(2016-08-16) The Long Chase
The Long Chase
Summary: Avery is being chased by bandits. She is rescued just in time, but there are casualties
Date: 8.17.2016
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Despite the rainy weather people have to eat. And that means hunting and foraging must be done. She there are gardens that are full of edibles but nature provides as well so why not take advantage of it, right. So a small hunting and foraging group has piled into one of the two working trucks an is heading northwest towards the grasslands which has ample hunting and foraging both. Everything was going fine considering it is only a 10 minute drive, then the gunshots were heard to the north.

Elijah had tagged along to contribute to the 'foraging' portion of the party. Hey, it seemed like a simple enough way to get his leg some more exercise and getting used to the prosthetic. Then..there were gunshots. Call him paranoid, but given recent events Eli has a healthy fear of those. As the shots sound, the doctor jerks upwards in the bed of the truck he's riding in.

No point asking what that was. They all knew the sound of gunfire at this point. Instead Eli's eyes go around to try and locate the source if one can be found. He did have his own gun with him just in case, drawing it out of his satchel now. The bag carried a weapon to injure you AND medicine to heal you. How convenient!

Today's countryside tour is brought to you by the letter T… also E, R, another R, and Y. Terry keeps his eyes on the road, not giving much of a reaction when the shots ring out. Not so much as a flinch, either. "Anyone have eyes on the shooter?" He'd consider returning fire, if not for his attention being focused on driving, and his rifle being out of reach, stashed in the back, inside of a secured drag-bag. Yeah, he has a handgun on him, but again he's not about to take his eyes off of the road.

With bow and arrows on her back and rifle in hand, Piper stands in the bed of the truck, leaning against the back window and playing lookout. With a rogue Silencer that could be in the vicinity you never could be to careful. When the gun shots ring out the tiny beauty is immediately on alert. Sound carries farther than vision and she scans the horizon to the north to try to find the source. No luck to she indicates a road heading in that direction that Terry can turn down so they can investigate.

This. This is what happens when your luck runs out and you slip. Or so Avery tells herself as she runs. Ducking behind a tree she fumbles to get an arrow nocked. "Shit, oh shit, sweet fertilizing shit I'm fucked." The dirt caked girl sucks in another breath and she's off like a shot, continuing to run like a mad woman. Maybe she'll lose them? It's not likely, at least the tan jumpsuit helps her blend a little, she'll take even the littlest advantage.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Terry rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Alertness: Good Success.

There is a sharp turn as the corner is taken and the gas is stomped on. It isn't long before a young woman…more a teenager really is seen running hell bent for leather and not far behind her a group of men on horseback giving chase. They have their quarry in sight and have no intention to letting the girl get away. Even to the point of taking the occasional pot shot at her.

Elijah keeps his focus on the area around them, looking for anybody with guns. Then…he spots something different entirely, pointing in the direction with his gun free hand. "There is somebody running." He narrows his gaze to focus better, "It appears to be a young woman. I don't see that she's armed…and judging by her pace I'd say she's the one those bullets are intended for." That meant his other leg was safe for now. Yay! But still they should probably help her…

The vehicle swerves again as Terry adjusts course; soon, he has the vehicle rolling parallel to the woman. Maybe somebody can throw open a door so the girl can jump in. Questions can wait until danger isn't so close.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=firearms Vs Bandit=4

< Piper: Success Bandit: Good Success

< Net Result: Bandit wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=reaction Vs Bandit=6

< Piper: Failure Bandit: Great Success

< Net Result: Bandit wins - Crushing Victory

From the bed of the truck the doctor tries to help as well. For now Eli stows his gun back in the bag. He was questionable enough at shooting no need to add multitasking to the list of risk factors. Leaning forward and securing one hand against the side of the truck for leverage he leans out and extends his other hand. "Grab on! I'll pull you in!"

Piper sees the teen running and the bandits that are chasing her. She knows what that is all about, and hell if she is going to let that happen to anyone else. Balancing in the bed of the truck she brings her rifle up, drawing a bead on one of the bandits she takes aim and lets out a shot. The back of a moving vehicle that is bouncing down a dirt road isn't the best place to be firing from, crack shot that the woman is, she misses. Lucky bandit today.

Thank all that is holy for USMC's Tactical Shooting and Driving Course. Terry handles the vehicle like a seasoned professional, keeping it rolling at a steady clip, straight as an arrow. Of course, the vehicle bounces, but there's nothing he can really do about that without slowing down, and he's not about to give any hostiles any more opportunities to plug his people. Danger's close enough as is. "Come on!" Terry calls out.

Looking over at the truck, Avery stumbles a little and keeps running. When the hand is stuck out she looks at the trucks occupants quickly. "Are you crazy?! Into a moving truck?" She yells but starts veering for the truck. This is madness. This is crazy, the sprinting girl tucks up her bow between her back and the backpack before getting close enough to reach out for the hand. "Please don't run me over, please don't run me over." She pants. Running just a little harder she gets close to the truck and grabs onto the hand offered to her.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 6: Amazing Success.

The bandits aren't happy to either be shot at or to have their potential play thing rescued from them, so of course they fire back. The lucky bandit that narrowly was missed by Piper shows just how lucky her actually is and when he fires back hits the young woman square in the chest. Blood blossoms across the bosom of Piper's shirt. She has never been shot before. Sure she has been impaled, taken head injuries and various other wounds, but shot…never. The impact has her falling back into the bed of the truck. A second and third shot rings out but those bandits aren't aiming at people, one takes out the front window the other bullet slams into one of the tires causing it to explode and the truck to start to swerve out of control, unless Terry can manage to get control again.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Reaction: Failure.

<FS3> Terry rolls Driving: Great Success.

<FS3> Avery rolls Reaction: Success.

Elijah grips Avery's hand she grabs his, the doctor leaning back and pulling. Using his weight leaning back to help pull her into the truck. However, despite Terry's best driving, the road is still bumpy and the truck does what trucks do on bumpy roads. Blame it on the prosthetic if you like, but either way Eli slips and falls to his back on the bed of the truck with a startled 'oof!' He is tossed around a bit, trying to scramble back up and help Avery.

Well, this is just turning out great! Terry continues driving, and begins knocking out the busted window. The windshield glass falls away easily enough… and then one of the vehicle's tires is hit, and the car briefly swerves, but Terry manages to recover quickly enough. "Somebody get this guy off my ass!" He growls.

A few minutes ago, a truck carrying a trio of people from CH drove past the theater, it was only a minute or two after that, that shots rung out. And now there is a small group of bandits on horseback, shooting at the truck and the people in it. One bandit got off a lucky shot and took out the windshield, another a tire causing the truck to swerve, but Terry managed to keep it under control. The luckiest bandit though manage to hit the young woman that was shooting at them.

Piper has been impaled in the leg, had some minor head trauma been attacked by dogs and hornets, but shot…she's never been shot before so the bullet slamming into her chest is quite a surprise and then she is staring up at the sky as the drizzling rain falls into her face. As the truck swerves she is flung around which is just adding insult to injury and she lets out a nice cry of pain.

"I'm not gonna make it." Avery pants. She lost the hand, and ran out a bit at the swerve to correct the truck but she's still running. "Fuck it." She mutters and wrestles her bow free again as she gropes for an arrow. "Circle around! Spook the horses!" She knows a little about riding and how hard it is to control a spooked horse. In the meantime she's out of breath and exhausted from running, her turn to take a shot at her hunters. "Call me a fox will you." She grumbles and turns, drawing flush to her cheek.

Quinton spends 1 luck points on Flying tackle to a bandit! *pow*.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Melee +50 Vs Bandit=3: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=melee +50 Vs Bandit=3

< Quinton: Amazing Success Bandit: Good Success

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Solid Victory

Quinton heard the commotion, heard the truck, the horses. The gunfire. The man is supposed to be in hiding, but….that's not his nature when someone is in trouble. especially if it these people who he's supposed to be so close with. But that's for a different day to ponder. The lanky man moved to try to find an opening, as he lost his father's gun when he was kidn-rescued , rescued by Camp Hope. Now all he has in a pocket knife and some leverage. Which he uses when one of the spooked horses comes near. He hops up onto a car and uses that added height to get him level enough to tackle one of the bandits off the poor, startled creature. Quin might not weigh much, he might have all that much muscle but currently he's all that to the poor bandit he's knocked the wind out of.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 3: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Avery=firearms Vs Bandit=3

< Avery: Success Bandit: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=melee Vs Bandit=1

< Quinton: Failure Bandit: Failure

< Net Result: Both Fail.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 3: Failure.

Well Terry asked for someone to get the guy of his ass. Who knew it would come in the lanky form of a poet that supposedly ran off in his bid to escape from the people who he thought were holding him prisoner! The bandit he jumps is taken totally by surprise and while he does have the wind knocked out of him the crack as his head hit the ground doesn't knock him out, other than that there is just a lot of scrambling to see who is on top…there is a lot of flailing around.

An arrow flies true but the guy Avery shot at has on some pretty heavy duty leathers so while the arrow penetrates the leather it doesn’t penetrate the skin and he just yanks it free and tosses it aside. He kicks his heels into his horses flank and speeds toward the truck, leaping from his horse he tries to make it into the back of the cab but misses, slamming his head into the side and collapsing into a heap beside it. This leaves one bandit left who decides to cut and run while the running is good.

Elijah finally manages to scramble back up in time to see Avery take off running to take care of some bandits. Wait, there had been a gun shot too. He checks himself over really quick. All good! However, his gaze then goes over beside him in the bed of the truck. "Piper!" He moves faster than he knew he was able, wincing as he sits knees bent under him to put him beside Piper and leaning over the woman. "Hold on…you're going to be alright." Did he know that for sure? No. She was shot in the chest and losing blood.

Removing his bag to set it beside him Eli looks around. Gauze wasn't going to cut it. The doctor quickly unbuttons his shirt enough to remove it, leaving him in his white under shirt and trousers as he folds his other shirt up enough to press it against her wound. Trying to stop the bleeding. "Piper I need you to talk to me. Look at me…" he tries to gauge her response and vitals, keeping both hands applying pressure. "We have to get back to camp!" he calls out.

She was in pain before she got shot, but emotional pain and physical pain are two different things, of course strangely, to her at least, the pain hasn't changed location, just the cause is different. She is still bleeding, the nanites that course through her blood stream aren't equipped for the rapid healing that most of her kind have, they are good at healing her without scars but that's about it. She continues to stare upward though when she hears the voice of the doctor her eyes move to look at him. Okay she can hear him at least, "Win?" she asks him in a pained whisper.

Looking at the result of her shot, Avery frowns and lowers her bow. Camp? She's not being chased, hell, that's a victory. The young woman looks at the truck and the figure that jumped out to pick a fight. She's dirty, she's been on her own for a while but that's the safest. Can she trust them? One hunter got away at least. That's enough to convince her to try her odds with the camp so she tucks her bow against her arm and runs for the truck tossing in her things before she tries to clamber into a moving vehicle.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=melee Vs Bandit=1

< Quinton: Success Bandit: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Things were going much better for Quin when he was airborne. He grunts, rolls this way and that way with the bandit, but neither seem to be getting the edge on the other.

Elijah lets out a breath of relief as Piper looks at him, but then he lofts a brow at her words. "Win?…" He sits up a moment, keeping pressure on the wound still and looking around. No more gunshots…he looks back to her and gives a nod. "Yeah…yeah we won, Piper…now I need you to keep talking to me. Tell me about Quinn. How old is he now? What's his favorite food? Tell me about him…" He had to keep her focused. When Avery's things are thrown into the truck his attention jerks back up. It is then that his attention spots…Quinton?! Well that was unexpected, but the poet looks like he needs help.

He looks to Avery and despite the poor girl obviously being run ragged, he's on autopilot right now. "He needs help." His head motions in the direction Quinton is in. As she makes to clamor into the vehicle "Can you fire at the bandit if we circle around? I have to keep pressure on her wound…" he looks back to Piper. "Tell me about the kids, Piper…what are all of their names?" Eli had to keep her talking, his hands were tied up keeping her from bleeding out and he couldn't treat her until they got back to camp and he got a better look at the wound. However, keeping one hand firm on the wound he tries to feel back under her back and see if there was an exit wound.

With only three real tires the truck isn't going anywhere fast and with Quinton still fighting out there the driver isn't all to keen on leavign without him. He was no qualms with the poet.

There is a slight nod from Piper "She's safe?" she then furrows her brow at Elijah and his questions but she repeats the name "Quinn…" she begins to answer but seems to be getting the details of the two Quin's confused. She's in a lot of pain and has lost a lot of blood, confusion is to be expected.

"Shoot the wha? Which one?" Avery pants and looks more than a little peeved. "I can't shoot that well." she shakes her head and drops back to the ground with a little run. "Why is this a thing?" She pants and runs for the brawl ready to kick in heads. Ideally just one. "If you’re a good guy raise your hand!" She calls ahead of her so she knows which one not to hit.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=melee Vs Bandit=1

< Quinton: Success Bandit: Failure

< Net Result: Quinton wins - Marginal Victory

Maybe it's Avery's strange approach, but the bandit looks over, giving Quin enough of a pause to flip him. It's not anything fancy, and Quin is definitely going to ache after this. But it's enough to get the upper hand….barely.

"Help the guy who flipped the guy!" That is probably the oddest statement Eli had ever said and normally he might pause to reflect on that fact, but his attention is back on Piper. "Quinn. Your son." To be fair that was still confusing to pretty much everybody else at camp too. "How old is he now? He's getting big." He keeps pressure on the wound, not really able to help past that for the moment until they got back to camp or until he got another pair of hands.

There are people flipping other people? Piper blinks up at the unusual statement from the doctor and despite her injury she struggles to sit up, but that's just to much effort and she collapses "Ten…months." she isn't gasping for air, wheezing nor coughing up blood, so that is a good sign. she doesn't have a bullet in her lung at least.

"The guy who flipped the guy? Fuck it. Hi guy, let's run now? You like to run? I hate it." She calls and reaches out to grab a hold of Quinton. She'll kick at the other dude's head because the principle of the thing, but then she's tugging whoever this guy is so she can get back to her gear and away from the hunters.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Avery=melee Vs Bandit=1

< Avery: Failure Bandit: Failure

< Net Result: Both Fail.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Avery=melee Vs Quinton=reaction

< Avery: Success Quinton: Failure

< Net Result: Avery wins - Marginal Victory

Quinton's suddenly tugged backwards and gives a yelp, not expecting that. He's in an awkward position and can't swing around or break the hold on him, but he definitely tries.

While Avery doesn't get the bandit in the head with her foot, it does connect with his shoulder, its not enough to do any significant damage though he yelps in pain and distract him a bit. As Quinton is dragged off him the bandit scrambles to his feet and he runs too, clambering on one of the horses and using the creature to make a quick get away. The only one left is the unconscious one by the truck.

Elijah nods "Good…ten months. What's his favorite food?" The doctor looks up as he sees Avery struggling to get Quinton to come with her. He doesn't want to say Quinton's name in case he runs again because it would just work up Piper…but Quinton might help her focus right now. If he was willing…Eli had no idea how any of this would go but he had to try. "Piper's been shot in the chest! We have to get back to camp now so I can treat her!" Maybe that would be enough to draw Quinton's attention and cooperation? Either way it was the truth! If Quinton ran off at least she didn't see he was here in the first place. His attention goes back to Piper.

The unconscious bandit by the truck quickly finds himself the owner of a sweet pair of bracelets, courtesy of… Terry Collins, Texas Ra… er, no. Just Sheriff Terry. Once the guy's secure, Terry hooks him up with a spot up in the cab, since Eli's dealing with medical stuff in the back, and needs all of the space he can use.

Piper is starting to get that glazed, shocky look in her eyes. She's been through a lot and now she is shot, her body just can't cope anymore with it all "Goldfish crackers." those are hard to come by, but she found a stash a while back and has been giving them as treats to the two babies. The yelling doctor makes her wince in pain.

Avery is tugging what's his face back to the truck. "Don't fight me. I need you to come too stranger danger." She huffs and hurries back to the truck. "I don't want to be the fox." She explains. Be heroic dude!

W.T.F. Quinton jerks away from Avery, throwing her a baffled look, but it's the doctor's call that gets his attention. "Fuck. Come on." He's assuming he knows her (wacky, wacky mind wipe), she's here with the other Camp Hope People, after all. Taking off towards the truck, he grabs her hand to make sure she gets in before he moves next to Piper. He's worried, maybe not the same worried as he'd have been before Devon, but worried still. "Hey, Piper….hold on, okay. The doctor here's gonna help." He takes her hand in his, but pale green eyes look up at Eli in some confusion. Shouldn't she be healing?

With the prodigal son Quinton and Avery in the back of the truck, finally, Terry speeds back to the complex as fast as the three tired truck can go. Piper stays conscious enough to put a bloody hand print on Quinton's chest as she reaches for him, but then she is out. And now someone gets to explain the whole situation to the teenage Avery. You guys can draw straws for that one later.

And the score is: Camp Hope:1 Bandits:O

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