(2016-08-09) The Poet Escapes
The Poet Escapes
Summary: With some help
Date: 8.9.2016
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It's late and Quin was basically thrown into his room by the guards after Monica ordered him locked up. Something about that really rubbed him wrong, and he decided to make the break. Slipping a sweater on, with the maps Piper had given him tucked safely into the button up shirt underneath he asked to use the restroom. Which has a small, but assessable window he can wiggle his skinny ass through. He's got about 3 minutes to find a vehicle or an escape route before the guards break down the door and realize he's really escaped.

Sleep eluded Piper this evening, mostly thanks to the crying herself to sleep earlier this morning and sleeping well into the afternoon. So now she is just wandering through the complex, walkie-talkie which has been co-opted into a baby monitor, but it is quite, no sounds come from it, or the woman as she moves between the buildings, one with the shadows with her dark clothes and dusky skin. To conserve electricity none of the outdoor lights work, so the only light comes from the stars and crescent moon, so dark it is, for most, not for her of course. Which makes her easily spot the familiar figure as he slips out the window in an effort to escape. Seeing him she slips into the shadows, the ability to just disappear one of the few that she managed to keep.

Quinton knees down briefly, letting his eyes adjust. He scans ahead, before taking off. he's not super sneaky, but is better than a normal person. And he's quick. He's moving towards the weakest part of the wall he's seen, He'll scale it if he can.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, she knew that. Piper was hoping to circumvent it by offering him that deal, but that went nowhere. She did hear about him getting locked up again, but not the whys and wherefores, obviously it was something bad if he is trying to escape. Sticking to the shadows she follows him. She has all the advantages here, she knows the area and she isn't having to deal with no being able to see very well. She could alert the guards, put out an alarm, but she doesn't. She'd rather see what he does first.

Quinton's head turns, eyeing the area, trying to stay in the shadows as he sneaks. The poet has the knife he found earlier in his hand, but the bladed is pointed down. He doesn't want to use it, only if he has to.

She hasn't forgotten about his weapon, though she probably hasn't noticed he is carrying it. Piper might worry if she did, not about herself, but about what would happen if he got caught by one of the guards and someone ended up hurt. They did have a jail..Quinton thought he was a prisoner before. If one of the guards got hurt that is probably where he would go and well there would be no reasoning with him then. The woman continues to follow him at a safe distance using the over grown bushes and trees in the area as cover. Yay for being tiny.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=stealth Vs Quinton=alertness

< Piper: Good Success Quinton: Good Success

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Marginal Victory

Quinton starts moving again but then stops, he doesn't know where, but he heard something. Pale eyes swivel, but he can’t seem to find where it came from. He has to get out of here!

Piper crouches when the walkie-talkie emits a few noises of children shuffling in their sleep. Okay that is going to be turned down a bit. And now he is spooked. She doesn't come out of hiding, though she knows he will be more alert and it will be harder for her to not only be sneaky but to keep up. She can only hope the wall will slow him down some. It's not the easiest thing in the world to scale…on purpose.

Spooked indeed. He takes off, moving faster now. More hurried. The wall is going to take some time, but he doesn't have much of that. But he's certainly not willing to spent the last 45 days of his life here.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Climbing: Good Success.

Before the disappearance of Quinton Piper did her shifts on guard duty. She has walked the walls and knows its secrets. Climbing the wall will take a bit of time. Especially since he is going to have to stop and start as the guards walk past above him. That gives her plenty of time to slip through a gate and get to where he will be on the other side when he gets on the other side. At least getting down will be easier than getting up.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Climbing: Success.

Quinton's not as smooth on his decent, but he gets over the fence finally. He's shaking, the poet hates this, all of this. They should be working together, not hampering any good they could be doing. No matter what the truths are. He doesn't even know anymore, just knows he doesn't want to die in a cage.

She's not hiding anymore, as soon as he gets back to the ground Piper appears out of a shadow, one second not there, and then she is. If she recalls it kind of mystified the old Quinton how she could just do that. This one though…well considering he is trying to escape he will probably just find in annoying and inconvenient. "You're leaving." it isn't a question, just a flat statement of fact.

Quinton starts, his hand raises with the knife on instinct. His eyes wide, she clearly startled him, his voice is low, "Jesus." He takes a few steps backwards, back against the wall and then he just eyes her. A few ragged, scared breaths, "Don't call them. Please."

Piper's eyes go to the knife in his hand for a moment. Is she worried about him using it on her, that's hard to tell in the dark. She glances up at the wall and the guard that is walking in thier direction. A finger his put to her lips and she crouches down to grab a stone and the tosses it so it dings against the wall further down, where the guard came from. The guard of course, hears it and turns to go check it out that won't give them much time, "Why not?"

Quinton looks desperate, "I…i can't do this anymore." That was definitely a hitch in his voice. "Please. Even if I can't find him, I can't live like this for the next 45 days." His teeth clench, "People i don't know, telling guards to push me around…" his head shakes, "You…you can come with me? Help me?" The knife lowers and he offers a hand out, "Please?"

Oh she understands how he feels, she is overflowing with that, she's been a captive before, she burned with the need to escape. That's in the top five reasons she is sympathetic to his plight. She isn't going to one up him on the whose captivity was worse though. "And I hate watching you go through this." She listens to his pleading and the way her hands flex when he offers his own, signals that she wants to and she looks at him, oh the feels in that look "I can't…" though she obvs wants to "I can't just leave..I have a…" she doesn't know he knows about her child and she isn't ready for that yet, so that sentence isn't finished, "We can help each other. What can I do?" she is at a loss, and she isn't going to use Devon's tricks on him.

She'd have to get close enough to try, and Quin is aware she could. Still the hand is held out, "You could." Leave that is. the whole baby thing is pushed out of his head, it freaks him out too much, especially if they are all right and Quin's head has been fucked with. "Then let me go. If you won't help me, don't hinder." His hand drops, his own fingers twitching. "I can't go back there…that Kayla isn't mine. She would never twist things , would never make everything about her. The doctor is using guilt tactics to try to get me to give him information on Devon. Whoever that Monica person was is just trying to get information out of me. And when she couldn't she told the guards to lock me up so I could think about it. Fuck that."

The guard is making his way back as he makes his case. This really isn't the place to be trying to convince each other of their cases. Piper could probably explain about all those people, but not the time or place for that either. "Then go someplace else…but not away." and idea dawns "I can take you someplace. They won't look for you. You can hide. Just a few days. And if I can't get the guards called off and you freedom to move about, in and out of the wall. Then you can go. I won't stop you."

Quinton knows he's been caught already. He's had to stay here too long. The guards, even if he bolted now would be able to track him down in a vehicle. The poet's will seems to crumble and he visible deflates. What does it matter, in 45 days they'll all be dead, at this rate. "Fine." his voice has that hollow quality it takes on and his gaze lowers, almost like a beat puppy.

Well it's not quite the puppy dog look that Piper has a weakness for, but it is just as effective on her. "Fine…you win." she takes those few steps forward to grab his hand "I love you too much to watch you like this." she tugs him into the shadows, just in time really, and away from the wall leading him to the edge of town "Just go." she is about to turn and leave him there but she is tired of fighting her urges so gives in to the one that is nagging her now, a goodbye kiss, it is only a brief one, but she puts everything she has into it and then she is pushing him away, tears running again as she bolts.

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