(2016-08-09) Unpleasant Breakfast
Unpleasant Breakfast
Summary: The drama continues…over coffee
Date: 8.9.2016
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Morning has broken and all the pieces have been swept up under the rug by whoever is in charge of that sorta thing. It's a little bit later than she is usually out and about, but only marginally so. Piper is sans the sweater today, just her usually clothing, the layered tank tops exposing the tattoo on the back of her shoulder. She is heading in the direction of building B which houses the infirmary, coffeepot in one hand, a couple of mugs in the other. With no one around to observe, that she is aware of, she is unguarded her expression forlorn, which is more having to do with the eyes, than the rest of her face.

After his semi taste of freedom, Quin's been much more active. He paces the infirmary enough that the guards have started suggesting walks. So here they are this morning, very awake and walking back towards the infirmary now. Quin's always been a morning person. Well, since the end of the world he is. And this Quin is no different. He’s in a random t-shirt and his jeans, no sweater today either. He slows when he sees Piper, Kayla's conversation with him yesterday has put him on edge again. One step forward, two steps back. He swallows, glancing to the guards like they're going to be some help. But neither one of them really wants to be guarding Quin, so there's no sympathy there.

She knew he would be awake. There are some things that memory snatching doesn't change. And she has seen enough glimpse of the old Quinton to figure that being up early was still a habit. She just didn't figure the guards would be willing to take him out so early. Now she knows.

Piper doesn’t realize the trio are there until the draw closer and she glances over at hem. Surprise overrides the expression on her face before the stoic mask takes it's place "I didn't…" she struggles for words, "you're…" she is quite the wordsmith today "was bringing you coffee." there finally a sentence.

Well, with him pacing, they're awake too. One glowers at both Quin and Piper, the other yawns and looks around. almost bored. As for Quin, he frowns slightly, unsure how to take the offering. "I don't sleep much." He's assuming she doesn't know this. Despite not wanting to take anything from her, it's coffee. He only hesitates a moment, if they were going to poison him, it's already been done. Stepping forward he offers to take the pot. It's heavier.

Piper does her best to ignore the glowering guard, it puts her on edge but she doesn't back away. "Yes." she gives a nod as if she did know that, "Hence coffee." she holds up the pot allowing him to take it from him despite how the contents and the pot itself could make a useful weapon and hold both cups out so he can pour. If she is having a cup as well it must be safe, right? There is more eyeing of the guards in disapproval and then she is looking back at Quinton "I don't like it." she whispers, low enough so the guards can't hear but he can.

Quinton was going to carry it to the infirmary, but if she wants it here… He pours. He hough about the pot, honestly. But he'd only get one good clock out of it before it breaking, and there's two guards. As the liquid ambrosia pours, his pale eyes flicker up to her face. Those words could mean anything. He gives the tiniest of nods, he can agree he doesn't like just about everything too, so the blanket statement works. His voice is normal toned though, "There's milk back in the rooms. Sugar too." Seems he went rummaging in the cabinets. He studies her face while waiting for a reply, like he'll be able to read more from her.

Right now the only thing that is readable there is her discomfort of today's assigned guards, specifically the glowering one. She seems a bit more jittery that she has in the past, and it isn't from coffee. At the suggestion she nods her head, she'd like to think he is suggesting it because he can remember that she likes her coffee sweet, but that'd be to much to hope for and she knows that "Sugar…" and she can get away from guard #1 at the same time…all the better.

Quinton had a small hope of maybe sitting outside to drink the coffee, but this might be better. He offers to taker one of the cups, he usually drinks his black, but sip while they walk would be normal. Not that he wants two possible weapons in his hand. Not really, but it's comforting. Trying to keep it casual, he looks down at the woman, "Are you okay? Not sleep well?" He doesn't seem super keen on the one guard either.

Piper might have liked to sit outside too, but not if it meant having to deal with thing 1 and thing 2. his cup is handed off, and it gives her a free hand to wobble in response to his question. "No." but which is that in answer to, the first question or second? She makes her way toward the apartment building, pulling open the door, and gives a glance around the Green as she lets Quin and his guards go in first.

Quinton figures it could be to both, not sleeping well can malke a person not okay. He nods, sipping carefully on the hot beverage. One guard goes first, then Quin, then the other guard. There's clearly a system. Once inside they head towards the actual apartment. Quin doesn't say anything, but does take a deep breath. He's never been claustrophobic before, but he's starting to feel that way now.

She's little, Piper could easily slip past and ahead, but she doesn't. Right now the guards are in control, and she has been brainstorming ways to make them go away, without having to get violent. Contrary to her programming she doesn't want to hurt anyone. The one thing she agrees with Devon on. When they get back to the apartment she sets her mug down and goes around to open all the windows and clips back the drapes. May as well let some fresh air in.

Quinton gets glared at when he goes near the windows, so when Piper does he lets out a low sigh of relief. The guards situate themselves one inside the apartment, the other steps outside. The poet moves to sit down at the kitchen table, studying the liquid in his cup while he thinks.

With her coffee appropriately sweetened Piper will join him at the table. With the offensive guard gone she is breathing a little easier, though she would really prefer the were both gone. Having her back to the guard helps. Taking a sip she watches him as she stares into his cup "I can…" she starts in that soft tone that doesn't carry, though the guard can probably still hear. She's trying not to care. There is a gesture to the guard "try to make them go away." try being a key word there "Promises need to be made though."

Green eyes come up from whatever musing he was in, Quin studies her quietly letting her get the words out. An eyebrow raises and there's a hint of a smirk, "Yeah? What kind of promises?" He knows, but isn't going to agree blankly. So close to looking like a normal morning, if only his gaze was warmer and his hair longer!

And this is where it gets difficult, acknowledging the issue. "My memories, the others, yours…they don't agree." she grips her mug tightly as she speaks "How that happened…" she waves it off with a shake of her head "it's a mess, a large charlie foxtrot." she is watching his as she struggles with the wording. Practice all you want it is never going to come out perfect. "we don't want you to be a prisoner, you don't want to be one." she takes a deep breath "forty five days." that's quite a specific number "Give us forty five days to figure it out. You promise not to run away and if Devon shows we promise not to hurt him and to help you help him. No guards, go where you want unescorted."

Quinton stills as she talks, his face smooths and becomes unreadable. His tongue darts out, wetting his lips and he then glances in the direction of the guard. "I have somewhere I need to be by then. Devon's going to come, and he's going to get me out of here. I have to help him." he then laughs, although there nothing behind it but frustration, "Besides, that's juts a bigger cage, isn't it?" He's pretty sure she means he can go unescorted anywhere within a perimeter.

Piper lifts her mug, his response shredding her thin veneer of calm, so she use the cup to hide, "Do you know where that place is? Will it be safe from the bombs?" the catch in her voice is noticeable and she has ceased looking at him but focused on the table top. Again with the insistence that he needs to help, it does make her wonder and her tears eyes lift, but not her head "do you even know what you are helping him with?" for the moment she focuses on that, instead of the deal she was trying to get.

Quinton's lips press together, but he doesn't think saying anything will harm the plan. His voice is low, but steady when he replies, "I'm helping him stop the bombs." He's looking at her, trying to see if she's understanding the importance of what he's saying.

Well that was unexpected. Piper stares at him in surprise for. a long moment. She believes that Quinton believes that is the plan, and it truly may be what Devon wants help with. Oh she understands all right. After her initial shock is over she sits thoughtfully for a few moments "We are working on that too. We have the throat bombs and eyes, just no way to get them to the mothership." she thinks fast anything to keep Quinton here "We could work together. It will take more than you and Devon to succeed. We can help."

Quinton nods, seems throat bombs are on everyone's list of how to blow up the mothership. He reaches for his cup, thin fingers stopping on the handle as she suggests an alliance. He changes the topic slightly, "You're not like Devon. You're slower." Broken, but he doesn't say that. "Why?"

Piper starts at the sudden question. Even the old Quinton didn't know that part of her story and she shifts uncomfortably her gaze turning away from him. She is silent for awhile not even sipping her coffee "My programming awakened at a concert," she doesn't mention that she was the one giving it. "I reacted badly. Put in an asylum. They did…." she can't say it, "things…treat-ments . They broke me." she will say the word..she wipes at the tears that now stream down her face. The question was just too much.

Quinton and Piper are sitting at the kitchen table with coffee. it's almost normal…almost. Quin's hair is still very short, although he's sporting scruff as they won't give him a razor just yet. He's listening to a crying Piper, not completely unsympathetic, but he's not reaching out to comfort her. Pale eyes soften though and he asks the next question, he normally won't, but it's important to what he and Devon are going to try to do, "Drugs or shock?" His voice is softer though, he's not trying to upset her.

Quinton and Piper are sitting at the kitchen table with coffee. it's almost normal…almost. Quin's hair is still very short, although he's sporting scruff as they won't give him a razor just yet. He's listening to a crying Piper, not completely unsympathetic, but he's not reaching out to comfort her. Pale eyes soften though and he asks the next question, he normally won't, but it's important to what he and Devon are going to try to do, "Drugs or shock?" His voice is softer though, he's not trying to upset her.

Monica comes down from her room for coffee and something for breakfast, probably an egg. We have eggs, right? She's barely awake, having been tinkering with the accumulation of probe bits she's built up, and then not being able to sleep as all the little bits try to put themselves together in her mind. She looks over. Quinton and Piper. Normal… wait… is it? She cocks her head. "Hey guys."

These days Piper is crying as often as she isn't, so the fact that she is now shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. He’s not reaching and she is barely controlling her urge to reach for him. Not normal at all. But nothing has been since his rescue. He is under constant watch by guards it's so not normal. The second word, shock makes her cringe, so that has to be it. At the arrival of Monica she quickly wipes her face with a hand she tries to compose herself, failing of course. she does offer a half-hearted wave, but she doesn't look at either Quin or Monica her stare focused on the table.

Quinton's lips press together, he figured so, but the confirmation helps him in whatever plan is rolling around in his head.. Quin's distant green eyes go up to look at the new arrival, not really knowing who she is. So he just nods, his fingers tightening on the mug in front of him. His access to the outside and new people has been very limited.

Monica fills her mug and adds a little milk to it. Finding no eggs today, she gets a hunk of leftover jerked meat for breakfast and finds a seat near Quinton and Piper. She looks at Quinton. "You know… you and I were never so close that I honestly knew what you were thinking," she says to Quinton, "But I think I see the idea that's rolling around in your head now. I've been turning it over too." She reaches out to pat Piper, and her thoughts are gentle. Piper would know, at least, that Mon thinks she might be able to fix Devon.

Trust Monica to just put her cards out on the table with no subtly at all. It makes Piper cringe again and her eyes life slightly to see how the poet will react to that. Someone else that claims to know him. They are everywhere it seems. The comforting gesture from Monica has her leaning toward the woman, she's needs something and her usual go to isn't available. "We need to work together." she tells Quinton again. She glances between the two, she knows Devon wanted to be fixed so she can piece together what they are both talking about "On both. Taking out the ship and the other thing." she can't give the other thing words, for her it was torture…for Devon hopefully it can be salvation…if it doesn't kill him.

Quinton's eyebrows come together, not exactly sure who this new blonde is. "Okay?" He's not going to say what he was thinking, cause really. Who is this chic? Piper gets an uncomfortable glance, but she seems comfortable enough with this new woman. Quin glances around, checking to see where the guards are. It's kinda sad, he's so close and yet…not. And to top it off, here he goes with full sentences, "The Silencers and what's making them Silencers aren't our first priority." Well, not anymore. Not since Quin convinced Devon they needed to save everyone. "Disabling the bombs in the soldiers is first. If they all were on the same frequency and we could put out some kind of pulse to temporarily stun them all through it, well…that would be the best.' he's not an engineer, nor any kind of expert that could really help with the planning of any of that. just the base idea would be the best, knock them out, disable them, no one dies. "Get the info we need, and possibly more weapons." He gives a small shrug, it's so Quin like, except all those words strung together correctly. His coffee is sipped on.

Monica scotches closer to slip her arm around Piper. "Always knew you were smart. You just had a hard time getting the words out. I think I know where we can get a soldier bomb to experiment with. If I can find the woman who used to wear it again." She looks at Quinton, as though on the one hand it feels perfectly normal to talk to him and he's an old companion and friend. And on the other hand, he's so completely different, his life after the end of the world has been completely rewritten, and she doesn't know him at all. "Where's Devon on all of this?"

Piper is listening to Quinton. this tact seems to be working better than the others. Working together will give him a reason to stay at least, and maybe end the reign of the mothership. So many words coming from the poet and no bad brain days. He's gained that but at what cost…his family and friends. that thinking isn't helping so it gets pushed away..again. "I have one." she speaks up "I took it, back at Camp Hope when Dax was brought in…one of the camo kids." why she did that, she doesn’t offer that explanation just that she has what they want. She gets to her feet "I’ll go find it." Quinton gets a lingering look, and then she heads out to search her belongings for the kill switch device. She'll be awhile she has a bit of venting to do.

Quinton tenses, jaw tightening at Monica's words. Always knew he was smart?!?! He physically pulls back, setting the coffee mug down. He doesn't answer about Devon, instead watches Piper as she announces she has a bomb and skitters off to go get it. He watches her leaving, frowning slightly. He's doing a lot of frowning lately. With a sigh he leans forward and gets his mug.

Monica watches Piper go. "I know you remember differently, and I can't imagine how hard that is. But she loves you. I appreciate that you're being gentle with her. I'm Monica, by the way. My big things here are electrical, running water, the bathhouse, and I make guns.

Poor Quin's jaw. It's so very tight. "She doesn't." Cause how could she? He looks back at her and nods, taking in the name and info. "All good skills to have."

Monica says, "No I mean I led those projects here. But yeah. She does. Ease down on the clench there. We don't have any dentists around here, and a cracked tooth or a filling means you'd lose the tooth." She pats Quinton's shoulder. "So tell me about Devon. He wants to be human, is what I've heard, and he thinks you can do that for him. Cards on the table. I've turned Silencer nanites on and off in the lab in a petri dish with a moderately high voltage current inductance. I think if we upsized that so he'd fit in it, we can induce voltage on his nanites without inducing it on his tissues. But I haven't tried it on anything living yet."

Oh no. The pat has him jerking his shoulder away. he's not that comfortable yet with his captors! His mug is set down roughly and he scoots the chair back, away from her. Camp Hope did kidnap him, and is keeping him prisoner, from his view point. "No. I'm not telling you anything about Devon.' Why do they all want to know about him? And this whole voltage thing? "You're not going to experiment on him!"

Monica leans close to Quinton. "Because Piper did not stop being a silencer as the result of your love. I thought she did, and apparently Devon thought so too. But the shock therapy she got would have had the voltage to turn the nanites off. They fixed her by accident in the mental institution. What I'm suggesting would be less damaging than that, if it works. I know you value him, I know he's your bud now, and no amount of words from me will convince you otherwise, but he wants to become human, and we might have the tools to do that here."Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Quinton's face crunches up in annoyance, "That makes no fucking sense. this isn't some fairy tale." He doesn't like how close Monica is and scoots away further. "Back off." The guards shift, watching Quin, and move a little closer to jump in, if needed.

Monica shakes her head. "No, it isn't is it?" Mon finishes her coffee and takes the last bite of her breakfast. "If it were, you might be willing to at least listen. But while you're sitting alone with nothing to do, consider this. How big would a conspiracy have to be for all of us to "pretend" to know you and like you? Because wide spread conspiracy is a contradiction in terms." She gets up and looks at the guards. "Lock him up."

Quinton starts to answer, but then Monica is standing and ordering him away. His eyes narrow and his jaw tightens again. The two guards step up, one clearly isn't happy with this job and poke Quin rather hard on the shoulder, "Get up." Quin's eyes sharper as he's jostled but he does as ordered.

Monica 's own jaw muscles bulge as she bites down, ignoring for a little while just how much that hurts these days. "I'm sorry," she says softly, perhaps too softly to hear. "We'll find some way to resolve this one way or another so we don't have to keep you locked up."

If Quin hears, he doesn't react. Currently he's trying to jerk an arm away from the one guard, "Yeah, I know where to go. Let go!" Mon gets a small glare from the poet, not really believing her. He's pretty sure they want to just keep him locked up, for some weird twisted reason.

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