(2016-08-10) Lashing Out
Lashing Out
Summary: Piper returns to the Apartments after helping Quin escape. An argument is had
Date: 8.10.2016
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It's late, easily after midnight and while usually the infirmary is quiet that time of night, now it wasn't. The guards had put up an alarm, Quinton was missing. He had slipped out the bathroom window and was MIA. So now while there are search parties out other guards are going through the notebooks he was writing and doodling in to see if they give any clues as to which way he went or where he could be going.

Elijah had intended to go on the run with the guards, but had instead been instructed to remain at camp. 1) His endurance with his leg hadn't been stellar last time and they couldn't risk him injuring himself further 2) If Quinton came back he was to alert them on the walkies and 3) If they group ran into Devon, it wasn't likely the Doctor would fair as well in a second show down.

While he obeyed the orders given to him, it didn't mean he had to like it. However, as he sits in the living room area of the infirmary he seems a strange mixture of tense and…calm? For the moment he just sits in the chair, satchel over his shoulder and backpack by the chair indicating his former intention to go out with the group. However, now his gaze simply remains on the floor in deep thought.

Out in the hallway there is the sound of the main door being opened and closed and one of the gaurds, the one that always glowered at both Quinton and Piper and didn't appreciated being put on poet guard duty heads out quickly to see who it is. "Where is he? Did you see him? Did you help him?" the guard growls the questions at whoever it is "Don't walk away from me." within seconds the wall between the hallway and the infirmary shakes and there is the sound of what could only be a large body slammed into a hard surface, like said wall.

Looking up quickly at the sound, Elijah stands and makes his way into the hall. "What's going on here?!" He isn't sure who is fighting with who or what's going on, but he was in just enough of a frustrated mood to put a stop to it. Especially if it was going on in his infirmary!

Well technically it is going on in the hallway outside the infirmary, but close enough! What it is though is a sight to see. Tiny, soft spoken Piper has the guard, who has to have not only a foot and a half on her but also a good 100 pounds, pressed face first against the wall, arm jacked up behind his back and wrist twisted nearly to the breaking point. It is painfully clear that the woman is distraught and her breaking point has been reached "No….touching…" she tells him her voice unusually flat and monotone. It's pretty clear what's going on. The guard acted like an ass and Piper reacted. Mystery solved!

Seeing the sight in front of him, Elijah blinks a moment…before sighing but speaking in a firm tone. "Piper. Put him down. Andrew…(sure we'll name him that!) go cool off." Neither statement was a request. The doctor was obviously at his wit's end as well.

Andrew is cursing up a storm, calling Piper every name in the book when Elijah comes out. She doesn't look at the doctor when he gives the order just shoves herself away from the larger man to lean on the opposite hall, head hanging, hair falling to hide her face from view.

"Keep her away from me." Andrew tells the doctor as he points to Piper and then stomps out the door to head outside, slamming the door in his wake.

As the guard leaves Piper doesn't look up, she just leans against the wall, she's shaking, but she isn't crying..she is out of tears. "He left." she whispers. She doesn't call it what it was, an escape. The side of her fist slams into the wall behind her, leaving a dent in the drywall and probably a bruise on her hand in a few hours.

Elijah doesn't say anything else for the moment, letting Andrew leave. The man may not realize it, but the doctor was acting out of HIS best interest. Eli was pretty sure in her current state Piper would have done worse harm if provoked further.

Once Andrew is gone, his attention turns to Piper as he gives her a moment of space and quiet. At her words though, he frowns, "I know…I'm sorry, Piper…" His tone is genuine, he felt awful for what this must be putting her through. Still, he had a curiosity of his own. Not moving from his spot a few feet down the hall, he looks to her "Did you at least get to say goodbye?"

"Flight risk or not, he didn't need guards." Piper scowls after the one that just left. And he certainly didn't need that one. The question is left hanging for a very long moment. What he is actually asking is obvious, even in her distraught state. The guard thought she helped. It wouldn't be long before everyone thought she did, whether she did or didn't. Especially considering that their relationship was certainly no secret.

"Even if I did, it doesn't matter. I'm no one to him."

Elijah doesn't address the first part, realizing the woman was upset and letting her vent. He had his suspicions and if anything her answer just confirmed it. Honestly, he had mixed feelings about it…but now wasn't the time for his internal conflict. She was upset. So he'd be her friend…and try to help.

"Quinton needs to discover his truth right now. Whatever that is…and if he can't discover it here then…" The doctor sighs, head lowering "It's best he has somewhere else to do it. For his sake." A frown forms then as Eli looks back to Piper "I'm sorry. I know that doesn't help make it easier."

Seeing her frustration, he sighs "I was treating him based on how I honestly thought was best medically. If I had been approaching him more as a friend…perhaps I would have helped him get away myself…if I knew that's what he truly wanted." Eli frowns more "Perhaps that was my error…" Sometimes helping was giving a person a target for their anger.

"His truth…" there is hollow laughter from Piper, but there is no humour in it. "Truth based on a lie is no truth at all." she doesn't know where that statement came from, it just feels right, maybe she read it in a poem somewhere or heard in in a song. It might have just came out of her own heated brain.

"Get away…he shouldn't have felt the need to get away…to escape." she hits the wall again "We are his family, his friends. Guilt trips, crazy sisters and pushy demands…" she shakes her head, raising a hand to press the palm of it against her forehead.

"What was I supposed to do?" she finally looks to him with just her eyes "I was a prisoner…twice. I couldn't…." more head shaking. Well that is new information.

"We are family and friends that he doesn't fully remember, Piper…" Elijah sighs, shaking his head "It was a lot for his mind to process at once even without the extra stress it was under from whatever Devon did to him. Let alone the struggles he had to begin with…" He never did get Eli's name right!

"You did what you thought was best…because you cared for him and you hated seeing him hurting." The doctor frowns, leaning back against the wall across from hers, facing her though. "You had your reasons and you are the only one who fully knows and understands why you did what you did…and what's done is done."

He wasn't going to tell her she was right for it. He wasn't going to tell her she was wrong for it. Only she could decide that. Elijah wasn't in her head and didn't know her reasons. All he knew is Quinton was out there now and all he could hope is that he was alright.

"What are you looking for, Piper?" Did she want to be blamed? Was she looking for others to blame? Did she blame herself? Did she assume what people like Andrew would accuse and…was she looking for that by coming back here like this? Instead of going somewhere more secluded like she usually did when she was this upset

Well the baby monitor she has tucked into her pocket answers that last question. It's shocking that the kids in the apartment on the other side of the wall she leans against haven woken up from all the commotion. Heavy sleepers, those kids.

"Remember or not he could have been treated better." his words has her fists clenching in white knuckle fashion "Don't patronize me. That's one of the reasons he left." that he felt patronized? Eli may not be intending his words that way, but that's how it felt to her.

What is she looking for? She doesn't know that. She doesn't know much of anything at the moment except that empty brokenhearted feeling that comes from losing a loved one. So that question is met with silence.

Elijah actually recoils against the wall more at her words, as if they were an actual force that pushed him. The doctor frowns and looks to the floor, thinking them over and pausing before he replies.

"I did the best I could. I was his doctor, Piper…I'm the CAMP doctor. Everybody depends on me for that." He looks up, a narrowed gaze on the woman but it is as much from exhaustion as it is from anger. "I don't always get to attach my feelings to a situation or individual. In the end, it has to be about the treatment. I have to do what needs to be done. It doesn't matter if it's fun or not. It doesn't matter if I hate doing it or hate myself after. It's my job to act on what I believe is the best interest of a patient in a moment. ONE split second moment sometimes."

He swallows, his voice shaking slightly in the moment, "I may not always get it right, but I ONLY ever act out of care and concern for the people entrusted to my care. You can say…quite frankly…whatever else you want about me…but I take…damn…good care of my patients." Gasp! Doctor said a swear!

"I'm sorry that I don't get to display my emotions or let them drive my actions like you and the others to assure you they exist, Piper. That doesn't mean I don't have them." They all had ways they felt and ways others made them feel at times…Eli was no different.

"Maybe it wasn't a doctor he needed. Just because you're hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail." Well isn't that a slap in the face though wholly accurate. At least she didn't call him a quack.

She just makes a hmphing noise at his monolog about the best he could do and all the feelings he feels but has to suppress because he has to act, blah, blah, blah. "But how about how your actions and words make your patients feel. He certainly wasn't feeling that you had is 'best interest' in mind. All he felt was guilty at best, crazy at worst."

"Maybe you should Elijah. You aren't a robot. Show something dammit, Be a human or are you a Silencer too?" of course she is implying that true Silencers don't feel anything, which makes sense considering what they are and what their mission is

No. He had to stop. Eli wasn't doing this with her. Not here. Not now. Not with her like this. Was THAT what she wanted? Somebody to pick on and antagonize so she didn't have to focus on the fact that Quinton was gone? That their world was getting even more messed up with each passing moment?

Fingers come to pinch the bridge of the doctor's nose, Elijah lowering his head again and obviously trying to calm down from whatever state her words put him in. Finally, he looks back up to her, hand dropping by his side as he pushes up from the wall. "I'm sorry Quinton is gone, Piper. I'm sorry he left. I'm sorry you're hurting." That was true. He truly did feel for the woman.

"I'm sorry that nothing I can say or let you say to me will help you feel better about any of this. I'm…sorry for all of that." Eli frowns, shaking his head again and stepping away from her. "But realize. We're all hurting. We're ALL breaking more and more every day. The way you act towards others has just as much of an impact as well. Don't push away the people who are still trying to be here for you…unless you truly do want to be alone."

With that the doctor turns and heads back towards the door for the infirmary.

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