(2016-08-24) Not Strong Enough
Not Strong Enough
Summary: The limit of what Piper can take has been hit.
Date: 8.24.2016
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Patient Room #2

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

It's one of those 'what the' moments when Piper wakes up. She doesn't recall how she got back to her bed in the infirmary or when she fell asleep, and with the curtains closed she isn't even sure what time of day it is. Panic doesn't set in though, just confusion. She lays there for a moment staring a nothing in particular, probably still half-asleep as she tries to get her brain working.

After passing Monica, Quinton pauses at the door before knocking. He hopes this goes smoother than that. The improved ice pack is balanced as he uses his other hand to knock.

Knocking? Or is that her head pounding? Piper isn't sure so she lets out a tentative "Come in?" just in case it is the former. Pushing herself up she rubs at an eye trying to get the darn things to focus. It's rather dark in the room so she is guessing it is night. The curtains aren't so thick to block out all the light, but she supposes it could be pre-dawn. She makes a yuck face at the taste in her mouth and starts to get up to get a glass of water.

The thin, tall form of the poet steps in. Seeing her trying to get up he hurries over, "Be careful…" His non iced hand is offered to steady her, "You going for the water, or have to use the rest room?"

So it was knocking, good. Hearing your head pounding usually isn't a good sign. Relief washes over her when it's Quinton coming in..that and dizziness from getting up to fast…getting up period. Taking the offered support, gladly, faceplanting is not on her to-do list "Water." she croaks out. She is way too dehydrated at the moment for the latter.

"Sit back down." It's an order, friendly, but an order. Still balancing the ice bag, he steps over and pours her a glass. "Overdid it?" He's just not going to address anything heavy.

With the room spinning sitting down is really the best option for the woman so Piper complies, "Something." is her answer as she sits on the edge of the bed. A frown forms as she watches him "You okay?" she motions to his hand. She doesn't have to ask, she knows damage from a punch when she sees it. It's a common injury around here.

Not something. She over did it. Quin carefully hands her the glass of room temperature water. "Did you want ice?" Pale eyes look to his hand, "I'll live." For now, anyway. "I knew Silencers' heads were tougher than my hand, but had to find out for myself, right?"

Taking the glass Piper shakes her head drinking the whole glass down at once, gasping for a breath when she is done. His comment has her looking up at him, tired and surprised amusement on her face. She has gotten to the point where she didn't think that was possible anymore "Empirical evidence." she hands him back the glass "What now?" that could be a loaded question, especially without any context to it.

Quinton snorts, shaking his head but a small smile is present. 'Yeah." The glass is set back down on the table. "Now? Now Devon and I go stop it." You, just like that. He's going with the less complicated saving the world. He does smile at that, it's the same smile as he'd give her when he'd tell her everything was going to be okay, even if it wasn't. Although it always ended up oaky….mostly.

"You and Devon?" she echoes back at him "Against…" there is a beat "that." she gestures out toward the window and up. Oh how worrisome that is and it certainly shows. "Need an army." that is said in a softer more wishful thinking tone, because there was an army and then some once, fat lot of good that did. If she wasn't already sure that Quinton was the same as he was before the smile would certainly lead her in that direction. Does it make her any less worried? No. But it helps. "They're wrong. About you."

Quinton gives a chuckle, "Well, I don't think I can raise an army." His head tilts slightly and while he's smiling it's slightly confused now, "Who's wrong about what?"

Piper nods in agreement, "Maybe a squad…or that other one.." she can't recall the name and doesn’t try.."but not an army." not enough people close enough for that "Everyone. About you. Memories are different, but you're the same…only more….verbal." she watches him as she says it, probably expecting him to get antsy again and come up with some excuse and flee.

"I'm not sure anyone here will be will to help. it may just be Devon and I." And probably Kayla…although that may do more harm than good. He does get fidgety and looks down at his shoes, "I'm me. I've always been me. I think Kayla wants me back like I was." He can't wrap his mind why though.

"Kayla wants…." she pauses there though, thinking before she speaks "I don't know." Piper shrugs, realizing it might be better that she not speak for his sister. When he starts to get fidgety she reaches for his good hand, "What she wants, what I want, what they all want, doesn't matter." the implication that what he wants is the only thing that does.

Quinton huffs softly, there's some humor there, "I think most in Camp would disagree with you." He's still getting glared at by some of the guards. A deep breath and a forced smile at the woman holding his hand, "How is your chest today? A little better?"

"Do you really care what the rest of the camp thinks?" Piper asks him as she tilts her head side to side, all this looking up at him is a pain in the neck, literally. And a chance to look down, so she takes it "Still there. Still heavy." it's a short answer, not a real one certainly, she knows he is trying to change the subject so that's what he is getting.

"I don't know." And he really doesn't. Most he doesn’t feel connected to, or if he does, it's over guilt. Quin lets go of her hand, running fingers through his short hair. He turns away, the comments about her chest, what she really means are noted and he closes his eyes. "I should go…You need rest."

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Body: Failure.

"No!" its the strongest and most adamant her tone has been since this whole drama started "I am tired of resting. I am tired of tiptoing around. I'm tired of the argument between my brain and heart." she surges to her feet, but her damaged body isn't ready for such rapid movements or the emotional tirade she is working up to. She was certainly looking like she was about to go off, she is way overdue for some sort of break. Her body betrays her though and before she gets anything more out she is collapsing.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Failure.

Quinton certainly isn't expecting that! He's partially turned away, so he doesn't see Piper's rise, but he does see the crumple. Unfortunately it's too late. The poet dives and catches her, but she's basically on the ground already. The bruised hand and ice are underneath her and he's hunched over the woman in a rather uncomfortable position, "Shit! Piper, are you okay? Hey…" He'll try to turn her, scared he'll hurt her chest, "Jesus…please be okay…"

As she falls and Quinton dives there is the sound of her knee hitting the bedside table and it rattling across the floor. Turning her over is easy, she's lost weight over the last few weeks. She is conscious and aware of what just happened. At the moment Piper is all out of tears, but she is shaking, and she may have popped her stitches if the spots of blood on her otter covered PJ top is a clue. Her head shakes, not okay, "I can't…I don't..I think…" the struggle for words "strong enough."

Quinton's shaking, this is not what he wanted to happen when he came to check on her. "I'm sorry! I…" Whether or not the reason for her collapse is him, he's taking that way. Not strong enough to deal with him. "Okay…just …"He picks her up and places her on the bed. "I'll go get the doctor…you'll be okay." He'll make it better….somehow. And he leaves, calling out for Eli.

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