(2016-08-30) Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Summary: Devon and Quinton reveal the plan and ask for volunteers
Date: 8.30.2016
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SGA Club House

This large building dominates the center of the complex. The rear wall is predominantly windows, but the glass is gone and has been replaced for the moment be screening. It serves several purposes. First and for most it is a gathering spot where the apartment residents can socialize and gather for various reasons. There is a large sitting area, with sofas and chairs surrounding a large marble coffee table. They all sit within a comfortable distance of a large fireplace which has a large flatscreen TV hanging above it. Adjacent to that is a small kitchenette area, separated by a marble topped bar with barstools sitting in front of it.

On the other side of the large gathering area is a small office area, accessed by a windowed door where the manager and apartment staff did there business for the day. There is also another windowed door that leads to a small fitness room with the usual workout machines as well as some nautilus machines and free weights.

It seems the clubhouse has a few occupants, three cats. Two calico cats and one gray striped. They are always seeking attention. The gray is named Ramses, the others are Sweetie and Pickles.

Set in its own little area is what can be considered a workstation, but instead of a computer is an old HAM radio. Old but fully functional. Someone can usually be found monitoring it at all times of the day and night. Note pads, pencils and various other small trinkets litter the desk around the radio.

Having a Silencer in town the last week has lead to some tense situations. They all know why he is here, news spread fast in small population and it has somewhat divided the camp into those that want to help Devon and those that think they should deal with the problem of the Mothership themselves and a best show Devon the door, at worst…well there are probably a few that have a bullet with his name in it.

Bob has spoken though, for the time being they are going to entertain Devon and work on a plan together. He isn't and can't force people to participate, but he has asked for everyone to at listen to the plan and decide for themselves if they want to help or not.

Is shortly after the evening meal and the time has come for the residents to gather and they are arriving, solo or in groups and extra chairs have been brought in so everyone can have a seat if they so choose. It'll be a bit crowded, but doable. In preparation a large map of Texas has been hung on the wall and various locations marked on it with colorful thumbtacks.

Elijah had simply hung around after the evening meal concluded, writing whatever notes in his notebook at one of the tables after it was cleared. For the moment, his attention is in the notebook but as people start arriving he would close it and put it back into his satchel which was hung over the back of his chair. His attention goes to the map on the wall, the doctor studying the various thumbtacks and the locations they represented.

In for a nickel…Avery has supposed it can't hurt to listen to the plan. Walking around she looks dubious, but at least she's cleaned up since her soot streaked scramble up onto the roof to inspect the gutters. Spotting the doctor she drifts over that way. "Here for the talk? How'd they convince you to leave your office?" She wonders teasingly as she sits down.

Quinton and Devon were not at dinner, they have yet to actually eat with the others. But in the come now, Quin slightly nervous but Devon seems calm. Which may agitate folks more. The poet moves to the back to unload his backpack, some generic things he's found that will do him no good, but perhaps do someone here well.

Devon sits down near the front of the room, near the map, turning his chair so he can see everyone and the door. He's cocky, but not stupid.

Piper has been out of the infirmary today and doing things she probably shouldn't have been doing, and it shows in her tired expression. She was part of this too and while she wasn't sure if she would be participating in any of the action she wanted to at least know what was going on. So in she walks, there is a quick glance around to those gathered and then she moves toward her rocking chair to have a sit, avoiding as much eye contact and any other contact as is possible.

Elijah looks over as Avery sits by him, offering a small smile "Good evening, Avery." At her question he chuckles, "Ah. Yes. They bribed me with promises of more spiral notebooks." It is said jokingly though. See, he DID have a sense of humor! It just might not be a funny one. When the door opens for Quinton and Devon to enter, the doctor looks over and gives Quinton a nod in greeting…before doing the same to Devon. It was genuine. He had given his word to be here and listen to the plan. He would honor that. Any feelings or thoughts he had about prior incident were not greater than the hope of taking down the Mothership. If there was a way to do it…they all owed it to those lost along the way, and themselves, to do so.

Looking at Quinton and Devon come in, Avery tucks her feet onto her chair and considers Piper in her rocking chair. At least she's sitting now. "So…spiral notebooks are bribe worthy in your book-noted." She grins and leans on her crossed legs as she looks at the map now. "I wonder that all they think we can pull off."

Devon studies everyone in the room, he's intense, but it's not overwhelmingly oppressive. The Silencer leans back in the chair, throwing Quin a questioning look.

Quinton gives people nods, but doesn't say much. He is clearly stressed out, his worst fear is everyone just snapping and trying to kill Devon. And that will not end well, for anyone. As he moves back to stand near Devon, Piper is looked at worriedly. But now isn't the time to ask. He swallows, glancing ta the door, "Does anyone know if anyone else was planning on coming?"

"There are a few stragglers." the deep baritone voice of Bear says as he comes in as the question is asked. He pokes his head out and he can be heard bellowing at them to get inside. That does the trick and a final group comes in and finds seats. It's not a bad turnout most of the guards, at least those not on the wall, which is at half staff because of this, just about three-quarters of the population, and considering the other quarter are older and not fighting fit, or kids, it's better than expected.

Elijah just rolls his eyes, but is obviously amused by Avery's 'noted'. As for what they think they can do? "I'm not sure…but whatever it is…we have to try…"

Shrugging, Avery picks at her nails and looks around. She's happy to keep quiet and out of the way. Devon is studied closely. She's never seen a real silencer, then again, how do you tell? "Poker night sometime?" She asks Elijah, looking at the doc.

Devon shifts, watching the guards file in. He gives Quin a small nod, half indicating to start, half encouragement. What a weird relationship between the two!

Quinton nods back before turning to look at the group. "I'm sure you all know me. And I’m sure you've all heard about Devon and why he's here." The poet takes a deep breath, eyes roaming the group, "We'd like your help taking down the Mothership." They all have probably heard the rumors about that as well. "Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base is the first target." He motions to the map, "We need to free the camo kids of the bombs in their heads. And we need to get the intel that the base has." Quin's arms fold. "Once we have that, we needs a bomb." You know, easy-peasy.

Up until the mention of camo kids and head bombs there was the typical whispered murmuring of various conversations amoung people in the group. That bit of knowledge wasn't of the common variety and certainly shuts people up. "So you are saying this military brats have bombs in their brains like the little kids the aliens sent to blow the Reyes and us up?" the question started of calm enough to finishes with an angry tone quite a few angry looks and mutterings are thrown both Quinton and Devon's way..but mostly Devon's since he is the alien Silencer of the group.

Piper has been listening to the conversations being tossed around, and her eyes lift going to the person asking but then go to the map to pinpoint where this base is. Deftly avoiding looking at Quinton or Devon as she does so. She seems to recall that they passed by that place before, on the way back from the Scarbourough camp.

Elijah offers Avery a nod in regards to Poker Night, then listening to the information, already knowing a good bit about the bombs just from his own research and also having removed one before…but still any new information was welcome. He reaches in his satchel to withdraw his notebook again, starting to write down whatever thoughts or ideas the discussion brought on.

"So there are bombs in the kids and we need a bomb? Can't we use the ones in the kids?" Avery wonders and looks at Devon-he's the alien. She holds on tight to her boots and frowns. "Seems like the fort has plenty. How do we get in?"

Quinton's head shakes, "Not the same kind. It more just…fries their brains." Something Quin can relate to, and doesn't want to happen to anyone else. The poet runs a hand through his hair, glancing again to Devon, who then sighs and stands up.

"The Army brats …well, the entire army is a rescue mission. If we don't deactivate the bombs some how, they'll all die. The entire next generation of humans." Devon raises an eyebrow, "I'd rather save them than let them die." But then he says what certainly others are thinking, "But they're not the end goal. Getting a bomb that we can get to the Mothership is." He nods, looking at Avery. "Sure…do you have a few? Or just want to chuck a few kids up there?" He frowns, frustrated and sighs, "Sorry." Some of the stress is now starting to show on the handsome Silencer. "There's two options, we sneak in. Or we sneak in while there's a distraction."

That difference doesn't seem to set well on the group either. Brain bombs, throat bombs someone or lots of someones are dying. "Rescue mission? How's that supposed to work? Just about every kamo kid we came across has tried to kill us. They aren't exactly going to be welcoming us with open arms." another less upset than the first guy throws in. "And how are we supposed to get said bombs to the mothership? Not like we have planes that work." and then there is the fact of getting bombs. Sure the camp has them, but for safety reasons that has been kept under wraps, and only a few people know. Thankfully a few are in the room, though one doesn't remember that fact. "Distraction? So a small group goes in while a larger force attacks or causes a commotion to draw the attention away from them." well there is someone smart in the group somewhere. The baritone voice suggests it is Bear.

The fried brains analogy doesn't sit well with Piper either and is enough to make the stoic faced woman give a bit of a wince. While the question about having bombs was aimed at Avery, Piper does nod her head at it. Though who is paying any attention to the silent girl in the rocking chair?

Elijah meanwhile is writing hurriedly in his notebook, muttering one thing or another under his breath as he does. Calculations. Or his best attempt from memory. "We have a bomb actually" he says in a raised voice, though whether it was loud enough to go above the chatter around him was another matter, still he raises his hand holding the pen up in the air to try and get attention. Then, looking from his notebook across to Quinton and then finally to Devon he furrows a brow "And I can't say for certain, but…I may have a theory on how to equip…more…"

"Oh? Bombs like the one that made that carter out there?" Avery asks Elijah and looks at Devon. "So this isn't so much a plan as an idea?" She chews on her nails a little. "There's going to be casualties-both sides. Especially if you go with a distraction over a small group trying to sneak as much as possible. Monica's only made up maybe thirty of those guns with a few boxes of ammo…what about armor?"

Quinton sighs, "That's the catch, isn't it? Rescuing someone that doesn’t want to be." Does anyone else get the irony here? "There's a program controlling the ships. We need to deactivate it. Basically neutralize everything."

Devon answers about transport, "Some Silencers were given locations of ships to retrieve us before the end. It's flown up with a bomb and takes out the Mothership." Whoever flies it will also be toast too, but that's not mentioned. Bear gets a nod from the model like Devon, indicating he's right. Avery gets an eyebrow raise, "It's a work in progress. If we don't deactivate the Army brats, they all die. Is that an option you want to take?"

Quin and Devon both turn their heads at the same time to look at Eli expectantly. The poet asks, "What kind do you have?" He waits for Eli to finish that statement, that could be Important.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

There are more mutterings and some talking amoungst the group as listening to what the plan is "We don't really have a weapon shortage…it’s the ammo that's the issue. We don't necessarily need many weapons though for a distraction. Just the illusion that we are a larger force and heavily armed." this is Bear again. No one quite knows what he did before the arrival, maybe he was military.

When Eli speaks up about the one throat bomb he knows about her brow furrows. They have more than that. Where is Monica when you need her. A breath is taken and the woman finally speaks up, her voice may be soft, but she is fully capable of making it carry "Four throat, two eyes." she isn't looking at anyone in particular when she says it, she just throws it out there.

Elijah opens his mouth to speak again, to clarify, when Piper speaks up. Looking over to her a moment he'd look back to Quinton and Devon, nodding "I removed a throat bomb from one of the kids in camp. I didn't know about the others, but…Monica and I have also been experimenting with nanites and…nanite technology." The doctor pauses a moment, obviously not entirely comfortable with this portion of his theorizing, but it was necessary.

"I can't speak for certain because thorough tests haven't been conducted…but with circumstances being as they are. We don't have much time for all of that do we?" Eli shakes his head. Stop being so proper, dummy. "There is a way to reactivate deactivated nanites. This technology might be possible to link towards our existing technology to use to our advantage." He looks to Devon "Though I imagine you'd know more about that than I would." Obviously. "However, since I was able to successfully reactivate nanites…it stands to reason the same measures can be used to deactivate them as well. I can try…to find a way to apply that on a larger scale…in a way that might able to best assist the children. We can't just leave them to die. We have to try." In that statement he was determined. If they could be saved, by golly the doctor was going to do everything in his power to do so.

"Can we gas the place? Old police stations or national guard posts are bound to have riot control stuff-like tear gas or whatever. There's distraction and cover-if we can find masks." Avery offers and looks at the adultier adults. "We have ammo-for the guns Monica is making-and a way to make more ammo for those." She says and leans back in her chair. Maybe she could keep out of it.

Devon and Quin share a look, but it's Devon who responds, "That should eb enough. If you all think the Base is too dangerous to hit, or not worth it…" That's not what either man wanted , although Devon's trying to focus on the bigger picture. "We could split up, one group takes out the base, the other gets to the ship." Eli's rant though it picked up on, "The kids don't have Nanites, but deactivating any remaining Silencers would be smart. If we pull this off, you don't want them roaming looking for revenge." Them, like he's not still one.

Quinton Answers Avery, "Possibly. We'd have to find it though." A tall order, but not completely impossible. The lanky man takes a moment to glance at the door, a certain sister is missing. he sighs before glancing to Piper to make sure she's okay. "We're not saying this is a perfect plan, if someone else has something better, say so."

"Well right now it is the only plan we have." Bear is one of the guards and has enough respect and sway to at least get the others to listen, agree and participate is another story. "Ask Terry about the riot gear. There maybe some locked up in the police station here." this is added by Bear as well.

"How do we know one of those escape ships are at the base." the first man asks, though he is sounding calmer once more.

Piper has said more than enough and while her speaking up isn't as shocking as it used to be, crowds like this just isn't her thing so she has gone back to just staring at the map or her hands. When Eli begins is monolog about nanites and the activation and deactivation, well that's enough to make her pale, she knows the process for that and well memories. Her eyes slide to the door leading the patio, the closest to her, possibly planning her escape.

Elijah just offers a nod to Devon "I'll get with Monica and let you know what we're able to figure out…" A quick glance is given to Piper, but seeing the woman's features pale, the doctor's gaze goes to the floor with a frown. However, he lifts his gaze back to watch and listen to the rest of the meeting. It was tough for all of them. Nobody's journey in this new world had been easy. Sure in different ways, but still difficult for all gathered here. If they were to have any chance at saving their world this was something they would all need to face. Together.

Rolling her eyes, Avery sits back in her chair and huffs out a sigh. "Of course everyone wants to rescue the kids, it's a big undertaking and not a lot of supplies right now to do it with is all." She frowns. "Lets see about the riot gear-could be useful. Maybe Monica has some ideas."

Devon shakes his head, "No…The escape ship isn't at the base. They never had any intentions of bringing anyone not a Silencer up to save." Eli is nodded to, "I'll meet with whoever." And poor Avery, the very handsome man notices the huff. "It can be done. We just need to plan this right." She then gets a dazzling smile, he must have been a model or something before.

Quin then brings up the topic that they've managed to not talk about yet, "If this doesn't work, the camp will need to leave." Pale eyes flicker to Piper and her eyeing the door, "We'll need someone to take the kids and those that aren;t fighting out of here."

"Well we have the bombs, and you know where this ship is. Why not just blow up the mothership first and then rescue the kamo kids in the confusion afterward?" not Bear this time, but another of the guards. Lots of questions in this crowd. The mention of leaving brings up chaos. The whole this is our home. Where we going to go. Etc. Etc. It takes a few moments for that to die down and realization to kick. "So we are bugging out until it’s all clear?" the baritone voice of Bear again.

Piper isn't totally oblivious to the actions of the Silencer speaking to them. If she wasn't so twitchy today and it was a better day for her she might even roll her eyes at the charm he is tossing around. She can feel the eyes on her, and she daringly glances up to meet them, Piper knows Quinton is talking to her in that moment, and just as quick as eyes meet hers are darting away again, to Devon and then the map with its colorful tacks.

Elijah nods to Devon. He'd arrange the meeting…though thinking of Monica's reaction to that notion isn't pleasant. Still, Eli would reason with her. They had to work together. Quinton's words get a frown from the doctor, but he knew he was right. Still…they had already moved so much. That's all any of them had done since everything went to hell. So…here's hoping this worked so that the running could stop.

"Camp Disneyland." Avery murmurs. Devon's charm gets a quirk, it's almost a smile then she's picking at her nails again. "So…who all is going to focus on what and when do we need it done by?" She asks after a moment.

Devon shakes his head, "If we blow the ship, they'll detonate the Army and any throat bombs they can." it's a smart retreat-revenge move. "So…we can, but then we have to be aware that we'll not be able to save the others." He looks around the room, holding up a hand, "Sept 22. That's when they're attacking. Stay or go, if we fail, they're going to wipe this town." He smirks back at Avery, although he doesn't point out that Disneyland is gone. "We need to know who's wanting to volunteer." Can't make teams without that.

Quinton goes silent, he's a ball of mixed emotions, but the poet is projecting a mostly calm demeanor. Except a small from when Piper purposefully dodges his gaze.

They are know that there are potentially other bases out there with other Kamo kids that will probably die. They also know there is nothing they can do about those. It's still a heavy burden for them all. There are looks thrown around the room like there is some kind of communication going around. "I think most of us are going to need time to think about it." and probably talk privately with Bob and Terry about it as well "We will let you know how many volunteers you have in the morning." Bear apparently has become the spokesman for most of the group.

Elijah looks back to the floor for a long moment as the discussion is had and as he goes over things in his own mind. There was a lot riding on this. There was a lot to risk to make it happen…but more to risk if they didn't try. The doctor still wasn't entirely sure where his thoughts were with Devon either…but he was getting more of an idea the more he let himself reason it out in his mind. So, finally, Eli looks back up and gives a nod "You have my assistance medically and for whatever research assistance I'm able to offer. I can't speak for Monica, but be assured I will speak to her as soon as possible. As for the more physical portions of the plans…" He furrows a brow "You have my willingness to volunteer…in whatever manner you think you may be able to use me." He wasn't a fighter before. Now with only one good leg? Well…he'd leave it up to them to decide. He'd respect their decision either way. He had to do something.

Looking at Elijah, Avery glances back at Devon and Quinton. "Sure. I'll dive in. It'd be nice to have more folks closer to my age around here." She offers and leans the chair on it's back two legs, balancing and looking at them and Piper. "Might be good to get some young folks, no offense or anything, but you guys are kinda old…"

Quinton smirks and shakes his head, but there's a hint of amusement. He feels old.

Devon though, is not old and he grins, "Don't know that they'll come here, but it's worth a shot." But then the Silencer is nodding, "Yeah, no rush decisions, everyone think on it." that's including Avery and Eli. "I'll be around, come talk to me." He then head nods to Quin, indicating they should leave. no reason to wear out their welcome. Quin gives a last glance to the room, a brief moment of hesitation before he nods back and follows Devon out the door.

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