(2016-09-06) Staking Out the Base
Staking Out the Base
Summary: A group stakes out the nearest Kamo Kid base.
Date: 9.6-2016
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There was a semblance of a plan. Was it a good plan? Would it work? That is yet to be determined. Intelligence is needed before the plan can be enacted. That means a small scouting party has been sent east to Fort Worth where the Kamo Kid base is or as it was known previously, Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, home of a mixture of Navy and Air Force back in the good old days and Lockheed Martin. Now home to an unknown number of brainwashed teenagers with guns and a years worth of military training and any number of other military personal. And it is the scouting parties job to watch the place, try to get a count and get an idea of guard routines and any other information that will help with the infiltration of the base later. It's predawn hours and the group is outside the perimeter of the Base. One side of the base is water, Lake Worth. The rest is suburban sprawl with a mixture of commercial districts, mostly of the low income variety.

Devon is in charge, well…as much as anyone can be with this group. He has said earlier that they needed to find the second tallest vantage point to watch the base, Everyone had been given notebooks and pens to take notes. it was , hopefully, going to be a very boring and number filled day. "Is there anyone here with impaired vision?"

Quinton shakes his head while scanning the area.

For her part, Carilena has stayed relatively silent. Though she keeps an eye on their surroundings, she mostly follows Cosmo. His head is to the ground, ears forward, carefully picking his way along. They work as a team, and right then she's following his lead, going quiet when he does, relaxing when he does. They begin to head toward the suburban sprawl, with her trying to be quiet enough to not announce their presence but loud enough to be heard by the others, "Perhaps there is a parking structure over there, or a building with a fire escape?"

Kayla had told her brother she was going to help Devon and she'd meant it. She might think the 'plan' is awful, but she doesn't voice that opinion. No, she dutifully goes along with the plan as it's set. She still doesn't have a gun after all this time, but she has the hunting knife Quinton had given her ages ago strapped to her thigh. She gives Quin and Devon their space - she knows neither is particularly fond of her right now, but hey..she's here anyways.

This close to the base the only tall structures, like parking garages are on the base itself. There are a few buildings that are multiple stories, one being an apartment complex that has a decent view of the base and probably served as housing for the military people that lived there at one time. There is no fire escape, but getting to the rooftop is easily done from a third floor balcony.

Devon isn't going to choose everything, the handsome man looks to the group, "apartment building look good to everyone?"

Quinton just nods, he seems more interested in making sure they're safe, than doing what they came for. that's ok, someone has too.

Carilena returns Quinton's nod, then heads toward the apartment building. She brushes her left-hand fingertips against her palm to get Cosmo's attention, then flicks her right-hand thumb against the tips of her middle and index fingers in not-really-a-snap before staring and pointing at the apartment building. He walks a bit faster to lead the way, nose twitching as he goes.

Kayla keeps a wary eye out - they really don't want to run into any kamo kids. That'd sort of defeat the purpose. Nodding slightly, she offers softly, "Sure," in Devon's direction. She is happy enough to pull up the rear.

While the group trails through the apartment building it will be noted that this and quite possibly the surrounding neighbors haven't been touched by scavengers or looters. Understandable with the base full of Kamo Kids right there. But once they are dealt with. As the small group head up to the third floor doors are checked several are unlocked and one chosen to go through. Nevermind that corpse on the sofa it won't bother you. Thankfully it has been so long that the smell has faded. The rooftop is gotten to with minimal trouble. Truthfully Devon could have just jumped up while the others wandered the building. By the time the group is setup on the roof the sun is starting to rise on the eastern horizon, painting cloudy sky pinks and oranges.

Devon doesn't though, he keeps with the group. "If we stay away from the windows beside those on watch, we can scavenges well." They have a decent group that can take turns.

Quinton's attention is more about scavenging once they're inside. It's kinda his thing. "Devon, you should take first watch with someone else. I can scope out the floor underneath us."

Kayla is a natural scavenger, as much as her brother is - she can't help it. You never know when you'll find something useful, or when you might see it again if you don't grab it when you can. Kayla hesitates a moment before offering, "I can stay with you, Devon, if you want…I can take the second scavenging shift."

The smell may have faded by human standards, but Cosmo is notably uncomfortable as they pass it. Carilena has to encourage him with sotly-murmured words and keep his head pointed away from it with her left hand. She's not particularly any less inured to the idea of death than anyone else, but selective emotional dissociation is taught to those of the myriad medical professions for a reason. Cari manages to get him onto the roof, where she shields her eyes against the setting Sun with her right hand, her left settling on the pommel of her machete. To the comment, she stays silent, though glances at Kayla. So far Cosmo has ignored the man, since the group has as well, more or lessbut if the group's mood switches, she doesn't want him to be the catalyst for somethingterrible.

The sun is rising and across the base revelry can be heard. The signal for the troops to get up, dressed and get on with their day. While there has been some minimal activity on the base there wasn't been anything worth noting except that the main gate is barred and there seems to be actual adults guarding it and not teenagers.

Devon gives Kayla a grin, "Sure. Come join me." He's very…charming. it's unsettling. And then he pulls out the note pad and starts taking notes.

Quinton eyes Devon and Kayla , but then goes down to start scavenging

Kayla can't quite help herself - she returns Devon's smile with one of her own, eyes meeting his for a moment before dropping away. Inhaling deeply, she squares her shoulders and moves to join hi at the edge of the roof to take notes. Sure, she assumes he was madly in love with her brother, that's why Devon took him (they haven't talked about -that- yet, none of them), but she can't quite help but flirt back. "So…what are we watching for, exactly?" she wonders with an arching of her eyebrows.

"Booksmarked fiction, onthe Cantonese language?" Carilena remarks mostly to herself from the bedroom of one of the apartments. Cosmo sits at the doorway, having been set there by Cari to keep an ear out. And an eye, and a nostril, too. He sits stiffly, looking into the apartment more than once as his human rummages around. The books are tossed onto the sofa, followed by some shirts and tights before she's ready to call the bedroom finished for the moment.

As the strands of revelry end on the base below figures dressed in camo uniforms begin to emerge. Thankfully everyone has binoculars so it is easier to tell numbers and such. There are a lot of kamo kids, seeming to range in age from 8 to 19ish. There are adults too, but they are much fewer in number. Most seem to be going to what is probably the mess hall, but others spread out to other parts of the base either walking or taking jeeps. Yes the base is fully powered and has working vehicles.

Devon reminds Kayla, "Don't let the light reflect off the binoculars." And then he smiles brightly at her, "Numbers, weapons, patrols." He settles into a more comfortable position. "Adults vs teens."

Quinton is focusing on an apartment too, pulling out some foods and a bottle of top vodka. That gets slipped into his backpack for later. The mini skirts and corpses are left alone (one is wearing one!). The CD gets an eyebrow lift and that joins the Vodka.

Kayla quickly adjusts her grip on the binoculars - she isn't as good at this as Devon, clearly. "I won't," She snaps before wincing at her tone - changes and trust won't be instant after all. "Sorry - yeah, I'll be careful." She goes back to looking out the window before making a few notes. "So…ever gonna share the plan with me?" she murmurs.

Pulling sweaters from the hall closet, Carilena begins ransacking the kitchen—only to stop as Cosmo shifts position a little, easing onto his back left a bit more. She looks at him for a moment, and he looks back at her. Convinced he was simply getting comfortable, she starts ransacking the cupboards. "'Best when used by' is not exactly the same as just 'use by', yes?" she calls out, trying to just be loud enough to be heard in the next apartment, as she examines a can of mandarin oranges before setting them on the counter.

For the pair watching the base they can see that there are a number of aircraft on the base as well. A few jets and about six or so helicopters. There could be more air transport elsewhere on base, tucked away in hangers, but those are the only ones visable at the moment. One of the jeeps of teens is heading to a chopper and once there they pile in and after a new moments the blades on the top start to spin and the sound of the engine can be heard even at this distance.

Devon smiles at Kayla, "It's okay." He does get it. "You guys are going to disable the kill switches on the teens. Possibly acquire the base, or in the very least some weapons. I have a pod that will deliver the bombs to the mother ship." There. that seems simple enough.

Hearing Cari, Quin steps out into the hallway and offers, "We can still use 'best bys'. Usebuy is different." If theres' no more questions he beds back in, certainly there's more to be scavenged here.

Kayla bobs her head at Devon and, dammit, there's that smile again, and there she goes, smiling like an idiotic airheaded girl back at him. Why does he have to be so good looking? She makes a note of the copter, and how many kids get on it. "Oh, yeah, no problem."

A moment of considering the can again, then Carilena shrugs as Cosmo looks up at Quinton. It's close enough, she figures. Besides, the canning process is a time-tested one, so what the heck. A bag of marshmallows is pulled from another cupboard, then she grabs the can off the counter and heads through the living area. The food items are dropped onto the couch as she passes, heading for the kitchen.

Devon gave more info at the meeting, Kayla can probably get it from Eli is she wanted. But Devon isn't going to point out it's a one way ticket for him, Kayla may throw a party.

Quin throws Carilena a brief, but hopefully supportive smile before heading in to the bathroom. Soap is always needed. The dead body in the tub not so much. But the gun in it's hand is eased out and slipped into his backpack. He closes the bathroom door, frowning softly. those are the worse corpses to find, he thinks.

Kayla had been busy marking class projects, and somehow had missed the announcement of the meeting. It happens. Setting her binoculars down, she makes another note. And then she carefully sets her pencil and pad down. "Devon, just…tell me one thing," Uh oh, never a good tone to hear from a girl! Turning to face the too-damn-good-looking Silencer, she cants her head to the left. "Do you actually care for my brother, or…is he just a means to an end? He's gone through enough and I don't want him to get hurt…"

Who ever is piloting the chopper must be a newbie, there is a bit of a bumpy lift off with the helicopter bumping a few times agains the ground and swaying left and right before finally stabilizing and going up into the air.

Carilena opens the bathroom doorthen pauses, unblinking. She steps back and closes the door again, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath, thankful that she set Cosmo where she did. He doesn't need to seethis. He'll smell them on her, and that'll be bad enough. After taking another breath, Cari opens the door again and carefully picks her way around the trio of too-small bodies, grabbing a bottle of conditionerthen dropping it when she realizes it's empty. The shampoo is grabbed, then she spies a packet of gum on the back of the toilet. A stretch to get it without stepping onparts—then she hastily leaves the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Devon's only using his binoculars about half the time, go go Silencer sight! Pretty eyes glance over to Kayla before going back to make notes, "Of course I care. If I just needed a body I could ahem grabbed anyone. Quin's special." He winces at the helicopter. "Eyes front….I don't like that. There's either a problem down there or they're training someone new."

Quin's bag is getting filled with the stuffs. He starts to leave , but the spies a small end table with what appears to be someone's snacks for the night. A very expired bottle of Coke, box of twinkles and some mixed nuts. the snacks are grabbed. Twinkies will make everyone a little happier, he thinks.

"I care too," Kayla reminds Devon softly - at least they have that much in common. A heartbeat and she whispers, "Don't break his heart, or you'll have to deal with me." Protective little sister for the win! Looking back towards the base, she lifts the binoculars back once again. Huh

Eyes front is a great idea. Especially since the helicopter is heading right in the direction where the group is. No alarm was raised on the base so it is hard to tell if they were sighted, but it is a safe bet that if the two on the roof don't get inside they will be seen, and soon.

Returning to the living room, Carilena bundles everything together, wrapping the food in the tights, the shampoo in a kid's shirt, and everything together in the sweater. Tying the sleeves around the neck and waist leaves a nice bundle, which she hefts and hoists over her left shoulder. One last look around, then she goes to leave the apartmentand as expected, Cosmo lets out a soft, short whine as she passes him. "I know," she says gently as she reaches down with her right hand, rubbing his head affectionately. "I know. Come," She heads off as he gets to his feet, ears lowering behind him, tail drooping. Adults were one thingbut there should be an age limit on death. She's pulled rom her reverie by the window at the end of the hall. "Quinton…" she says without looking in his direction, heading toward the window to get a better look at the helicopter.

Devon turns again to look at Kayla, a very serious expression and he nods, "I'm doing my best not to, promise." He'll usher Kayla inside, grabbing any of their supplies from the rooftop to not leave clues they're there.

Quin Hears it too as he steps into the hallway, "Step away from the Window, Cari." He steps backwards back into the apartment he was just in for cover.

If the roof is a bad place to be, at the windows isn't far behind. Kayla isn't a coward - she doesn't turn to dash for cover until it is clear that the copter is, indeed, heading for them. She'll go inside though, without complaint.


1 Bathroom Scale
1 Star Wars Comic books
1 Bag of Mixed Nuts
1 Cans Mandarin Oranges
1 Bottle of Vodka(top shelf)
2 Miniskirts
1 Plague Corpse
1 Bars of Ivory soap
1 Music CD-Opera/Broadway-Artist: Savannah Delgado (a/k/a Pied-Piper
1 Plague Corpse
1 Box of Twinkies
2 Children's Shirt
1 Bags Marshmallows
1 Shampoo
1 Book-Fiction-Cantonese Language
1 Pack of Gum
3 Sweaters
1 Book-Fiction-Cantonese Language
3 Children's Shirt
3 Cans Mandarin Oranges
1 Tights / Stockings

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