(2016-08-23) Help Wanted
Help Wanted
Summary: Devon appears. He sure is cocky for someone who wants help.
Date: 8.23.2016
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It's a nice afternoon, the weather finally starting to cool off as much as it can in Texas. Piepr's been broken out of first aid by Quinton who's pushing her around in a wheel chair. He looks tired, but at least the poet has on a trademarked sweater. He almost looks himself, except now the lanky man has a beard and very short hair. In piper's lap is the almost toddler Quinn who's enjoying the ride. Quinton is sticking to the middle of the road, eyeing the houses like he might go check them out later.

Back in her apartment, still alone with her brother staying she isn't sure where, Kayla had gone to try and find Quin and Piper. When she hadn't found them at medical, she'd gone looking. She's coming towards the trio (including little Quin) at a right angle.

While Piper would rather be walking on her own two feet, she wanted fresh air and to get out of the four walls of medical that had held her for a week now. And if a wheelchair was the only way, she was willing. Bullet wounds are no fun. Funny how the shoe is on the other foot. Proverbial that is, cause she doesn't wear shoes. She is barefoot now in fact. As she is pushed down the middle of the street by the lanky poet she is whispering into the baby's ear as she points out a bird here, a squirrel there or something else that she things would be of interest to the 10 month old. Finally she is pointing to Kayla approaching "Look, it's Auntie Kayla." she says that loud enough for the approaching woman to hear and is probably cringe worthy words to Quinton who is pushing her.

Elijah had spent most of the day in the infirmary. Typical. When Quinton and Piper had left he had taken the chance to change the bedding for her as well as some other general up keeping tasks that were harder to do with a patient and visitors occupying the space. At this point he was just glad the woman was up and about. However, it was about time for her next dose of medicine…which had been left on the bedside table. Looks like he'd be seeing the outside world today after all!

Walking along, fanning her face, Avery has clearly been recruited by Monica, grease on her coveralls and her face. She's blinking her eyes wide as she wanders, getting some fresh air. Seeing folks about she offers a sort of nervous wave. She's not had much success socializing with people. Give her a machine any day.

Terry settles into place behind his rifle, under a tarp matching the color of the roof of the library, relieving one of the camp's guards posted to handle overwatch for the area. The man coming off shift packs up his own rifle, and makes his descent to terra firma, before sodding off. Meanwhile, Terry confirms the placement of other guards throughout the area: counting himself, five, all well-(and personally-)trained sharpshooters. Ain't no way, no how, somebody's gonna have an easy time getting at folks on his watch. He begins dialing in the scope, checking wind, humidity, and all those fun variables that could cause his shot to go wibbly-wobbly, and double-checks his ammo count, before palming a round. Seconds count in his line of work, but he's not about to put lead down-range without a confirmed hostile target.

Quinton indeed cringes, but manages to only for a second. Kayla get's a tight smile, "Hey." His check up on the injured as turned into nursing job. So much for fishing or scavenging today. The wheel chair is stopped so they can talk. Pale green eyes glance around, nodding to those coming into view.

Kayla offers Quinn a smile and a little wave to the toddler. Then Piper and Quinton both get a bob of her head. "Hey," she offers softly, not really sure where things stand at the moment, not between her and Quinton, not between Quinton and Piper.

Being outside the walls, Carilena rests her left hand on the pommel of her machete, thankful for its weight at her hip. Cosmo pads along at her side, the pair heading out of the library. Seeing people gathered, Cari looks at Cosmo, who just looks back at her, then she leads the way toward the cluster of people.

Kayla isn't the only one that doesn't know where they stand, but at the moment her more pressing need is her recovery and the baby in her lap, so that worry has been forced to the back of Piper's mind for the moment. "A-Ka!" Quinn the younger calls out as he points to Kayla. Then he is reaching out for her with the grabby hands. Being 10 months old and not having a care in the world must be a wonderful thing about now. The woman opens her mouth to return the greeting but then it's new people and her mouth snaps shut. She has gotten more verbal with certain people, but new people and people she isn't sure of, she still shuts down verbally around.

Gathering up his medical satchel and carrying the medicine in his other hand, Elijah sets out from the infirmary. It wouldn't take him long to come across the others, him seeing them from still a bit away before actually getting there though. As he approaches he calls out "Quinton! Piper!" to get the attention of the one actually pushing Piper forward. But then the wheelchair is stopped. Hurray! He holds up the medicine now as he draws closer, "I wasn't sure if she'd be needing this. I thought I'd bring it out for you to have just in case…so you can spend more time outside." He knew he was the only oddball that enjoyed spending all his time in the infirmary, even after his own negative experiences there. It was still home for the doctor.

Looking at the trio, and the Doctor, Avery slips her hands into her pockets. Pressing her lips together, she walks over to Piper a little stiffly. "Ummm, I wanted to say thanks, and sorry you caught a bullet." She offers and looks around at all the faces before spotting Cari. At least that's less awkward, if slightly, so she walks that way.

Terry shifts around on the roof, ever so slightly, to keep the blood flowing in his extremities. He takes his eye away from the scope, and spends a few seconds gazing elsewhere, before returning to his previous position. He pops his neck once or twice, and sighs, continuing to scan the area for potential threats.

No one knows where anyone stands, honestly. Not with the new Quinton 2.0 . He blinks as they're suddenly surrounded by half the town. The Library must be a popular place. Quin doesn't say anything , besides giving Kayla a small smile and watching as the kiddo reaches for her. He knows she likes kids, hopefully that's not changed. The medicine deal is all Piper so he just looks down at her to see what she needs.

Potential threats? It's hard to see them when they're literally under your nose. One moment it's just Camp Hopers and friends. The next there's a man near the group, a rifle and backpack on his back. He has a scar on one cheek, but that some how adds to his attractiveness. He watches the group talk, his posture is none threatening and he is very much aware of where everyone is. "Quinton. I have something of yours." He has a Californian accent.

Kayla looks to Eli, offering a slight wave before she reaches out to scoop up the toddler. "You get bigger every single day!" she coos at the boy, settling him on her hip. She's just looking back up to the Hopers when she hears the somewhat familiar voice. Her head snaps around and she tenses immediately. Quinn is shoved back to Piper before Kay is placing herself between the wheelchair bound Piper, baby and the Californian. "Devon," she mutters, coldly. She told Quinton she'd try and be nice, but it's hard.

"Should you be up and around?" Carilena asks of Avery, though it's with a smile. A small one, but a smile is a smile. "Even if not, you look better." She glances around at the others; so many faces she's as yet unfamiliar with. Cosmo steps forward to greet Avery with a slow wag of his tail, looking up at her.

Piper just blinks up at Avery and her thanks. The confusion is crystal clear on her face. She doesn't remember anything after the bullet in the chest so has no clue who Avery is. So she just nods a moment then there is a look to Quinton and Kayla hoping they will clear it up, but then the girl is walking away.

The doctor is eyed but she shakes her head. She will pass on the medicine for the moment. Which she may regret with how fast her head whips around at the west coast accented voice. Her face pales and the reaches for Kayla's arm, so she can take her son back, but her eyes move to Quinton guaging his reaction instead.

Elijah stands among the rest of the group, behind but slightly to the side of Quinton and Piper since he approached from that direction. At Piper's dismissal of the medicine he gives a nod before moving to put the medicine back into his bag. His motion and gaze stop on the bag, hand inside the bag as the doctor just freezes for a moment with the familiar voice. Suddenly he regretted deciding to be daring enough to leave the infirmary…

"Well, Monica needed me to rig some suspension on this wood cutterrrrr…" Avery trails off to look at the newcomer. "Umm, are we allowed to be armed inside?" She wonders and looks at the woman playing defense for Piper, maybe she should be too…

Quinton turns quickly, surprised and not. He knew this was coming, he told everyone it was. Anyone looking at him can tell he's upset, torn, about something, but then he nods, "Devon." He's trying to keep his voice level.

Devon glances around the group, he recognizes most of them. He slowly reaches behind him, so everyone can see and pulls out a pistol. It's aimed at the ground, and then offered over handle first to Quin. But the poet will have to walk to him to get it. "Seems you dropped this when you left."

"Our dad's pistol," Kayla might as well be the older sibling, or a blood aunt to Quinn, for the fierce protectiveness she's radiating at the moment. She only barely manages to keep from snapping the words; she can't keep the quiver from her voice. Is it rage? Nerves? S something else? Hard to say - Kay is fully aware, though, if Devon wanted to do something, she couldn't stop him. "How long have you been watching us all?"

Her companion's reaction makes Carilena look around, trying to divine the source of the growing tension. It's Cosmo who pinpoints it, ears and head slowly lowering as he looks at the scarred man. His reaction makes Cari's right hand go to her left hip—only to grasp at nothing. "Desgreta…" she mutters through gritted teeth, then reflexively goes to pull Avery behind her, out of harm's way. She — likely obviously - -hasn't the first clue what's really going on, but she's thrown her lot in with the Camp — and whatever's making their hackles raise, she'll confront it, too.

Piper is good at reading people, and the poet especially, most of the time, she can do so now. She knows that look, has seen it many times recently. She is confused those, what could Devon possibly…and then he is holding out the familiar weapon. She wondered where that went off too, even spent time searching for it thinking one of the guards took it. Devon had it all along. She is less surprised by that than she should be. She is silent, she has no words for the Silencer, well she does, but she can't speak them, so many people make her tongue tied. So Piper does her thing, watches Quinton, watches Devon and Kayla, her hand still on the woman's arm, ready to take action herself if she needs to.

Elijah just stays where he's at, not moving except to look over in the direction of Devon as he stands now extending the gun to Quinton. Yes. Please take the gun from him. For the love of Eli's other leg. The doctor just watches…not much else he can do for the moment.

"Wha?!" Avery looks up at Cari's back and rolls her eyes. "Eeesh." She sighs and looks between Devon and Quinton and Kayla curiously. "I don't think this is gonna be a fight…" She points out. Unless Quinton shoots the guy anyway. She looks over at Elijah. Poor guy, it's a miracle he's not a shut in.

It only takes Quin a second to come to a conclusion and he steps forward, taking the gun. There's a moment where it looks like he might shoot him but then he nods, "Thank you." the two men stare at each other in silence for a long stretch. It's most likely uncomfortable for everyone.

Finally Devon, not looking away from Quinton answers Kayla, "I've only been here a few hours."

Kayla purses her lips - she isn't entirely sure she believes Devon, but she -did- tell her brother she would -try- and be nice. So she squares her shoulders and steps forward. Her empty hand lifts, extending towards Devon. "I'm Kayla - the sister you convinced Quin was killed in the waves. You're Devon." Both 'nice' and a jab…well done Kay

With Quinton stepping away from Piper in her wheelchair, and then Kayla as well, she is free to turn her wheeled conveyance toward Devon so she can get a better look at him. The stoic look is back, though it doesn't quite cover up the pain she is starting to feel thanks to the adrenaline rushing through and quickly burning off the residual effects of her pain meds. She continues to watch silently, she isn't sure she would have the self-control of Quinton, she would probably shoot Devon just on principal. Her expression doesn't falter but her eyes do dart to Kayla at the introduction she offers.

Stepping forward as well, Carilena keeps her eyes on the newcomer as she stops behind Piper and to the other woman's right, her own all but unblinking. Cosmo pads forward as well, quietly moving from his human's right side to her left—not coincidentally, giving him /almost/ a straight line for the man. He isn't growling yet, but his ears are nearly horizontal, his tail low but straight.

Elijah frowns, watching the exchange…and hearing Kayla's 'greeting'. Not. Helping. If they all approached it like that none of them would have legs at the end of the night! Still…he doesn't say anything. His hand does shift in the bag though as he finally sets the jar of medicine down. Unintentionally, the side his prosthetic leg is on is turned away from Devon in his stance.

Watching some of the other women shift about protectively, Avery wanders over to Elijah. He seems to have answers usually. "Hey…who is this guy?" She asks the doctor quietly once she's closer to him. She checks on Cari, look, nice and safe by the doc, no trouble here at all.

Quinton sighs, he should have also expected that response from Kayla. "When do you plan to leave?" That's said like Quin knows something about where Devon might be headed.

Devon on the other hand seems to find it slightly amusing and his mouth quirks in a strangling handsome smile. "I am well aware of who you are." Finally pretty eyes flicker away from Quin to look at Kayla. "Apoligies for your head." And then he looks over to Eil, "And your leg, Doctor. I tried to warn you both, but the situation was dire for us all, it seems." He doesn't look at Piper at all, but Cosmo gets a glance. He looks back to Quin, "On the sooner end, hopefully. It's got to happen soon."

Oh, if this were before all this, Kayla's legs might literally turn to jelly. As it is, her stomach does a flip-flop at the smile from the Silencer. She doesn't answer his apology - what she -does- answer is the cryptic crap her brother and Devon are speaking. "Stop talking in riddles, both of you." She snaps, tired suddenly. "Quin already told me you have something important to do - I'd really appreciate knowing the 'why' behind you kidnaping and brainwashing my brother." A beat, teeth gritted, and she adds, "So we can help."

The baby on Piper's lap seems unnaturally calm, just laying back against her watching, his own expression a mini stoic one of his mother's. Her light brown hand laying against his darker brown leg. At Devon's apologies and comments she actually makes a noise. It's a derisive snort, but it is a noise! The fact that he didn't look or speak to her is noted and telling, though does it tell her the right thing.

For her part, Carilena says nothing, though she does glance at Cosmo. He doesn't look back, as his attention is focused entirely on the newcomer, so much so that he takes a single step forward—and it probably doesn't take a "dog person" to realize he's sizing the newcomer up. He's about to take a second step when Cari gives a faint, low huff through barely-parted teeth, causing him to go still. A glance at Avery, then she looks forward again. Whether Avery's protecting Elijah or Elijah's protecting Avery, they're both out of the immediate area of danger, and that's the important thing.

Elijah looks at Devon with the man's apology…tensing. True, the warning had been given. The threat had been calculated and weighed by the doctor. Still…words didn't bring his leg back. They didn't undo the events of that day and everything that had happened as a result. Never one for being able to lie, the doctor's expression betrays him now as he's unable to respond…simply lowering his gaze back to his bag as he shifts.

Reaching inside he withdraws the bottle of medicine again, handing it over to Avery since she was closer. "Make sure…that gets to Piper would you?" he asks in a weak tone, making brief eye contact with her before moving to push past and away from the group. He couldn't be here. Not right now. "I'll be…in the infirmary."

Taking the bottle, Avery looks from Devon to Elijah. "Yeah…" She tells him and clutches tight to the bottle. She'll edge closer to Piper then, so the girl can hand off the bottle. She looks back to the leaving Elijah and chews at her cheek thoughtfully.

Quinton's jaw tightens and he finally glances back at Kayla, "Stop it. You said you'd not do this." He's not buying the 'so we can help' bit. Cari gets a quick glare, "Keep the dog under control." He'd rather Devon not kill the canine, that's not going to make anyone like him more.

Devon again though seems amused. "I needed help. Quinton needed help. I could have gone about it better, but it's done and over. The world's ending Kayla, I'm not going to apologies for trying to make things better." he already said sorry for hurting them, that's more than most Silencers would do. Piper's snort is filed away along with the dog's huff and Eli leaving. The man smiles again, although there's a sad edge to it, "We're going to bring down the Mother Ship. I need help, so here I am." Is he here for Quinton, or help from everyone though?

Kayla does mean the offer of help - it just hurts to offer help to someone who hurt her, and her brother. "I said I would try to be nice…I'm trying," Kayla mutters to her brother, though she keeps her eyes on Devon. It's not a hard thing, looking at him - he's so pretty. But it -is- hard knowing what he did. "Is that all? Bring down the mother ship?" She shakes her head slightly, tip of her tongue running over her lips. "Can you give Quin back his real memories? If…if he wants them," she adds, quickly.

The wheelchair bound woman is watching the trio. So many thoughts and Piper unable to express them, its starting to wear on her or maybe its the pain cracking her stoic demeanor. Some of what Devon says she agrees with, other stuff not so much, but it is hard to say which is which. Being what she is, and knowing what he is, his pretty face means nothing to her, and vice versa probably. The question from Kayla has her arm tightening around Quinn in her lap, she is sorta afraid of the answer to both can they be returned and would Quinton be willing. And then the ultimate one, would it break him again? Scary, scary questions!

"I am," Carilena murmurs to Quinton, and though it's not really a growl—it's not exactly far from one, either. Perhaps it's clear the emotional undertone isn't directed at Quinton, specifically, but either way she quickly looks to Avery as she approaches, and beckons with her left hand for the girl to get behind her again, then goes to lightly rest her left hand on Piper's right shoulder as he looks back to the newcomer. She might not know the other woman well at all, but perhaps some tiny display might help, even just a little. True to her word, Cosmo doesn't take another step, though his attention doesn't waver.

"Ummm, Piper? Elijah wants you to have this." Avery says quietly. She looks up as Cari ushers her behind and suppresses the urge for a teen's worth of sighs. Devon's claim as her curious though. "The mothership? Is that even possible?" She asks and holds the bottle out to Piper, trying to focus on her.

Quinton's eyes narrow at his sister, but he doesn't say anything. Pale eyes shift over and when he sees Piper tensing and Carilena touching her shoulder he shakes his head at the woman. Not a good idea. he doesn't even know why, but not a good idea. "Kayla…can you wheel Piper back? I need to talk to Devon."

Devon sighs, "Quin and I will talk about that." While it sucks for them, it's Quin's life, if Devon can, even. He nods in agreement with the poet, they do need to talk. Devon nods to Avery's question, "Yes. It is." False hope, or does he know something?

Kayla presses her lips together as she looks from Devon to her brother. And then her shoulder's slump. "Just come say good bye before you leave, please," she murmurs. That said, she turns and moves to take Piper's chair, to return the woman to the medical area. Unless she protests.

Tensing is an understatement really. Piper is already under a lot of emotional pressure so when the hand lands on her shoulder, panic fills her eyes. She only has two reactions when she is touched with no warning, fight or flight. Lucky for Carilena it was the later this time. Some people get body checked into walls and trailers for touching her. The sudden tensing of his mother has the baby making a noise of surprise. And then Kayla is pushing her away, even in her freaked out state she glances back at Quinton, like Kayla wondering if this is the last time she is going to see him.

That reaction to the touch makes both Carilena and Cosmo look to Piper, then to each other, then Cari looks to Quinton. "Sorry," she whispers to Piper as she hastily withdraws her hand. Even in this tense situation, she has the grace to blush, cheeks darkening noticeably.

Looking at the meds and Piper's reaction to Cari, Avery taps her fingers lightly. "Hmm." She looks at Quint, but he might be going to talk to Devon and Kayla left. Pushing back her hair she offers "I'm all for anything that lets all this just stop." But then she's back to trying to figure out how to give this crazy mom her meds!

Quinton watches as Piper and Kayla walk away. The intention or not guilt jab from Kayla has him tense. As soon as they're far enough away he turns to Devon. "Walk . Now." It's an order, not a request.

Something in Quin's tone as Devon smiling and he nods. The remaining ladies get handsome smiles, "That's what we're aiming for. Ladies." he nods and will let Quinton lead him off, away form the apartment complexes where everyone else stays.

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