(2016-08-18) Kindness Returned
Kindness Returned
Summary: Quinton sits with the injured Piper, returning the kindness she has showed him
Date: 8.18.2016
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Patient Room #2

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

The woman is quite lucky. A few millimeters either direction for the bullet and her mortality rate would have skyrocketed. Thank goodness for boobs and bones that kept the bullet from piercing anything vital. Still a chest wound is serious business and after the surgery to remove it Piper has been pretty much out and when she has been awake for brief periods pain and drugs made lucidity not incredibly possible. Now at two days later she is stirring again in her bed, face scrunching up in discomfort and confusion, eyes squinting open as she starts to figure out where she is, but not quite how she got her…though the pain in her chest is a big clue and the pieces start to come together.

Quinton's eyes had slipped closed as he dozed in a chair nearby. Poor guy has been bouncing from room to room, and not really comfortable falling fully asleep in his old jail cell. He's already had a cold glare with one of the guards. But for now, he opened blood shot eyes to watch Piper before he leans forward with a soft groan to get her a glass of water. "You should try to drink something. It'll help you heal."

As if she wasn't confused enough that voice causes more. Even with her brain working slow she recalls how things are now. Staring up at the ceiling Piper's mouth opens to say something but nothing really comes out. Yes she needs a drink, and since alcohol is anathema to healing, water will have to do. There is a nod for her, she is a somewhat pliable patient at least and struggles to sit up, which is painful and really more movement than she has the energy for at the moment, but she tries.

Quinton's not tired enough to not frown, "Don't sit up, I'll bring it to you." After he pours a small glass he gets a straw and moves over next to the bed, "Here…" He holds it low, bending the straw so she can suck on it. "The doctor says you'll be okay. It's just going to take you some time to heal up." He doesn't look directly at her, conflicting emotions are hard.

Piper collapses back a sigh of relief escaping. Moving is hard, who knew so many chest muscles were used in just sitting up! She still has to twist a bit though but at least that isn't quite as bad. She gets down half the glass, in which she just stares at his torso, before lifting a hand to push it away "'nuff." she slurs out and then she looks at him. Her eyes are glassy and tear filled but the later could be just as much from the physical pain she is in as anything else. "You're…" its croaked out and she clears her throat a bit "here?" it's defiantly a question, not quite a why but close.

Quinton nods, not that she can see and sets the glass down. The poet seems to be permanently frowning. "Yeah…I am. I jumped into the fight, so the cats out of the bag." He doesn't mention Kayla. "I'm still at the theater, but….I thought I'd come sit with you for a bit." He'll shift, sitting down carefully on the bed so she can see him if she wants while they talk. There are circles underneath his eyes, "The girl you saved is a charmer." is that sarcasm? "I can get you juice or food, if you want?"

"Always the hero." Piper's soft toned voice is softer than usual and there is that pained inflection to it that overshadows anything else that may possibly be noted in it. She does watch him as he sits and a hand lifts momentarily and begins to reach but she drops it back to her side. If it is sarcasm she is probably in no frame of mind to recognize it so the statement just gets an "Oh." and her eyes slip off him briefly, though return at the mention of food "Later."

Quinton doesn't know how to respond to that. "No…just helping." The hand reach is looked at and when it drops he sighs, reaching for hers himself, "Look….I know I'm all fucked up… But you've been unnessicarily kind to me. I don't have any friends I can actually remember now, except you. Thank you. I…I want you to know that. And get better." His hand trembles once on hers and then he just holds it, hopefully she'll take strength from that and not be upset.

Piper doesn't have the energy to debate the hero part, but when he takes her hand, she holds on like it’s a lifeline. She stares at him, it takes her a few moments to process what he says. "Are you…" she struggles for the words "Do you..remember me. How?" she is confused and maybe hurt, if she were more with it she might think he was friendzoning her..though she still could later if she were to go back over this conversation. If she remembers it.

Quinton's brow furrows more, "Not…I mean, just the past few weeks, but you're the only one that's not shoved everything at me…" He just means it literally, if he can't trust his memories up to the rescue, she's the only one that tried to connect with him in this state. She's his only friend, even Kayla just focused on herself. "Please….if there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable, let me know?"

Piper nods, that makes a lot more sense, it kinda bursts her bubble, but it was a really small one anyway. She gives his hand a weak squeeze, comfort? Support? Whatever the reason she seems to understand, "You did the same." more references to the past. She closes her eyes briefly. This has taken a lot out of her "My guitar," she uses her other hand to gesture out, "across the hall. Play for me? Loved it when you played." even when he played poorly, she then lets his hand go so he can go do that, because who could deny that request from an injured beauty.

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