(2016-08-15) The Wrong Question
The Wrong Question
Summary: Frustration mounts and leads to hurt feelings, confusion and tears
Date: 8.15.2016
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Quinton's a frustrated, frustrated man. Maybe the memories of being good at scavenging were implanted by Devon too. He's behind the counter, putting the baking soda and ketchup bags in a to go plastic bag he was able find. The poet kinda feels like the universe is out to get him (maybe it is!) lately. No good breaks it seems, just heart ache. The thin man is still dressed in the clothes he escaped in, although it looks like maybe he's been able clean up a little bit. His hair is starting to get to that length that it just looks goofy no matter what and his scruff is becoming a real beard.

Since his breakdown and realization that maybe his mind might have been messed with Piper had made herself available to help in whatever way he needed or wanted, and on his terms. It's mostly been at night, saving her days for other responsibilities…and sleep probably. Even now she is a quiet shadow, searching the little diner, but not coming up with much herself, and what she does come up with is stacked on the counter, the cooking stuff not bothered with and only leaving the food items there. Chocolate chips and gum, breakfast of champions. As silent as she is the speaks loads with her non-verbal communications, and it is all worry and concern for the frustrated man.

Quinton sighs, letting his head knock back into the side of the counter. not enough to hurt him, not that he's aware he's had massive issues with that. "Am i really this completely fucking useless?" Mayeb they should ahem left him with Devon. he seems useful there at least. he can remember hunting, providing. While there he stops the crayons and menus. Not relays rue why, he reaches for them and turns, placing them on the counter next to Piper's stack. he doesn't need them (but she does?).

It’s enough to cause her to give a wince, considering she knows that history. Though his question has her shaking her head at him "No." she answers vocally as she watches him place the coloring things on the counter "Not at all." she takes a few steps closer but pauses when she realizes what she is about to do "Can go some-where else?"

Quinton's hand comes up, rubbing the scruff and then the top of his head. He kinda looks like a fuzzy ball. "I don't know…will it be better anywhere else?" He'd suggest going hunting, but besides the pocket knife and the cleavers he just found, he's not got anything that will work. Maybe he can fashion a spear at some point… Pale green eyes glance over to what she found, "The chocolate might still be good, maybe you can melt it onto something." He's been more talkative than he was, but skittish around the elephant in the room. Well, the couple. His memory, them. He’s just trying to figure out what to do when Devon shows up. And Quin is certain he will.

There is a vague gesture made to the east "The church…maybe." it's been awhile since she has been to that one, so isn't sure if it had been cleaned out and the food bank items moved to the complex or not. The suggestion of what to do with the chocolate chips gets a shrug. What to do with them is the last thing on her mind. As is the whole scavenging thing really, she is pretty much going through the motions. "I know where fishing poles are." if he can't hunt he can at least fish. As much as she wants to, she hasn't spoken of their past, beyond what she has already. The last thing she wants is to push him away or scare him off. He’s had plenty of that already.

Quinton looks in the direction Piper points, "More candles would be good." He's got a few, but that's an always good thing to have more of. He chews on his lower lip in a familiar way. But then he frowns , turning back to her, "I don't want you to get into trouble for helping me. Fishing poles are kinda valuable now." Also, who would he cook them? Fire creates smoke, which will bring guards. "Maybe it's time for me to become a vegetarian again. I can at least go forage." That gets a smirk form him. What a strange 6 months of his life that was.

The candles just get a nod, she's heard him say that before. Piper is more interested in his worry about her getting into trouble. "No trouble. They're. ou…" she pauses, clearly she was going to say ours, but that relates back to that elephant they are both avoiding. His idea for forcing has her lightbulbing. She sin

She isn't sure why she didn't think of this sooner. The scavenged items are quickly packed "Come." she gestures for him to follow her "There is a garden…you can take from freely." shouldering the back she waits for him to see if he is willing "not far from here."

Quinton starts to stand up, gathering his hard earned ketchup, but then stops, "No…I can't risk taking from a garden." His head shakes, he's not angry, just frustrated. "Surely they have guards there." He's pushing it being out now in daylight, honestly.

"They don't." of this Piper is confident, mostly because it is her garden and it is well outside the wall. Her face and tone softens at his frustration "Trust me…please, this once." as if he hasn't been this whole time. "I would ne-ver put you in dan-ger. Deep down you know that." yeah she played that card, it was bound to happen one day.

Quinton's frown stays as he looks at the tiny woman, but his gaze lowers, almost embarrassed by her last comment. No, he doesn't. Evidence say she probably won't, but everything is so very, very messed up. He nods, not looking up, "Okay." Guilt is such a strange, powerful emotion.

Piper gives a sigh, it's tired, sad, worried and frustrated all at once, if that is possible. "I'm sorry." she didn't mean to make him feel like that "You can't trust your i..in..instincts…" the word doesn't come easy "can you?" She starts to head out the front but stops short of the door "Down." she whispers and crouching a bit herself she moves to duck behind he counter quickly "Out the back." either she say someone or is just being extra cautious, though it seems like the former.

Quinton smirks, although it's self-deprecating, "My instincts are to run back to New York, even though I know it's not there so…no. I can't." He seems to follow her lead though, crouching low when ordered and has no problems reversing to go out the rear. he doesn't want to tangle with any guards, he's sure they're pissed at him.

Piper just studies him a moment as they head out the delivery entrance of the diner, "I get that." she finally says after they have crossed the back lot and have gotten into the neighborhood behind it "I bet you would even take the burned coffee from that one coffee shop right now." there is only one way she could know about that…well two really, but she doesn't say anything about living there herself just yet. She begins to lead him northeast through backyards and avoiding the streets as much as possible.

Quinton smiles a little more warmly now. "Yeah…even with that bitch of a barista." He blinks, looking over at her in surprise. How could she know about that place? A deep breath and he decides to just focus on not getting caught for now.

Piper looks thoughtful a moment trying to remember something "You never…" there she goes again, starting something, but not finishing it for reasons that may or may not be obvious. "Miss it that much, i'll burn coffee for you" is she actually trying to make a joke? That's when the arrive at the hidden away garden. It takes up an empty lot that is tucked in the back of a small neighborhood. The most noticeable thing are the tall marijuana plants. Taller than Piper even. Then there are the small button cacti and others types of herbs. one section is vegetables though. Greens, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and a few more.

Quinton looks back at her, "Never what?" But then she's joking and he laughs softly, "No…I'd rather any coffee I get from now on not be burnt." His eyes widen though, and his mouth waters, although he manages to snap it shut before drooling. The man is hungry, not as hungry as he was in the first aid, but hungry still. "Wow…this is…impressive."

Her own joke, but she barely smiles at it, though his laughter has her heart both aching and soaring at once. Such cognitive dissonance in her today. A more pronounced, ghostly bit of smile lights her face for a few brief moments before her attention is pulled to her garden. "Thanks, Needs wat-er-ing." she removes her pack and moves to get the watering pail to fill at the rain barrels that sit at the corner of one of the houses "Help your-self." she doesn't specify to what though.

Quinton's looking around the garden, impressed. he stands there, trying to figure out what to take when Piper goes to get the water. Still feeling a little guilty, he sets his plastic bag down and walks over "Let me. You're helping me to much, let me pull some of my own weight." not that he weighs anything really, but the poet holds out a hand to take the watering pail.

She isn't much taller than the 50 gallon or so barrel that the water collects in so just getting the water can be a chore, if she doesn't want to end up wearing it. She always does, this time is no exception. "You'd do the same." she tells him as she struggles to carry the 5 gallon pail full of water. She stops though in front of him, so he can take it from her, studying him the whole time. Any indication that he broke her nose has faded, no more bruising, swelling, or even little bump on the bridge. Though it probably isn't fully healed yet.

Yes, guilt. Even if it's not visible, he knows he broke it. The pail is taken, meeting her a few steps closer so she doesn't have to struggle with it for as long, "Do you have a specific system, or want me to just water everything?" he has a decent green thumb, not that he showed it very often before.

She was looking for something in his face, and guilt wasn't it. Piper doesn't find it and her gaze drops, "Every-thing except…" there is a gesture to the cacti plants. Those apparently don't need it. As he takes the pail she turns away, wiping at an eye with the back of her hand. Since he is watering, she will take the time to harvest some of the vegetables for him using her shirt as a carryall for the various items she picks.

Quinton frowns, but doesn't call her on it. What good is pointing out upsets when it's him that's causing it? Instead he focuses on watering the plants, leaving the cactus alone. The pot plants are noted, but he doesn't say anything. He needs to get drunk or high soon. Maybe that will help. Either way, once he's gotten everything he brings the busker back to where Piper got it. "Your shirt, it's gonna get dirty." He snatches up his plastic bag and walks over, 'Here."

A shrug is given at his concern over her clothing "Already wet." what's a little dirt "Not my favorite…" it's not her Music is my Religion shirt, if it was than there would be an issue. Her tone has returned to that stoic one that she hides behind, and while she doesn't look at him, since she is focusing on putting the veggies in the bag, her expression probably matches it. "You should probably wait until dark…to head back."

Quinton stands there, looking down at Piper as she fills his bag with more food than he'll be able to eat in a day. "Are you mad at me? Did I do something?" Besides the obvious, that is. He knows she's upset just about him in general. There's a pause and he'll ask softly, "Should I go?" He can maybe head Devon off…maybe.

That has her head coming up and Piper is surprised by the question. "No." a shake of her head has her curls bouncing "This sit-u-ation…yes. Devon, yes…life..Yes. Not you." stupid heart why do you have to feel so deeply. The answer is different, depending on if it's her eyes, which say 'No' or her words which are non-helpful "I don't know." that are listened to . Both are honest, but one is a bit more selfish.

Well, that's mixed signals, for sure. Hurt edges into his own eyes but he nods, "Okay." Maybe this was a bad idea, staying. He can start to gather stuff to head out. He looks away, taking in a deep breath, "Thank you for the vegetables. This will help a lot."

Confusion tints her own expression she wasn't expecting such a reaction and isn't sure if she is reading him right or not. She just nods at him "Be Safe." and she watches him leave. "I want you to stay." she says after he has gotten a bit of distance, so she will never be sure if he heard her or not..at least not right away. Then she has to wonder to herself, if that was what he was asking in the first place and then the tears fall.


1 Coffee Urn
1 Small container Baking Powder
8 Red Plastic Cups
1 Bags Chocolate Chips
4 Packs Gum
2 Large Soup Pots
1 Kiddie Menus
3 Large Soup Pots
3 Cleavers
3 4 Pack Crayons(R,B,G,Y)
1 Small container Baking Powder
10 Ketchup Packets
1 Small container Baking Soda

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