(2016-09-01) Big Mistake?
Big Mistake?
Summary: Angry Quinton is Angry….
Date: 9.1.2016
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Patient Room #2
This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

The whir of fans is the only sound heard for the moment in the infirmary. One is set up in the window blowing hot air out, while another is in the door blowing air in through a damp cloth, old fashioned air conditioning. With flushed cheeks, feverbright eyes and wild hair pulled into dual ponytails Piper is leaning in the doorway, empty glass in hand as the struggles to step over the fan. it really shouldn't be that hard, but in her feverish, pained state it is.

Quinton doesn't know what happen, just that Piper has had a relapse. He went out early, and is here now with a get better gift. Maybe. The poet steps into the Infirmary, but frowns, there's something…off about the air. Pale eyes rise and see Piper against the doorframe, looking like hell and he lets out a low, "God damn it." Ina moment he's next to her, "What are you doing, Savannah?" Unless she struggle he'll scoop her up to put her back into bed.

A puzzled look is given to Quinton at the cursing and then Piper is being swept up. There is little to no struggle, and she closes her eyes as a wave of dizziness washes over her. Even through her thin pajamas her skin is burning up. The use of her proper name has her giving a weak smile. As she is laid back in bed the water glass is pushed at him "Thirsty." and the pitcher by the bed is empty.

Anger rolls through him, clearly the gunshot wound has become infected. "Where the hell is Eli?" A hand is placed in her forehead before he nods, "I'll get you water. Stay there." He glances to make sure the window is open before hurrying out to get the water and ice, and a wet wash cloth. His backpack is on, but what's in it forgotten for the moment.

There is a look around in fevered confusion. "He was…." she pauses he clearly isn't here now. "Sleeping." running a fever yes, but mostly lucid at least. her voice is tired and weak though, typical for someone ill. Laying back against the pillows she picks at the hem of her shirt her gaze locked on the doorway as she waits for the poet to return.

Quinton doesn't take long, returning with ice water and a wet cloth. "Here. Sip it. I'll go find him in a minute…" He looks to see if there's any medicines on the nightstand to indicate that Eli might know. Or a note what to do. "When did this start up?" She seemed to be doing better Tues. The wet cloth is held to her forehead while she hopefully sips the ice water.

Piper takes the glass and does sip at it. She is about to put the glass to her forehead but he bets the wash cloth there first and a relieved look washes over her face. There is a precious bottle of aspirin on the stand, and an empty mug with the remnants of willow bark tea, but that's it. Her dark eyes haven't left him. "Last night." she answers lifting a hand to cover his on her forehead. "I'll be okay." she reassures him with a weak smile.

Quinton's frowning, worry lines forming on his face, "You're not okay, you're burning up. Do you remember the last time you ahem medicine? the tea?" The cloth is moved around her face some, and then her neck. "How the hell did this even happen, you were getting better." He's not really looking for an answer, just talking out loud. His hand stills when she touches his hand, "You will be. Just rest. I'll make you some more tea…see if we can get some rice cooked for you…"

Piper's brow furrows in thought "No." did she drink some…she can't remember taking any, but evidently she did at one point "Was I?" the fever maybe messing with her memory. The suggestion of rest has her shaking her head "Not sleep. The bad dreams…"

Quinton leaves Piper with a glass of water and a wet wash cloth and goes searching for Eli. He's willing to kick the doctor awake if need be.

At that moment the door to the doctor's room of the infirmary opens. He had stayed up most the night monitoring Piper and finally succumb to sleep awhile ago. However, never one for long slumber, he was awake again now and coming to check on her. He had attached his prosthetic in the room already so he walks out, spotting Quinton and worry instantly setting in. "How bad is she?". He didn't act surprised Quinton was looking for him and spoke with a keen knowledge for somebody who had just woken up…

Quinton's all frowns, "She's burning up! How the hell did an infection set in so fast? She was on the bend at the meeting Tuesday!" He shakes his head, "I didn't know what you've been giving her, so.." He motions, like Eli should go do that now.
"A fever is to be expected…it was on my list of possible side effects. So depending on the severity and other symptoms I wouldn't worry." The other man hadn't led with any other more pressing symptoms so Eli didn't seem too urgent yet. He did look to the poet though. "Quinton. Yesterday Piper wanted to move forward with another form of treatment. I proposed it to her and explained the risks as well as the uncertainties…she chose to go forward with it.". The doctor sighs, fully prepared for the repercussions that were probably about to come. "I injected her with a sample of her own blood that contained cells I reactivated during my experiments. In hopes of accelerating her healing back to what it was before…"

Quinton blinks, not following the doctor at all, "Another form of treatment? For what?" He thought she was getting better from the gun shot? He stills, hearing the words but don't quite sink in. "…reactivated…" A small step is taken backwards away from the doctor, but those pale eyes stay glued, "Why would she do that? Why would you even suggest that?!?"

Elijah frowns, obviously not pleased with the situation either. Not that that would be any consolation to Quinton. "Her body had been used to the accelerated healing and additional benefits of the nanites for so long. I don't know what caused those affects to lessen or her nanites to start deactivating…but that is what they were doing and her body was having trouble adjusting.". The doctor shakes his head "I ran plenty of tests on the blood and with our mice and had no reason to believe it would affect her as drastically as introducing active nanites into a bloodstream with no nanite activity whatsoever.". He keeps eye contact with the poet. "It is my job as her doctor to offer all possible treatment options. She chose to proceed with this one and since I felt the risk was minimal I obliged her wishes. As my patient."

This is madness, clearly. Quin's head is shaking in disbelief. Eli's words wash over him and Quin in a very disapproving tone, "She wasn't healing as fast as a Silencer, so you may have possibly…" he doesn't even finish, instead, "That's the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard." And he's heard all of Devon's excuses! Surprisingly though, he's not balling a fist up to throw a punch. Instead he shrugs off his backpack and pulls out a jar of peanut butter setting it on the counter, "You patient needs you, doctor." He's not going back in there, he can't.

The doctor listens to Quinton, letting him vent and admittedly surprised when a punch isn't hurled his way. "She wasn't healing in as fast a way as her body was used to and it was affecting her negatively physically, emotionally and mentally. My treatments aren't forced on any of my patients…nor will they ever be. Regardless of your thoughts about the course of action taken…it is what she desired for herself.". At the poet's final words Eli frowns "I understand. I will go stay by her and keep you informed of her progress. Or instruct somebody else to if you do not wish to interact with me directly.". With that he heads back to the patient room where Piper was.

It’s not a large apartment and Piper may be ill but her ears work fine. She is staring at the door way when Elijah comes in and looks past him to see if Quinton is following. When the poet doesn't show she looks confused and dejected, realizing that she may have had something to lose after all.

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