(2016-08-07) Doing the Right Thing
Doing the Right Thing
Summary: Question asked and answered, but that only leads to other problems
Date: 8.7.2016
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Outside the Club House is a large fenced in area, paved in faded red brick. At one time it had lovely landscaping, but now it is overgrown. Various tables and chairs dot the patio as well as a gazebo or two that are in the midst of being overtaken by ivy. A number of charcoal and gas grills have been brought in and set up for cooking.

All the different apartment buildings can be seen from the patio, and there are a few trees and a large grassy area bisected with paths on the other side of the patio fence. And oh look, a trampoline with a safety net around it.

It's later in the afternoon and Texas summer has certainly set in today, at least the sun isn't out and maybe the overcast skies will produce some cooling rain. Piper is no weather forecaster so she is just suffering in the heat in silence. Under the gazebo of course. She sits at table in the shade, Quinn the younger in her lap as he noms a cracker. She is bouncing him absently, her focus on the book open in front of her. One of several scattered on the table. Also on the table is a pitcher of icy lemonade as well as a few glasses, one of which is hers.

Elijah was out of the infirmary, the guards in place and fully capable of keeping things under control or notifying him if any patients needed him. So today, he was going to get out and try to build up his endurance with his leg some more. There would be more scavenges or missions in the future he'd be needed on and he couldn't be as ill prepared as he had been recently.

With his satchel over his shoulder, you'd almost not be able to tell anything was different for the doctor, except for the slight limp from still figuring out his gait with the leg. Eli's steps eventually bring him to the patio of the clubhouse, spotting Piper and figuring it's best to announce himself despite her being caught up in a book. "…Greetings, Piper."

The baby notices the doctor's arrival before Piper does and babbles a happy greeting at him all toothy smile and everything. The reaction from her son as much as the greeting from Eli pulls the woman's attention from her reading material at to him. That mask of stoicism is on her face. It's been months since she has had to hide behind it, but now its back. Not a good sign really, but is it any worse that the anger, worry and sadness she has had in the recent past? "Hey." she greets then gestures to the beverage, perhaps inviting him to get some.

No matter how solemn the events of late had been, you can't just ignore a happy baby. So when Quinn gives Elijah his greeting, the doctor does grin "And good morning to you, Quinn." A small chuckle is given before he notices the gesture to the lemonade and he makes his way over, sitting in a chair but still a few feet from the woman.

Eli then reaches for the pitcher and pours himself a glass "Thank you…" His words were pleasant and his attitude was proper, but the doctor still was not fully 'at ease' around Piper yet…hadn't been ever since their encounter. At least he seemed to be trying though? He sits in silence for a moment, taking a drink.

At nearly 10 months (they grow so fast!) Quinn knows his name when he hears it and can understand a lot of things, especially when he is being talked to. He babbles right back, trying to mimic the sounds but besides a few words he isn't talking just yet. He certainly tries though and is quite vocal.

A ghost of a smile does form on Piper's face at the babbling of the baby. He's about the only one that can get her to smile these days and a hand goes to smooth the braids she has put his own wild, kinky hair into. Seems she has made a trip to the library this morning, all the books on the table have the library markings and seem to be on the brain and memories. Someone is doing some research, though she isn't sure how much good it will do. The thank you gets a nod and she points to the leg with the prosthetic, "Okay?"

Elijah 's gaze does go to the books as he drinks, but he doesn't say anything. He knew the woman was worried about Quin. They all were, but…she and Kayla had an attachment that Elijah didn't and he respected that. Still, any free time the doctor had been spent in his own room of the infirmary taking notes or doing research of his own. This area of treatment was out of his field of knowledge though so…it was difficult. At the gesture to his leg, the doctor glances to it, a sad smile forming as he nods "Better…" It was obvious the doctor still wasn't as attached to his new limb as it was to him. There was a constant tenseness to the man as of late.

The woman reaches for her own drink, taking a sip for herself and then helping Quinn take a sip of his own. The tartness of the drink has him making a priceless face, but he still wants more and clings to the cool glass as Piper holds it for him. A dubious look is given to Eli, she clearly doesn't believe his statement "No." she shakes her head at him "No one is."

Elijah is mid-sip when Quinn pulls that reaction, almost causing the doctor to lose his own drink before he recovers. Coughing a bit he sets down his glass and laughs before Piper's comment cuts it short. Smile fading a bit, he shrugs "No…but that doesn't stop any of us from refusing to acknowledge it does it?" He shakes his head "I'm better off than many in this world…in this camp even. If I let myself focus on…things…" or lack of things "I won't be able to do what I need to help."

Setting the glass back down, despite the grabby hands that the little boy has for it, Piper gives a shrug to the doctor "Some-times…" she pauses a moment to give Quinn another cracker, which seems to satisfy him for the moment "venting…good." she is dropping words but still talking so she hasn't totally backpedaled into her formerself. "Are we…" she struggles for words "doing the right thing?"

The doctor doesn't comment, gaze going to his glass of lemonade. He knew venting was good, but honestly when was he supposed to? If he took time to focus on anything around him it felt like he'd mentally break…and he couldn't do that. Not again. Especially with everything going on now. His gaze lifts again at her question and he reaches for his glass "…In what regard?" He assumed she meant with Quinton, but even that had a lot of areas to it. He takes a drink.

She continues to bounce the baby who is peering back and forth as the two talk. He of course doesn't understand, but he is old enough to get the jist of emotions knows worry and sadness when he hears it. "Keeping him locked up." she absently rubs the baby's back as he puts an arm around her neck and cuddles up to her "I can't…" she shakes her head "see him like that." she loves him, she hates to seem him miserable, angry, confused etc.

Elijah nods "I've been thinking about that…" He looks to Piper "Maybe. We can try to let him take a walk. Around camp or to go back to his room. Seeing things that might help jog his memory, but also make him feel less like a prisoner." The doctor sets his drink down, hand running through his hair as his gaze focuses on the table in front of him with a furrowed brow. "I think it was appropriate to keep him confined initially because he was a flight risk. However, now we need him to understand that we don't mean him harm…and keeping him confined too long could create the opposite effect."

Piper gestures to her splinted broken nose "Trying to take..to room…" that's what caused him to freak out and led to him breaking her noise and bruising some of her ribs. It took three men, including Bear to get him back to the infirmary. "Walking yes. Freedom of the area…inside walls." she does frown slightly, a bit of that mask falling away.

Elijah winces "Right…" He remembers her coming in what that injury. Her next words gain a nod though "Yes. Understand that there is the risk he will run…but at this point we have to risk something if we want a chance at seeing growth I think. All that will happen by keeping him in that room will make him grow to hate this place and be convinced we are not who we say we are." Seeing her frown, Elijah frowns as well…thinking on other matters. "Piper…there is another matter…I feel needs to be addressed."

The baby is pulled closer to her, though he is still watching them both and nomming on his cracker. Since she is no longer reading, Piper marks her place and shuts the book. "Right." she nods in agreement, probably thinking along the same lines. Well that could be potentially disturbing and she is hesitant to speak but does so "Go on."

There is a pause as the doctor's gaze drops, searching for the right words. "The Silencer…" Elijah clears his throat, frowning and keeping his gaze on the table again. Apparently that was easier than trying eye contact. "He's not dead. I know we know this but…we have to think about what that could mean for Quinton…and for camp." His gaze does lift to her now and the heaviness in the doctor's expression was a rare sight. "I know you have already thought of this. I just felt it necessary to bring it…out in the open." There was something else there being unspoken by the doctor, but right now he was focusing on what he felt was important.

Her expression has a bit of relief in it, that wasn't as bad as the thought. "Devon." she tells him "Name is Devon." it helps her some if she humanizes the Silencer "Monica and I planning." what they are planning she still isn't sure about "We want to bring him….here…alive." of course alive, surprisingly Piper doesn't want to kill him anymore. She has realized that, that would complicate things even more, and she doesn't want that. It's complicated enough as it is. "I doubt he can undo…but he can tell Quinton the truth.

Elijah 's gaze goes up to Piper quickly as she states the plan to bring Devon to camp. Perhaps a bit of his own emotions being betrayed by his expression. His gaze lowers again though as his form tenses in the chair. "He doesn't have a reason to tell Quinton the truth, Piper…and I doubt heavily we will be able to force him to…" A hand grips the arm of his chair as the other reaches for his lemonade again to take a drink.

"We have to try." Piper raises her voice, causing the baby to start in surprise. It's not often the woman speaks like that…if at all "He wants to be fixed. Not be a Silencer. Right?" she already knows the answer of course so it is a rhetorical question "He is honest, we do it." of course it won't be that simple, she knows that deep down, but it's the only hope she has at the moment.

A shift in the chair as his lemonade is finished and the glass set back down. Eli looks back to Piper, hand still gripping the arm of his chair whether he realizes it or not as his form remains tense. However, it is not in anger, but rather his voice has an uncertainty to it uncommon for the doctor's usual 'matter of fact' tone. He was scared. "What reason do we have to think he'll believe us? I told him…back in the gas station…that I could help him…and he still…" Clearing his throat he frowns "I know we need to try. I'm not saying don't try. Just…"

Piper may be a Silencer, but she never got to be one, or kill in the name of the aliens, something she is thankful for certainly, but she still has the programming and the look she has now gives no doubt she would have been an intimidating and lethal one "He will believe me." she has no choice but to believe that too. For now it is the only hope she can cling too…at least until she goes to confront Quinton again, then who knows where her hope will be. Quinn seems to notice the change in his mother and he reaches up to pet her cheek "Mama…" she glances down at the baby and melts, she can't be that way in front of him "Mama's okay sweetie." she plants a kiss on his forehead and looks back to the doctor then starts to get to her feet so she can leave the doctor in peace.

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