more giving the poet some space. She hasn't been in to see him since so instead comes to see the other Welles sibling. There is a soft rap on the door frame waiting to be invited before just walking in "Kayla?" her voice is naturally a bit nasally thanks to the swollen nose with its splint covering it. The flesh around her eyes is quite purple and black as well.

Kayla looks up as she hears her name, and she frowns gently. "Oh Piper," she murmurs softly as she sees her friends state. She heard about the fight, but didn't hear the details. "Come in."

Piper looks less sleep deprived than she did prior to the rescue, but not by much, but at least it looks like she hasn't been crying today, yet, so that is an improvement. She silently pads into the room, dropping onto one of the other beds, back against the wall as she grabs one of the pillows and hugs it to her chest. Once more she is wearing one of Quinton's sweaters, which she is drowning in. "What're drawing?" she nods her head toward the sketch pad.

Kayla glances to her pad and then flips the cover down and sets it on her side table. "Nothing," she mutters softly, not quite meeting Piper's gaze for a moment. She is quiet for a long moment before speaking, "You okay?

Well that is curious, but Piper doesn't have the energy to pursue it. She burrows her face in the pillow, shaking her head and letting out a muffled "No." she just stays that way for a moment, silently screaming into the pillow before lifting her head to look at Kayla "You?" she sounds tired and in pain, but probably no more than the other woman does.

Kayla's face says it all - exhausted, pained, lost. She doesn't move off her bed, both lacking the energy and the ambition. "He hates me." she finally whispers, eyes closing.

"No." Piper says again, denying the statement that is throw at her. She fluffs the pillow a bit than uses the corner of the pillowcase to dab at her eyes "He thinks…" three weeks of being able to talk coherently, to everyone and now that Quin is back she is losing that focus, but she is fighting it with everything she has got…though she isn't sure she has much left of that in her "you're imposter. Not Kayla. Not his sister."

"Which means he hates -me-," Kayla answers softly. "Whoever I am, he hates - and always will, unless he comes back to us, somehow." She huffs a long sigh before her fist balls and she hits the bed beside her. "What the -hell- did that Silencer do to him?"

Piper chews on her lip at the question, she knows the answer to that one. That much is clear but she hesitates to answer. There is a long moment of silence and she turns her head, resting a cheek on the pillow, staring at the door "The nanites allow us.." there is a hitch in her voice as if all the abilities that Silencers have this is the worst of them, "read thoughts, alter emotions, take…change memories." she holds a hand out as if she is going to touch something and then pulls it away "Why I don't like being touched." amoung other reasons. "That's what he did."

Kayla eyes Piper as she explains what was done to Quinton - she is silent for a long moment as she considers that before she perks up. "That means it can be undone…you can undo it?" she asks.

Tears form in Piper's eyes and she is shaking her head "I don't know." her face is once more burrowed in the pillow "I'm not whole." she isn't a full Silencer, not like the one that took Quinton "I'm broken. Quinton knows what I am…he won't let me touch him." which is what got her punched and kicked yesterday…not quite on purpose, but it is why. She collapses onto the bed sobbing into the pillow though she must be way more tired than she looks, or the drugs she took for the pain finally kick in, because it isn't long before the sobs start and she is dead asleep.

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