(2016-09-13) A Safe Place?
A Safe Place?
Summary: It hasn't been found
Date: 9.13.2016
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The plan dubbed "Save the Cheerleader. Save the World." is under…wait, wrong show. The actual plan that the Stratford folks have doesn't have a name except maybe "That Crazy Ass Plan that Silencer Came Up With" the favorite one though is "That will never work, we're all gonna die." Whatever the name of said plan it is underway. And like all plans there is a certain percentage of failure, so the back up plan is to have an safe place for those people that won't be participating in the plan to hide out. A place that isn't likely to have bombs dropped all over it. Maps were poured over and a few locations decided on, they just needed to be scouted out. One location was a cattle ranch on the border of the National Grasslands. One of those places were people could pay money to have a "true" cowboy experience. The ranch was easy to find, maps an all and it is laid out before the group. It does't seem like anything is stirring in the number of buildings that make up the former dude ranch…at the moment.

Walking cautiously behind her dog, Carilena keeps more attention on him than on the surroundings, though she doesn't exactly ignore them. He pads forward, ears up, head down, sniffing as the pair make their way through the grasses toward the ranch. She's trusting his attention to be caught should the place seem less than deserted. A glance over her left shoulder, then she looks forward again. Not that long ago she'd have found all this rather pretty, but—a lot changes in such a short time.

Elijah is in the middle of the line, his doctor's satchel slung over his shoulder and across his chest as usual. Looking around, he keeps an eye on their surroundings as the group walks. For the moment he remains quiet.

Quinton's been quiet, the poet is busy eyeing the area and not walking to speak. Drama bomb waiting to happen, it seems.

It's been almost a month since Piper has been out of town and doing anything remotely useful save scavenging, and now that she is mostly healed up she is ready to do stuffs. And scouting the bug out location seemed a good start to getting back into her usual duties. With her rifle slung over her shoulder and her other weapons on her person she moves silently on barefeet through the overgrown grass. Mixed company so it isn't a surprise that she hasn't said anything since they started out.

Being the generally quiet sort, Carilena hasn't been a Chatty Cathy, either, and still sees little reason to become one. She looks over at Elijah, though doesn't say anything for the /other/ reasonshe's pestered him every chance she's had and the answer hasn't changed in the slightest. It isn't easy, of course, but at least she has other things she can think about right thenlike scanning the buildings with frequent glances at Cosmo, and as they near the ranch looking at others to see what they're going to do.

Elijah keeps in step with the group, the silent journey taking them closer to their destination. The doctor had come to offer what assistance he was able, in whatever manner he was able. Part of that entailed bringing his medical supplies…just in case. For now though he just tries to stay alert. At least he had adjusted to his leg better so the distance of the journey was not a problem.

Quinton's hand comes up, pale eyes narrowing at something spotted. "We're not alone." He's voice is low. His gaze is leveled on the main building and he moves forward to be closer to the group as a whole, "It's occupied, we need to go elsewhere."

Piper looks to Quinton when he makes the statement and then her gaze moves to the building the rifle dropping from shoulder into hands with a quick motion. She may be a beauty but don't let her looks fool you, she knows how to use it. As always she trusts the poet's judgment on this, "Damn." she says under her breath, audible, but barely. The question she looks toward him is obvious, "Where?" of course she doesn't ask outloud, it's all nonverbal.

At the comment, Carilena arches her brow, then nudges Cosmo's right hindquarter to get his attention. She breaks off, heading west-ish. To the others, she gives simple hand-gestures with her left hand—pointing to Cosmo, then herself, then an arc outward to the west that comes back as she points to the ranch. A simple maneuver, but the more eyes and ears they have around, the better.

Quinton nods, more to some thought in his head than anything else. his eyes stay on the main building, watching for more movement, but he's not drawing his weapon. They're leaving, no need for violence.

After having broken off from the others, Carilena and Cosmo make their way toward what looks to be ahouse? Maybe. Not the main house, of course, butwell Carilena really doesn't know, being thoroughly unfamiliar with such things. It's (probably) not a barn, and it certainly isn't a set of stables. Either way, she hunches as low as she can, keeping her left hand on the side of her machete, where the hilt rests against the top of the sheath. Taking the cue, Cosmo hunkers a bit as they near a wall, the tension visible in them both.

There is more movement, similiar to what was seen before only its a window slowly sliding upwards, and of course Carilena trying to be sneaky and failing at it.

Unfolding the map Piper gives a look at it quickly pinpointing where they are, or close enough, then studying the area between where they are and Stratford. There are a few other potential places they could check out and she looks up and around to point them out, but frowns "Where's Carilena?" and then Piper spots the other woman. Where she isn't supposed to be. Amazingly it isn't her not following orders this time!

At the question Quin turns, looking for her too. The movement of the window has him calling out, "We're leaving, Carilena! NOW!" It's directed at the girl, but he's eyeing the window. He takes a few steps closer to trey building, hands up showing he's not got a gun drawn.

Carilena looks up at the shout, then up where Quin's looking at the window. A snap of her right-hand fingers to get Cosmo's attention, then she slowly stands erect, hands stretching out beside her. She really isn't worried overmuch about the machete, so if it helps them to think she's not dangerous, then so much the better. She opens her mouth—then closes it again. Instead, she backs away, looking at Cosmo to make sure he follows suit. He's confused about it and waits a beat, but in the end gamely turns to pad after her.

Piper is watching as she flanks Quinton, the map is still in her hand, although it is in her left one in case she needs to make a quick grab for the pistol on her hip. She isn't going for it though nor does it look like she is to the casual observer.

Quinton doesn't move, his heads still up until Carilena gets close. He then starts walking backwards slowly, trusting Piper to have his back. "Everyone stay calm, we're leaving." Hard to say if he's talking to his group, or the group in the house.

When they reach the others, Carilena and Cosmo pause, the human staring a the ranchhands still outstretchedand Cosmo looking at her. There's a thoughtful look on her face, and after a beat she finally turns to follow the others. "We should return," she says as she lengthens her stride to catch up without needing to move /faster/ to do so. "One or two of us, earlier in the day. We come, announcing ourselves, and seeking to talk."

A trust that isn't at all misplaced, Piper certainly has his back even if there is that whole question between them. She'll back away slowly as soon as the others have turned and started heading off and once she is out of rifle range turn and hurry to catch up. "Let's survive the next eleven days first." wow…a whole sentence, and while Quinton has heard those often enough, Carilena hasn't heard her string more than a couple of words together, if that. She is then showing the map to them and pointing to a spot on the map labeled Dumas Country Club and points unerringly south, and since she is the navigator she begins to head that direction, once more falling silent.

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