(2016-08-24) Lines of Communication
Lines of Communication
Summary: Quin runs into Mon in the Infirmary. They talk about Devon. Dun dun dun! After To Mend and to Heal
Date: 2016.08.24
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Quinton's had what one could call an emotional day. As he steps into the First aid room, he's quiet, glancing down the hall where he's assuming Piper is. But then he diverges from that path and heads into the kitchen and to the fridge. Several plastic bags(one in another) are pulled out and it's filled with enough ice to make a compact. Which is then Applied to his right fist. He stands there, eyes closed letting the ice do it's job. Emotional day indeed.

Monica comes out of the bathroom. Note to self. City Sewer System. Medlab needs flush toilets. She's walking carefully, resting her hand on the wall, but the swelling and soreness in her leg are continuing to decline. Her leg is now purple from the bruising, from her foot to halfway up her thigh, but it works again. It's also itchy. But then so is the other leg. Mon mutters something about needing to shave. She stops as Quin rummages in the ice box, and watches him a few moments. "Will his jaw be as sore as your hand?"

Quinton turns his head slightly at the noise in the hall, But the sighs at the question, "I doubt it. Silencers all have hard heads." He flexes his hand underneath the ice pack before turning and leaning against the counter, pale green eyes studying the woman, "How's your leg?"

Monica tugs the hem of her sleep shirt down a bit when Quin draws attention to her leg. She looks down at it. "Getting better. I'm hoping to get released tomorrow, depending on how tonight goes." She draws the leg up and points her toe at Quinton briefly. "No major infection from the bites, which is good." She leans against the wall a moment. "So… you punched the crap out of Devon, at least symbolically. I'm assuming that's a bad thing."

Quinton shrugs, "No. He knew he had it coming." Doesn't hurt that Devon knew Quin couldn't really do too much damage. He eyes her pointed toe and then leg, "Good. Get some boots and you should be good to go." He's not sure why, but lack of proper shoes is really bothering him. Why can't people just put on shoes?!?!

Monica chuckles a little. "Yeah. After all the times you said it to Piper…" she pauses. "Um. Sorry. You did, just take my word for it, I guess… anyway, you'd think I'd have listened. Don't worry. Until I get a chance to reinforce my mocs, they're strictly for indoor use. So can I ask what Devon had to say? Is he interested in our help?"

That…makes sense. Quin sighs, looking down at the ice. "He is. Although he needs to talk to whoever's in charge…And I don't think he trusts Kayla or Piper." To be fair, Quin's not sure he's trust them either in this situation.

You say, "Well… I'm in charge of R&D in this town." Mon says that awkwardly, as though positions of power are entirely novel to her. Which they are. " Will I do? Or does he want to talk to the mayor, who will probably send him to me anyway?""

Quinton can't help a small frown. "Mayor first, I think. Chain of command is going to be important. Considering it's Devon's plan." Meaning he'll be in charge. Quin's fine with that, but he's not sure if everyone else will be.

You say, "I don't work for chains of command that don't end with the mayor. Devon may be what he says and he may be on the level … but I have to bear in mind that he may also be a silencer leading us to ruin. Or he could even be both, with the latter being a subconscious drive. That will be my advice to the mayor, too."

Great. Quin sighs, "Okay." Cause how do you even discuss that then. He flexes his hand , causing the ice to shift and pushes off from leaning on the counter. "I'm going to go check on Piper, then I'll get out of your hair."

You say, "Look, let's not shoot things down before we've even talked about it. I'll tell the mayor, and give him my opinion. If Devon's on the up and up, we should work with him. We have a common goal, certainly. Or at least we have the appearance of one. I'm just saying we should cooperate with open eyes. In case he's not. Also, tell him that I have a nice big electromagnet working, and I can theoretically zap his nanites whenever he's ready."

Quinton shakes his head, "That's not the plan." He kept trying to tell everyone that, but no one wants to listen. "He needs the nanites." The poet has started to move towards Monica, towards Piper's room.

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