(2016-08-31) Moar Power!
Moar Power!
Summary: Carilena, Eli, Mon, and Rhys steal another windmill from Sunray. Mon gets smacked again. The damage to her is comparatively trivial (or she's getting used to it). Not so one of her prized posessions.
Date: 2016.08.31
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Monica has not (yet) been told about the events of the meeting, but no matter what happens, she knows she's going to need more power. If she wants to run the induction furnace again period, she can't just use half the water tank up without warning anyone. So today's "steal another windmill" day. She taps Eli to drive one of the vehicles, hopefully the school bus. She doesn't worry about rounding up more help. When you start cranking up vehicles, help just turns up. The school bus could really use a muffler.

Spending the morning on trash duty, Carilena is—about as happy as one would expect her to be. Cosmo at her side, a sack in her left hand, a grabby-claw-reacher-thingy in her right, she walks along, grabbing bits of detritus and stuffing it int othe bag. Broken cup, what looks like a cigarette butt or nine, some things she isn't sure about. Not the best way to spend the morning, but the drizzle takes the edge off the heat. That's one reason she wears comparatively little, to let the rain hit her bare skin and cool her off.

Rhys is not the type to go volunteering to help. Unless, of course, it's something to do with electronics and he's relatively safe. If /safe/ can be used nowadays. Standing around by one of the houses, trying to keep mostly out of sight so as to try and avoid being put to work. But Rhys watches the setup, a curl to his lips, blue-green eyes on the scene with a mild bi to curiosity. His gaze shifts a little, sliding toward Carilena, a brow arching as he studies the new target of his attention.

Elijah had agreed to help with driving the school bus…figuring it would give him more practice with functioning his new leg. At least it wasn't the leg that would be working the pedals! So that is what he's doing currently, sitting in the driver's seat and figuring out the controls. Oh yes this was a sight that instilled comfort in those gathered! A nod is given from the window as others start to arrive.

Monica closes the hood once the bus is running. "Okay," she says to Eli. "We need to be super-careful with this thing. If we need to evac the camp, and we've broken the bus stealing windmills…" She shakes her head and doesn't go on. When Carilena and Rhys come into view, she waves to them, and waves them over.

It's Cosmo who notices the staring man, and that look is returned as he pads alongside his human. For her part, Carilena is lost in whatever she's thinking about; probably not the most pleasant of things, but these days that's usually the better alternative. She looks up to see Monica waving, and only too happily stops grabbing trash, to head over at a slightly quicker pace. Curiosity is evident in her features, as little as she does to hide it.

Rhys curses silently when he's waved at. Tipping his chin into the air in a return greeting, he presents a faux little smile, a twitch before it fades and he sighs, rolling his eyes. He might as well see what's going on. Hesitating by the house, chewing on his lower lip as he scratches just beside an eye, he finally steps away and only partially approaches. Elijah he eyes sceptically, shifting a little uncertainly on his feet, and the same look is given as he looks to Carilena. Though his eyes drop, lowering from her face and locking on her mid-section. It's a pretty blunt stare at the scar. His lips twist as he suddenly gives a jolt, sliding his gaze onto Monica. "What are you /up to/?" His tone is curious, but sharp, not exactly polite. The dog, too, keeps him from a final approach. Rhys eyes the canine with unease, lifting to his toes and rocking back, as if ready to back away in a hurry.

"Noted" Elijah offers a nod. Oh sure just give a doctor with a prosthetic leg and no bus driving experience control of the camp's most precious mode of transport. This can only end well. He continues to study the controls before the leave. As the sounds of the others inquiring their mission sound, he looks to Monica to see what she explains.

You say, "Real easy. We're just using it to haul long stuff." She looks over at Cari and Rhys and yells "We're going to steal another windmill so we've got more power. I could really use the help, if you guys aren't busy.""

After a glance to her dog, Carilena looks between Monical and Elijah, giving a small smile. "No, we are just doing trash pick-up, she says, lifting the bag and claw-grabby-thing. "We would love to help you." She moves closer to the vehicle trying to catch the doctor's eye, an inquisitive look in her own.

Rhys' gaze flicks between Elijah, Carilena, and Monica - and of course, the dog. Studying the group, he seems to think about it for a time, lips puckering as his eyebrows furrow. He turns his head, looking along the street, before his shoulders raise and he mutters, "I might as well." His lips give a twitch, but the perverse smile fades as his blue-green eyes land on the dog. He juts his head to indicate the dog. "It's not going to be any trouble, is it?" he asks sourly. "'Cause if it calls a drone down on us…"

Elijah catches Carilena's and meets it with his own, giving a wave and a smile "Greetings." The doctor was generally fairly welcoming and friendly. Or at least tried to be. Seeing the dog, the door to the bus being open, he smiles a bit wider "and hello to you too!" His gaze shifts to Rhys as he asks his questions, but he lets Monica address him.

Monica slings her rifle over her shoulder. "They tell me there aren't any drones anymore. Which is too bad. I could really use another one in its safely shot-down condition. The ones I have are pretty busted up. But yeah, we should be careful." She slings her tools into the back of the pickup truck. "Here's the plan. We go to Sunray. Carefully jack one of the little wind turbines down. Unbolt the tower sections and the blades. Stick the turbine itself in the back of the pickup, because it's heavy, and all the long bits we stick in the bus. Then we drive back. Should take us three, four hours. I'm gonna warn you now that the gin pole on the tower… I'll point it out when we get there… whips around sometimes when you're lowering the tower. I got clobbered by it last time, so… be extra careful where your body is in relation to the pole.

"I think," Carilena says to Monica, "you will have to repeat this. I have not taken down a windmill before." With that, she looks to Rhys, seeing the man's uncertain demeanor. "/He/ is less trouble than most people," she tells him, her voice evennot angry, but simply even. "I think you are worried about the wrong thing." A glance along him, then she turns to the bus, to start heading toward the doorsgoing to lightly nudge Elijah's right forearm as she passes him. Cosmo looks up at the humans as he padds along behind and beside her.

Rhys locks blue-green eyes on Monica, a single brow arching, and then both his eyes narrow, clearly sceptical. "…Right," he murmurs out sarcastically. No, he's not going to believe that the drones are gone. Just because they haven't seen any… Silent as Monica explains the plan, he stares at her with an unblinking gaze, mouth slightly gaping open. And for several seconds afterwards until he suddenly shakes his head, glancing towards Carilena as his lips turn into a sneer in response. "Yea, whatever," he mutters, just barely audible, shrugging his shoulders. His gaze drops down to the dog, curling his lip as he says, "I've got my eye on you." Rhys brings his gaze back to Monica, offering a very simple nod, rolling his shoulders as he boards the bus. We'll just see how much help he can muster.

Elijah waits for everybody to board the bus before he closes the door. He starts the drive there. Here's hoping they don't die!

Monica gets in the running pickup, parks her rifle in the gun rack, wondering idly if anyone else is actually armed, should we run into trouble. She gets on the gas and cautiously drives toward Sunray. The roads are getting tricky.

For at least the beginning of the ride, Carilena and Cosmo sit directly behind Elijah. She keeps her left hand on her dog's right shoulder to help steady him as he lays on the seat, with her leaning over it to have a murmured conversation with the doctor. Her mien is definitely curious and even anxious, as she asks questions through a somewhat taut expression.

"You do know how to drive this thing, don't you?" Rhys asks Elijah insincerely as he passes by. He, of course, walks all the way down the aisle, preferring to sit by himself in the very back. His hands rest on top of a seat on either side, peering out of the back of the bus with alertness. So when the bus lurches and begins to go, Rhys jerks against the motion but otherwise stays upright. At first, he stands, staring out of the window intently, eyes squinting as he keeps an eye out. And then he flops into the seat as another jolt sends him down, though his legs remain in the aisle and his head still turned to the back window.

"We'll find out!" Elijah says with a big grin to Rhys. Was the straight laced doctor actually having a sense of humor? Who knew. As the trip starts, Elijah finds Carilena sitting behind him with Cosmo. Through his own replies he carries on conversation to pass the time.

Monica drives quietly, scanning the horizon for signs of trouble and keeping an eye on the road. She never realized how stressful that is when Terry was driving. He just… did it. She shakes her head a little, thinking about how she should have been doing work on the drone the last few months instead of… guns, legs, the sawmill, and any of a dozen other things she has been working on. "If Devon leads us up the garden path," she mutters, "it's probably my fault. I mean… I should have been…" she dodges a chuck-hole and flashes her brake lights to warn Eli that it's there. "…should have been…pushier. Should have gotten the drones sooner…blah blah. Ah fuck, pay attention to driving, Mon."

Quite less than pleased, Carilena, barely moving her lips or jaw at all, makes a series of replies to Elijah. She's really, really trying to not get angry at /him/ for a situation he can't control. Still, "…five days…" is clearly audible over the rumbling of the engine, the jumbling of the shocks, and the passing of the road. A thought occurs to her, though she's trying to "surf" the road even as she asks it. And that's made more difficult by the growing gesticulation with her right hand—which means it isn't clamped onto Elijah's seat for support.

By himself, in the back of the bus, keeping an eye out of the back window. It saves Rhys from having to chat with the other two, even though it wouldn't have phased him to rudely ignore them either. At least this gives him an excuse. Rhys inclines his head as he peers through the window, leaning some weight on to his hand against the opposite seat, which is there for support as he keeps guard.

Elijah keeps driving, replying to Carilena though doubting the woman would like his answers anymore than his previous replies. Still…it's all he could offer. At the signal of the brake lights he turns the steering wheel in time to avoid the hole, but it probably sends the passengers of the bus sliding a bit. "Sorry about that! Pot hole!" Then, just like that, they are back on track.

Monica eventually turns off the battered highway to an even more battered dirt road. She slows down to a crawl, feeling the road through the tires, the suspension, the seat… and her butt. The farm girl used to drive this kind of road all the time, but she worries for the bus. Getting it stuck would also be a problem. "If we survive all this, we need to do some road work…" she mutters. There are some really questionable spots, where the gravel has mostly washed away, but Mon negotiates them successfully, and always slows and flashes her brake lights at Eli to warn him. The bus. May be too precious for this kind of work.

Whatever Carilena was going to say is lost as she goes ass-over-tea-kettle, the the hard turn enough to send her pitching into the passenger side of the bus. The loud, dull THUD that follows isn't exactly nice, either. And Cosmo—just careens off the seat, ears plastered back, claws digging into the faux-leather though without gaining much in the way of purchase. he ends up sliding butt-first into the aisle.

Elijah keeps on the road behind the truck, noticing the brake lights again and managing to adjust accordingly this time without disrupting everybody in the bus. Until they got to a point where the bus couldn't pass, he'd follow.

Elijah keeps on the road behind the truck, noticing the brake lights again and managing to adjust accordingly this time without disrupting everybody in the bus. Until they got to a point where the bus couldn't pass, he'd follow. He does call back to Carilena and the others "Everybody alright?"

Carilena grabs onto the back of the seat with her left hand, the divider between it and the steps with her right, and pulls herself up. At least she's not bleeding, so there's that. Small favor, really. "I am fine…" she mutters, managing to be both dry and strained at the same time. She sits in that seat as Cosmo sprawl-crawls over to her, and she helps him up to lay next to her.

Monica breathes a sigh of relief when we arrive at the wind farm, still largely undisturbed from the last time. She parks the truck in front of the gin pole of the next small windmill in the line, overshadowed by the enormous municipal kind, still waiting for the start signal that never comes. "Soon," she murmurs. "One way or the other." She gets out and waves the bus around in the clearing so its back doors are toward the tower… but it's a safe distance away. The truck she'll risk. The bus? no. "Okay, let's get this done."

Elijah pulls the bus in, actually not doing too bad in the driving area. What do ya know!? Once it's in position he parks it and opens the door for everybody to exit, exiting after himself. "Following your orders, Monica!" he calls out.

Carilena hops out with Cosmo at her heels, heading around to the back of the bus.

Monica smiles tightly at the good doctor. She looks over to Rhys. "Could you disconnect the power and control cables between this tower and the rest of the farm please? Give me as much length on the wires as you can. It's a booger to try and lengthen them after the fact." She looks over Carilena and the dog curiously, then back at Eli. "Sorry if the road got rough on you. I didn't think the dirt road would be in such bad shape already." She blows out her cheeks. "Okay. Now that we're here, here's the plan." She nudges the gin pole respectfully with her boot. "This is the gin pole. The whole tower will pivot at ground level back that way." She points to the other side of the tower from the pole. "We'll leave the side guy wires on… those wires going from the ground to the top of the tower… and tie the gin pole one to the truck's winch and lower it slowly. Once we have the tower down, a couple of us need to grab shovels and dig up the anchors while everyone else unbolts the tower into sections and takes the blades off the turbine. Then we just haul the turbine up into the pickup, put all the long stuff in the bus, and drive as carefully as possible back home. In a few days, when we get another good day's weather for it, I'll need help doing the opposite… putting the thing up by the water tower in Stratford, but that's for another day.

Elijah offers a nod, listening to everything she explains and the orders she gives out. "Sounds good, Monica. Where do you need us? Would it help to have one of us operate the truck winch or do you think you're best suited for that?" He wasn't sure which would be the most mechanically heavy tasks so figured he'd ask.

Rhys finishes the rest of the drive on the floor of the bus, arms resting on a seat on either side of him. He winces from the pain when his head hit, but other than that, he's fine. As the bus stops, he grunts, complaining under his breath as he eventually rises to his feet. He stalls at the front of the bus, hanging tiredly over the front part of the seat. "A little bit rough," he protests sardonically, his lip twisting. His footsteps heavy as he descends the stares of the bus, his blue-green gaze is cast up to the tower. Then flicks his eyes onto Monica. His reply to her is a smirk, a shrug, and then turns to do said task. He'd rather be doing that than, say, digging. That would be far too much work.

Carilena does her work as best as she can. Cosmo is asked to keep watch, though it's partly to keep him out of the way. Cari treats him not unlike anyone else would their best friend; she cares for him and wants to keep him out of danger, even if they knowingly endanger themselves half the time. Even conundrums like that have to be gotten used to these days.

In time, the job is done. Mon avoids being clobbered by the gin pole right up until the last moment, when it falls over… and clocks her in the chest again. Nowhere near as hard, there's no question of broken ribs or jaw this time, and her coveralls soak up a little more of the glancing blow. The gin pole does, however, smash the back of the cylinder of her pistol with full force. Mon gets up slowly, eyes squeezed tight shut, and when she can breathe again, she says, "Would someone else mind driving the truck back?" She's not much use for the rest of the teardown, which was nearly all done anyway. In time, hopefully, everything is loaded up.

In true doctor fashion, Eli rushes forward as soon as it is clear enough when Monica is struck. "Take it easy. Is anything broken? Does anything feel cracked or anything?" Yep she was doomed for a visit to the infirmary when they got back.

Monica breathes slowly. "No… not feeling it my ribs this time…" She picks up her shovel. "All soft tissue."

Rhys works at his task, tongue between his teeth and a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead. He's given a task and he's going to complete it as Monica instructed - no messing around. Should be easy enough, right? His fingers slip and he swears under his breath as they're pinched. Ow. Rhys winces, shaking the hand of the fingers that were hurt, glancing over his shoulder. He follows directions though, and eventually calls out, "That's about as much length I can get." His tone seems to be permanently sour, but there's a touch of sincerity to the statement: Hope that's enough. Rhys freezes when Monica is struck in whatever task he's doing. He swears as he looks over, scowling bitterly as he hisses through his teeth. "You warned us to watch out for the thing," he bites. Apparently his concern comes out in annoyance. Whether it's because it means that it's because he should do more work or if he really is concerned, who knows. He is, however, going to make damn sure everything gets loaded.

Elijah frowns "Well that's some relief at least then…" He helps her up if she needs or with whatever before, after making sure she's okay, returning to his spot by the truck. He'd help load up what he was able, digging with his good foot as well.

Monica rides in the truck, her rifle across her lap so she feels a little less naked. Rest assured, the muzzle's pointed out the window. She doesn't talk to Rhys except to point out bad spots in the road, in case he's a city boy and doesn't notice them. Her chest hurts, her hip hurts where the pistol was clobbered into it, and she has a bad feeling about the pistol's viability as a weapon. But we got the windmill, damn it. Eventually we make it back to camp, wave at the guards, and when they ask for Cari's weapon, Mon drafts at least one of them to help unload the thing… in a heap near the water tower and the existing wind turbine that powers it. When the bus is put back where it belongs, still working fine, and the truck is parked beside it, she stands with her team. She nods slowly. "Good work guys. That. That isn't easy work." She knows better than to rub where the pole hit it.

Carilena stays in the bus, partly since there's little enough room in the truck, and partly because it's relatively more comfortable. Relatively. She's quiet, though, her mind on other things than the wind turbine. Like how five days goes by damned quickly when you don't want them to.

When they get back to camp Elijah helps unload if they need it, but makes sure to step back and look at Monica directly. "I expect to see you in the infirmary after this." It wasn't said in a harsh way, but in a way that made it obvious it was not a request.

Rhys is not very experienced when it comes to driving. He's done it, but, well, there's room for improvement. It's not going to be a smooth ride, grimacing whenever he hits a rough patch, cursing under his breath and making snide comments that Monica could at least be more helpful. He has to blame it on someone, after all. Ahem. Though thankfully she points out the rough patches, because he manages to swerve around most of them. Upon returning, Rhys watches in silence as he slowly tries to slink away. Yes, back to his solitude. He shrugs nonchalantly in response to Monica, barely gives Elijah and Carilena a glance, and murmurs, "Whatever." As he glances down to the dog, his lips curl only to relent and let out a sigh. Suppose the dog /didn't/ cause any problems, but he's about to admit that.

Monica nods slowly. "We gotta stop meeting like this," she says to the doctor. "A body might think we like each other." Well, she either winds up undressed or mucking about with his thigh tinkering with his leg… okay, nevermind. It makes her smile a little.

That curl of the lip aimed at her dog as they pass makes Carilena's curl as well—and an actual, if very quiet, rumble emanates from her as she passes Rhys. Cosmo tenses, but doesn't, himself, growl.

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