(2016-08-08) Walk About
Walk About
Summary: Piper takes Not-Quite- Quinton on a walk about to the library
Date: 8.8.2016
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8th Street (8th)

8th street is a lengthy one, with lots of tall trees, unlike most of the town. Probably why the complex is named as it is.

The street doesn't quite make it to Texas Street, a few blocks off from joining up with it. It is all residential, with the apartment complex at the west end and both multi-family homes and single family dwellings running the length of it.

The thunderstorms that suddenly struck last night were effective in cooling the area down, at least for a little while. The sun is still low in the east, but effectively over the horizon at least. Birds do the chirping thing, and other sounds of neighborhood wildlife can be heard, as well as voices raising in conversation on the nearby wall.

After leaving Quinton with his popcorn and movies Piper didn't return, or if she did, she didn't make herself known. With her hair back in its puffball buns, and her usually weaponry, she leaves the complex through the side gate, crossing the damp lawn of the bath house, hitching the empty backpack across her shoulders. Where she is going even she doesn't know yet, but she knows what she needs, and if she finds it while wandering great if not well she'll figure something out.

Quinton can take hint. Especially it it's just a statement and not a hint. The guards were relieved when he asked, which just made the poet more grumpy about it. He’s not accepting he's stuck here, but realized he'd get to go out, actually see some of the complex. As for last night, he ended up falling asleep halfway through the first movie, sprawled out on the couch. It’s the first solid sleep he's gotten since being here, and the lack of circles underneath his eyes can attest to it. Now though, he's stepping out of the bathhouse, clothes clinging to his damp torso. The scruff is still there, the guards aren't dumb enough to give him a razor. Pale eyes scan the are, trying tot ale everything in. Piper is spotted, but the amount of weapons on the woman sobers him up, making him feel naked without at least his gun.

Piper is in her survival mode, so she is more alert to what is going on around her than typical. The movement in her peripheral vision gets her attention, and she glances over. inside the walls she is sure it isn't anything to worry about so there is no offensive or defensive action taken. And she is right, there is a moment where she studies the man and seems satisfied with what she sees. She's always liked the scruff and seeing it still there gives her a bit of hope. She then notes the guards that flank him, which cause a frown. "…necessary?" she asks one of the guards, sounding somewhat vexed.

Quinton guard gives Piper a word look, like he can't believe she of all people is asking. "Yes. until he's not a flight risk." The whole risk to others is just silently there as the guard pointedly gives Piper's broken nose a look.

Any good mood Quin may have had melts away, being talked about like he's not there doesn't set a good bar for the day. He frowns, looking away from the people talking and around the complex. At least they let him be alone when he showered. That would have been humiliating even more than this is. The poet's arms fold, he's trying to not ball his fist up. or at least not make it as noticeable. Maybe he can get the guards to take him back a different way, see more of the area

The tiny woman just gives the guard one of those withering looks that woman are so good at. Piper seems to have a different opinion as to flight risk. Either she is an idiot or just trusts the man for whatever reason. Maybe a bit of both. Turning to Quinton she proceeds to ignore the guards "Sorry." okay there is a glance to them so he at least knows what she is apologizing for "Trust…" she gestures around the guards included to indicate people "not easy."

The guard mutters something underneath his breath, unsure what's worse, Piper's look or getting yelled at later (Probably by Piper) when Quin bolts. He and the other guard do take a few steps back, giving the poet and Piper some breathing room.

A low, unhumourous chuckle comes from Quin, "Yeah. I guess you could say that." He certainly doesn't trust. They may be feeding him and not torturing hi, but he's still a prisoner. Piper gets another glance over, noting the backpack again and then the bare feet. "What do you do?" He's picked up on enough idle talk that people all have jobs.

Poor guards, they are in a no win situation with Piper at the moment. She certainly breaths a bit easier with them not looming over her, they make her nervous but Quin doesn't, she is an odd duck. "Scavenge. Forage. hunt." she answers after a thoughtful moment "other things." a hand lifts to her shoulder, but there is no braid there to tug at so the hand drops and instead her fingers pluck at the hem of the oversize sweater she wears. it's not so much a nervous gesture but just to keep her hand busy.

Quinton is not wearing a sweater, while he's realized he calms when touching one, it's either to warm still or it's not dawned on him to wear one. Just a clingy t-shirt and jeans. it's also not dawned on him that she brought him his exact size. He nods to the answer, eyes lingering on her weapons before looks away. "Is there anything left here to scavenge?" he doesn't know how long they've even been here. Her fidgeting with the sweater makes his own fingers flex. "Well….good luck, I guess." She off to do one of those 4 things, he's assuming.

Than it probably won't dawn on him that she is wearing one of his sweaters either. Piper's eyes stay on him, even though he looks away. "Some." she answers "know where to look." she does look beyond the nearby wall a moment but her gaze is quickly back to him "have to go further out, other towns soon." actually they have done some of that already "If you don't wanna…" there is a gesture to the complex and its confining walls "help me, be useful." there is a bit of stress on the word useful. Does he still feel that need? "Get a look around." she gives him another reason in case being useful just isn't enough.

Quinton's eyes narrow, but it's in a bit more confusion than snark. She's asking him to go scavenging? His gaze diverts over to the guards, "I don't think that's penciled into my crammed schedule today." Although it's clear from the way he shifts he'd very much like to not go back to the complex and get a look around. It's harder to tell if the usefulness urge is there or not.

Could that be disappointment that flashes across Piper's face when he starts to give her the brush off. But she is quite aware of his fidgeting and what it could possibly mean. She feigns, quite poorly, indifference "If you have better things…hot room…" she turns making to continue on her way.

Quinton honestly just meant that he doesn't think the guards will let him, but hey, okay. He sighs. Yes, that fucking hot room. "Fuck." His face screws up, frustration, annoyance and pain, before he turns away. His chest is starting to hurt again and his folded arms are pulled tighter against it. The guards move in closer as piper moves to leave, like filling a vacuum.

Piper only gets a few steps away when the swear is let out. It is enough to make the woman face palm. With a sigh she turns back around and strides over to one of the guards. "Take.." she unloads her rifle, bow, arrows and a few other smaller weapons hidden on her person on the guard, leaving just the pistol and nun chuks on her hip.. "put away. Go to the wall." while she normally isn't the take charge type, like most women she is the getting her way type. She will just stare at the guard in question, she may be little but she can be intimidating when she wants to be, it's the programming, until he leaves. Once he has she turns her gaze onto the other guard and a breath is taken and oh so much focus as she speaks to him "We are going to First street, you can stay or go…but we are going." she tilts her head and gives him that 'any questions' kind of look.

Both guards blink, and then look at each other uncertain. She may be bossy, but she's a tiny woman who Quin's already broken the nose of. But, she's also very, very bossy. This is like Sophia level bossy. After some silent communication between the two, one moves off and the other sighs, motioning for Piper to lead the way. Seems they're going to have company.

Quin though, he turns and watches the exchange with an eyebrow raised. He blinks as well, unintentionally mirroring the guards. He also doesn't particularly want to argue with the Silencer so he nods, his arms loosening their death grip hold on his chest.

Unlike Sophia though, Piper doesn't go there often. That is old Piper, the girl with a different name, who is pretty much dead, she comes up occasionally though as she did now. "Thank you." she gives a nod, bossy, but polite at least. She then does lead the way to the east for the moment "Library on first street." she tells Quinton, ignoring the guard that trails him. "Go there, maybe a few houses…" she glances at him "'okay?" she seems to be asking him if that sounds good.

Quinton's tongue darts out and he nods, slightly baffled at what's happening. But he nods. As long as it's not back to that room, and he can look around, he's good. He glances down first street in the direction of the library. "I'm decent at scavenging." Because she'd have no way of knowing that. He's mentally mapping out what he's seen so far, where the walls are, where the guard stations are.

The guard must really be getting confused, while Piper starts out heading in the proper direction, she doesn't stay going the proper way. She turns left instead of right and then right instead of left, watching the poet out of the corner of her eye all the while. "I kno…" she starts but then stops "I figured." she says instead. "There was a person, used to scavenge with a lot. He was good.. We had a system." a bit of sadness creeps into her tone and for a moment she focuses on their surroundings.

Quinton's paying more attention to the buildings and directions than focusing on what Piper says, so he just nods. "Having a partner is best for that kind of thing. Too easy for things to fall, or to get jumped…" He sounds like he knows from experience. Just which experience? He's following her easily, not quite comfortable, not not uncomfortable at least. The poor, poor guard.

"There was some falling, pit trap once. And he got shot in the shoulder." Piper touches her own shoulder, where Quinton has the scar "when he ran into some bandits. Has quite the scar right here." when she realizes that he either doesn't know or notice they are going the wrong way she sighs and starts going the right way.

Quinton's too busy trying to take in mental map he's creating to even really think about if anything is familiar or not. There's a small hesitance when she mentions the shoulder. He supresses the urge to roll his, it gets stiff, along with his back sometimes. The poet frowns when if suddenly feels like they're backtracking some of the roads. Is she trying to confuse him, or show him more of the city?

To get their faster, or maybe to do some foraging she cuts through a few yards, pausing to pick a few plants along the way. "Raspberries…" she picks a handful when she finds that gem of a bush in a backyard, offering some to the poet. Cutting back into the front yard she crosses the street and there is the library and she heads up the walk toward the large double doors, brushing the berry juice on her pants after she finishes them. "Wait here." she tells the guard, thought she doesn't get all bossy about it this time. She isn't going to stop him if he follows.

Quinton slows, before realizing what she's doing. He pokes around, although he seems to be keeping an eye on the guard too. He's behaving, but he's not above taking an opportunity if it arises. Nothing is said, but he takes the offered berries, again slightly surprised at the casualness of it all. the guard seems unsure too, which is actually makes Quin more nervous. He doesn't recognize the actual building,. but any library is home. A soft a brief smile tugs at his lips and he lets out a breathless sigh. The written word is the only thing that hasn't completely abandoned humanity. The guard does not follow the kinder order, and follows them, well… follows Quin. He's not getting chewed out by Bob later is this goes south!

There is no power in the library and it is very dark, the blinds have been closed at some point, so how useful the guard will be..who knows Piper just rolls her eyes at the guard, as she removes her nearly empty pack. A handful of maps, a few bloodstained, are handed to Quinton "hold these." she tells him as she digs out the jar lantern and gets to lighting it.

Quinton's suddenly holding bloody maps. Pale eyes blink, trying to adjust to the darkness. Guess the entire city doesn't have power then. The maps are studied, what they are of, the level of detail on them. His thumb though rubs over one of the stains, Quin might not understand, but the compulsion to want to wipe the stain off is there. It shouldn't be there. By the time Piper gets the lantern lite and is looking at him, Quin is frowning down at the maps, although he has no real reason why.

Piper moves closer, like personal space close, as he stares down at the maps, holding the light up so he can get a better look. She looks at them too, then up at him, pupils huge in the candlelight "They're yours." she of course is telling him they belong to him, but she realizes after she says it that he may interpret it differently.

The maps? or the stains? His pupils are large as well, eating up most of the green, when he looks over to her. "You're mistaken. All my maps were in the truck." Which they stole. He tries to hand them back, although she's close enough to feel the slight tremor that goes through his body.

There is that head cant again as she continues to look up at him. Damn is she trusting, getting that close to him. She probably isn't close enough for him smell the various things that make up the scent that is unique to her, but close. When he tries to hand the maps back she shakes her head and a hand closes on his to push the maps back to him "Keep them." she can certainly feel the trembling if he allows that.

Well, she is a Silencer, Quin's pretty sure she could kill him if she wanted too. He’d put up a struggle, but he knows he's not a match for one of them. his won head leads back slightly, more confused by how comfortable she seems with him. He's seen her with other people. The tremble increases when she touches him and he pulls his hand back to his chest, maps still in it. "…okay. Sure." The poet swallows nervously and nods his head. If she wants to give him maps, he'll not say no. There's a small sliver of hope forming in the back of his head. Mayeb she is trying to help him get out of here, but she can't for whatever reason just bust him out.

Her hand doesn't linger long, Piper will drop it when he pulls away. Monica was right, she is going to have to start over, but now the rolls are somewhat reversed. Stupid fate. A ghost of a smile forms at his acceptance of the maps. As the guard shifts, cleaning his throat, uncomfortable with how close the pair are and not knowing exactly what the woman is doing, she takes a step back and begins to lead him around the library, letting him take as long as he needs to look and pick out books and always ready with the candle to light the way.


3 Winecup tubers
1 Raspberry Bush (Berries: Late Summer
4 Palm Fruits
1 Handful of Witchhazel
1 Prickly Pear Fruit/pads/flowers
1 Coffee Urn
1 Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells
1 Hawaii Snowglobe
2 Bottles of Disinfectant
1 Box of Asst. Power Cords
1 Balisong Knive (Quinton)
1 Air-Tight Bin of Sugar (5 lbs)
1 Book - Non-Fiction - Military Survival Manual
1 Book-Fiction-Mandarin Language
1 Shirts

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