(2016-09-09) Journal Entry: Mon finishes the install on the second windmill
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Summary: Journal Entry: Mon finishes the install on the second windmill.
Date: 2016.09.09
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<FS3> Monica rolls Electrician: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Jury Rigging: Success.

Once Cari and I got the second windmill tower put together and upright, getting it hooked into the system wasn't a big deal. Lot of work though. Mostly digging the trench for the new wire to patch into the existing system. That took most of the morning.

Once the trench was dug, and I got back from lunch (leftover venison stew. Yum) I ran black poly tubing from the new tower back to the wild power junction box, twice, just like last time. Then I got some more of that heavy cable we liberated from the power poles around the crater and fed the wire through the tubes. Checked the circuits. Always check the circuits.

After that it was easy. Hammer the new tower's ground stake in. Make sure the ground wire is hooked up right. Then wire each phase of its alternator to one of the wires in the trench. Check for continuity between phases. There shouldn't be any.

After that, it was time to turn off the wild power grid. Water went right on flowing from the water tower into the holding tank, spinning the main water turbine, so the regulated grid didn't even blip. We still use so little power (except when I have the induction furnace going) that we could probably run twenty-four hours with no wild power before we had troubles. This will change as it gets cooler, and hopefully by next summer we'll have the juice to run air conditioning. Texas is ghastly humid. That's assuming we all survive.

It was a little surreal. There I was, wiring the new windmill into the wild power grid, focused on getting it right, because I don't have many fuses left. Note to self. Use lead to make fuses. Anyway, the elephant in the corner is that for all this, the damn aliens may level our town, and every other town in the world, and we will really have to start from scratch.

I need to prepare a backup plan for that. I don't know. I can't haul machine tools behind Chester any more than I could when I left home. There are more books, even, than I can haul. And if I'm serious about preparing, I need to have my bad teeth extracted, or they will kill me. Vanity that I'm still hoping to find a dentist before they go critical.

I think Devon is sincere. I hope so, anyway.

This looming tragedy is making me nuts again. I wish Gabriel were around. Being with him…despite the risks…seems to help me stay grounded.

Which reminded me. Check the junction box ground. Good thing I did. It was loose.

In light of the lack of Gabriel in my life, I keep catching myself sniffing around again. Eli, yes. Ironically Devon himself has caught my attention. He's kind of an asshole. But I suppose when you're a superhero/villain among normal people, you're entitled to some arrogance. I don't really know whether he's doing what he's allegedly doing out of altruism or penance, but…one way or the other he sees the value in humanity. I can get behind that. Insert crude metaphor here. He's that good looking. That charismatic. I hope I can scratch together the time to make some simple wet photographic plates and get his picture before he blows himself to kingdom come. Or at least get a cell phone camera working, and worry about getting the image off of it later.

Because yeah. We're at the next big pivot point in history. He'll either succeed in his kamikaze mission and there will be exactly nothing left of him to bury, or he'll fail or it'll turn out that he was leading us up the garden path all along, he'll be home with his people, and we'll be fairly screwed. One way or the other, if there's going to be more history after this, and someone to read it, I need a picture of Devon. Lock of his hair. Something to remember him by, for better or ill.

I turned the wild grid back on, and let the old windmill start. No sparks, no fire, and the meters, such as they are, seemed normal. Released the brake on the new one. No sparks, no fire, and the meters about doubled their readings. This system is built out. For the next two weeks, at least, there's plenty of power.

After that, we'll see. I've got steel to melt, cast iron to cast, and thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammunition to make. And I need to find some top shelf Tequila. Must talk to Sophia.

Back to work. -Mon

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