(2016-08-08) Doodles of Hope
Doodles of Hope
Summary: Quinton and Kayla have a small conversation, it doesn't go south till the very end.
Date: Aug 8, 2016
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First Aid/Medical ShadyGlenApartments

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit instititutinal. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It is summer. The weather is hot and drizzling.

It's raining and hot out. The few fans that are in the infirmary are cracked up all the way and Quin has been allowed to sit in the living room, a few books sitting next to him and a pad of paper and pen in hand. He looks almost normal, except for the buzzed hair. Rumor flies quickly that he was seen out (With guards) Near the bathhouse, and his clean clothes and fresh smell indicated that is true. Rumor also has it a few days before this Quin broke Piper's nose when he tried to bolt, so people aren't exactly sure how to feel about the poet.

Kayla is still in the hospital herself - she hasn't been allowed to return to the Wells' apartment yet, still under Doctor's orders to rest. She has to leave her room, though, or she'll go stir crazy, and so she's come to the living area. Her steps are a little steadier, and she doesn't look like she's about to throw up immeiately - that's improvement!

Stopping as she sees her brother in the living room, Kay hesitates.

Quinton doesn't look up, he's scribbling in the note book. Literally doodling, not writing anything profound or poemish. he needs a numb day. The start of today was good enough. After a few moments, "There's milk and water in the fridge." he almost sounds normal, if he'd only look up at her.

Standing her ground, Kayla swallows before she shakes her head slowly. "I didn't…sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you." Eli had told her she had to give Quin space or he'd have her restrained in bed, so…that's what she should do. Right? She moves to take a step back - she can come back later.

Pale green eyes flicker up to look at the woman wearing his sister's face and he doesn't say anything. If she wants to sit in the hot room, she can. Quin's attention goes back to the swirl he';s tracing over. He used to do that a lot before creativity struck and he'd write.

And Kay's eyes are staring at the stranger inhabiting her brother's body. Her feet don't seem to want to move her any further out of the room, away from her brother - Eli be damned. And then she catches the sight of the swirls, and her breath catches, hitching in her throat.

Quinton's attention, well, some of it, is on the swirls. He used to have notebooks filled. Drove his teachers crazy. After a few long seconds he looks up again at Kayla, unsure what she;s doing.

Kayla is just staring. And now being caught staring - awkward! She looks away quickly, before making a beeline for the fridge. Opening the door, she pulls out the water before she moves to get a glass and fill it. After a moments hesitation, she offers quietly, "Want some?"

Quinton's eyebrows furrow slightly, but he doesn't call her on the staring. intact he goes back to his swirls. "no thank you." Such a polite captive! He does sit ups little straighter though ion the couch. One of the books on the pile is his, like his published book.

Leaving the water on the counter, Kayla turns back with her glass in hand. She starts to move, slowly, towards the figure on the couch, occupying her brother's brain. For a moment, she wonders if the book is one of the ones she found, before she changes her thought patterns. "Piper came and visited me," she offers suddenly.

Quinton knows who Piper is, although for all the drama, people have not been super forthcoming with their names. He tenses, but less than he has been and nods, "Okay?" He's not sure what that should mean, do the ladies not like each other or something?

"She cried herself to sleep in my room." Kayla doesn't add that she joined right along. Moving around the couch, several feet away, slowly and so as not to be a threat.

Quinton's not sure how Kayla-not Kayla wants his to react. He raises an eyebrow, "Is she there now?" He knows she's not, unless she snuck in through window or something.

Kayla gives her head a slight shake - she closes her eyes as a small wave of dizziness overtakes her (don't do that again, mental note made). "No…she had little Quin to get back to." Sipping from her drink, she tries not to stare as she was before. "I…" She sighs. "You really think all of us are lying, don't you?"

The mention of the child, his child, makes him pale and look away. he's not addressed that at all. That's terrible and the object in his jean pocket is pressed into the couch for some comfort. The pen starts moving again, a little more randomly than before. "There's only three options. You're all lying for some gain I can't fathom. You've all been drugged and this is some twisted torture then Others are doing. Or I'm just seriously fucked in the head." There's really no good answer. Quinton's screwed no matter what.

<FS3> Kayla rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Kayla nods slowly. "That's the three possibilities I came up with, too," she admits. Kay catches the pressing of his pocket, and her head tilts slightly to the side. "What do you have there?" she wonders. This is good…having Quin talk, n ot throw things at her..

Well, that's not super comforting. He sighs softly, biting his lower lip as he traces a few swirls. his pen stops though and he looks up, "Someone left some a note book on the table. I'm just working some stuff out." In his head, and on paper it seems.

That triggers a faint smile from Kay. "I meant in your pocket," she clarifies mildly as she takes another sip from her glass. She then motions to a chair across from him. "May I?"

Quinton shrugs, "It's not my room, you can sit wherever you want." He imagines if his room is stuffy, he's will be too. The notebook is shifted on his lap and he keeps doodling, not answering about his pocket. Seems he wants to ahem soemthing for himself.

Kayla moves to take the seat - this is going well, at least as far as she can expect it to; she sets the glass on the side table beside her. She levaes the pocket alone, for now; "You were here first."

Quinton snorts, a hint of actual amusement in his voice. 'that doesn't give me claim to the room." More scratching noises and while he does;t look up he points quickly at the TV, "There's a few VHS taped movies, if you want." he's already watched them all, but the noise is comforting. Normal, in a world that's filled with no sound.

"You always said otherwise before," Kayla snorts, echoing her brother but for other reasons. She extends her legs to stretch before tucking them up underself in the chair. "No, thanks…" She's grown pretty used to the quiet; even enjoys it, really.

Quinton's hand only tightens slightly on the pen in his hand. He's either getting less defensive or he's realized he's not doing himself any good showing when he gets upset. He nods though, not looking up as she gets comfortable. his page is going to be full soon.

Kayla isn't stupid; she's pretty good at recognising her brother's body language. Some things don't change. Picking up her water, she swallows a good portion of it before she offers, "So…have you narrowed down which of the three it is?"

Quinton's jaw tightens now, he's held off the headache his long, but it's starting to creep in now, 'I'm kind a hoping for the drugged town one. Maybe when Devon shows up we can unspike the water and everyone can go back to whatever it is we do." Happy ending? he likes it because he doesn't end up dead or imprisioned for the rest of his life. Or the rest of the life of the world. Who knows what the aliens have planned.

Kayla winces at that, and can't quite contain her sigh. "I wish you'd tell me more about Devon…" She admits before kicking out her feet and standing. "But like all your girlfriends, you won't tell me so…yeah. Might as well go.

Right….so she can try to murder face him. Nope. His eyes narrow, unsure what that comment is even directed about. "I'm not telling anyone anything about him. In two of those senerios you'll believe he's the enemy, the third he's just made up." He watches her, not stopping her from leaving.

"No, in two of the scenarios, he's the enemy. IN the third, he fucked with your head and now you believe your sister is dead." Kay's voice catches and, without another word, she movesto leave the room.

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