(2016-09-22) The End and the Beginning
The End and the Beginning
Summary: D-Day is finally here, this is just one little look at it.
Date: 9.22.2016
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It's D-Day for the survivors of Earth. And while there may not be many now there could be even less if the programming on the Mothership has its way. So while Quinton and Devon are off taking care of that, a group of survivors, not only from Stratford, but from the other Texas settlements have grouped up and traveled to do a rescue mission. There was breaking down of various groups, each have gone off to do their thing. Some to sneak into the base and try to get the control unit of the devices planted into kamo kids, others to do other things. Elijah and Monica are part of one of the distraction teams. They have been given a number of explosives to plant around the west side of the base as well as some that can be shot off. Once planted they just have to wait for the signal for setting them off.

While Eli was not familiar with explosives, he was familiar with precision and detail. Add to that the fact Monica was on this mission with him and he felt confident they could pull it off. It didn't mean they would survive but they would at least do their part to help the plan go as it was supposed to. Getting to the next destination along their path of bomb-setting, the doctor turns back to Monica and waits for her to produce the device. "We are making good time. We should have time to still get to decent cover before they give off the signal." Hopefully…

Monica nods, and clips the wires on the last charge for this location. "Bet you didn't figure on doing surgery on a photon torpedo when you got out of bed this morning." Yeah, Mon's stressed. Plus she's been hanging out with Avery, obviously. Hence the Star Trek jokes. She backs away from the charge. "Decent cover would be good, yeah. I don't even know how much of a big boom this is going to be. Contrary to popular belief, we did not study explosives in junior college. Mostly." She crawls back to the doctor, and draws her legs under her, crouching, while she slips her M0 off her shoulder. "Run for the truck?"

The activity on the base can occasionally be seen through the buffer zone of trees between the residential area and the base proper. Considering what day it is the place is on high alert, which is why the distraction is going to be needed. Jeeps drive around the base, teens march in unison with rifles in hand, typical military base activity.

A small laugh escapes the doctor. At this point they will either die or they will live. Oddly enough each possibility gave Elijah a different sense of closure. "No. I can't say I did. Though there isn't a person I would rather be on the job with. You know what you're doing…even if you aren't confident in it yourself. I am" he looks to her and offers a small smile. At her prompting he nods "Yes. The truck would be advisable." Proper even on D-Day…go figure.

Monica looks over at Eli and smiles until the cold air hits her bad teeth. She tries not to wince as it happens. "Okay. Stay low, as much as you can, and do like rabbits do. Run a burst, then stop. Change direction, run some more, then stop. And just in case once of us dies today…there's um. I…" Mon sighs in frustration as words get tangled up in her head. Unless the good doctor resists, she'll reach out to grab his head and kiss him briefly on the mouth. "That. Just… so you know."

Elijah nods along with her instructions, it all made sense. Avoid detection. If detected, it helped avoid getting shot. When she is struggling for her words the doctor lofts a brow "Yes?…Monica…is everything…oka-" His question is cut off by the kiss though. His eyes close as his form tenses and, in the moment time kind of slows down. This felt highly improper. She was in a relationship…or wait was she still? Either way. His brain only has moments to process what is happening before she pulls away.

Sitting there across from her now, blinking a bit confused, he looks to her. "I…see…" Elijah nods. His brow furrows in thought a moment before he looks to her "Don't worry, Monica.I know…and quite frankly…" The doctor sighs himself then, "It's the end of the world…and I don't give a DAMN about being proper…" Just in case, and to remove any doubt form the woman's mind himself, he pulls her in for another longer kiss. Ah nerd love. Isn't it awkward? Very. Pulling back from the kiss finally he just looks to her and gives a more determined and firm nod "Right. Let's get to the truck…" followed by a small sheepish grin.

Monica tries not to lose all her situational awareness when Eli returns the favor, but… swept off her feet (well, maybe a little) and kissed by someone she's liked a long time… swoon. Or not. She nods once or twice, finding words eventually. "Yeah. Something. To stay alive for, eh?" She chuckles briefly. "Go when you're ready." Nerd love. Hell yes.

Elijah nods "Yes. To stay alive for…" It was a feeling the doctor hadn't felt in awhile. He'd nod and move forward, heading for the truck.

Monica stretches her jaw and shakes her head a little to clear it. She waits until Eli has moved and stopped, then makes her own move toward the truck, crouching low, rifle loaded, ready to fire with a moment's notice. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. We're just random livestock here. Don't mind us.

Seconds pass, than minutes, it seems like a long time with all the waiting, but it really isn't all that long at all before there is the sound of gunfire on the base…not part of the plan and the klaxons on the base start to go off. A few moments later, the signal that the pair has been waiting for comes across.

Elijah tenses. That gunfire wasn't part of the plan…but then their signal came. That meant they went forward right? Even if something else had occurred…the others wanted them to move forward with the plan. He looks to Monica and gives a nod "Detonate." As they sit in the truck he looks towards the base.

Monica nods. "Ears," she says quietly. She shrugs one shoulder to cover one of her ears at least, picks up the wires leading to the charges, and takes the nine volt battery out of her pocket. "Here's hoping the Energizer Bunny didn't lie." She touches the wires to the terminals on the battery."

<FS3> AU rolls 5: Good Success.

<FS3> Monica rolls Reaction: Success.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Reaction: Failure.

A few seconds pass and just when it seems like the battery is a big old dud, the first of the explosions rock the truck, the concussive force of it blowing out the windows, the second rocks it even more the third…well the truck tips over, nearly but not quite rolling, it rocks a bit but finally settles on its side. Someone may have put a bit more powder in those charges than was completely necessary.

<FS3> Elijah rolls Body: Success.

Throughout the series of blasts and with each further impact it has on the truck they are taking refuge in, Elijah turns and does the only thing he can think to do. Cover Monica and brace himself. Putting his arms around her he tries to cushion and shield her as much as he could. By the end of the ordeal the truck is on its side and Eli is on his back, Monica on top of him. Letting out a pained groan he tries to lift his head to look at her, slowly unwrapping his arms from around her once he's sure the danger has subsided. "Are you okay?" As for himself, he has several cuts and scratching along his arms and hands from the glass, along with a nasty deep gash above his right brow. Yep. That'd scar. Pushing his hands down against the dashboard of the truck for support he winces, pulling his left hand back up. Ow.

Monica finds herself thinking of the pounds of nitrocellulose in her pocket, and hopes the concussion wave isn't big enough to set them off. Of course, if it were, the wave would splatter her and Eli first. Then the truck turns over and Eli wraps his arms around her. She does the only things she can think of. She goes limp and clings to the M0, wrapping her thumb between the hammer and the firing pin, lest the hammer dislodge from the sear and add a high velocity bullet going somewhere to our woes. It's a good thing she did. The hammer snaps forward against the web of her thumb. It hurts, and leaves a small wound, but no big boom. She looks over at Eli once everything stops moving, and her legs, arms, back, head, neck… the web of her thumb smarts. She clicks the hammer back carefully. "Ow. Yeah. I'm ok." She looks at Eli. "We gotta get this thing on its wheels and get out of here.

Elijah nods, looking her over to make sure she's alright and seeming a bit dazed himself but they are alive. So far so good! "Right. Is there anything from the trunk we can use to help us turn it over?" Pushing himself up with his good wrist he crouches. "Wait…" and he slowly opens the door, staying crouched for now and waiting to see if their location had been discovered. If there was no gunfire or any other indicators he'd pop up and crawl out, offering her a hand once he was out.

Monica scrambles out, although she does take Eli's hand briefly, and leaves a little blood in it from where the M0 bit her. She looks around carefully. "Think we used enough dynamite, there Butch?"

Once they are out of the truck, Eli brushes himself off, again not putting much pressure on his left hand with the motion. As blood drips onto his shirt he blinks, wiping the sleeve of his button up shirt across his brow and pulling it back to look at the blood. "Oh…well that explains quite a bit." Like the suspected confusion. "Right. Let's get this truck back into a drivable position! What do we need to do?"

As the pair extricate themselves from the truck, there is a lot of commotion heard from the base, the usual fighty stuff, gunfire a few explosions and the sound of a helicopter in the air.

Elijah looks up to the sky at the sound of the helicopter "We have to move. Fast!" Heading around to the bed of the truck he looks around, trying to see if there was anything they could use. "We may just have to run for it, Monica. Do you think you are up for that?"

Monica looks around. "Rope. Rope. Seatbelt!" She scrambles up onto the high side of the pickup, hauls the seatbelt out the window and stands straight up, like someone on a sailboat tacking into the wind, leaning out over the side to keep the boat from tipping. Only tipping is exactly what she wants to happen. She flings herself back, hoping her body weight is enough to tilt the precariously balanced truck back over.

While Monica is doing what she can do to tip the truck back over and Eli watches, the ground shakes violently as multiple explosions rip through the lower atmosphere. If one were to look up the would see the large, five mile wide alien craft light the sky as the not only the explosives taken up by either Devon, Quinton or both, blow the thing up and with the payload of missles and bombs that the mothership housed.

As the first explosion sounds the doctor's form tenses in alarm, but he quickly runs around to the other side of the truck where Monica is and tries to pull her down. If successful, he'd crouch with both of them pressed against the truck now for cover. His gaze goes up to the sky though he just blinks "Look!" and Eli points up.

Monica lets go when Eli grabs her and it dawns on her that yeah, being in the truck's shadow might be good if there's radiation…she slips up against him and it, glancing upward only occasionally, watching the mother ship burn. "Oh my God," she whispers. "It…it's…"

Elijah just blinks and looks up to the sky in disbelief. "It's…over?" No. It couldn't be that easy. They had fought for so long. They had lost so much. Sure this had been the plan, but now seeing it realized he half expected some cruel twist to pop up at the last minute and take it all away.

Monica curls her arms around Eli and clings to him. "There's no… guarantee there aren't more ships out there. But they're not here. And space is…big. We might…finally…be alone. You, me, all the other people still alive." She blinks and finds a tear rolling from her right eye, followed by more. Her body shakes as the sobs come.

Elijah just holds Monica, letting her cry into him…still just in shock himself as he stares up at the sky. Finally though his eyes slide close and he swallows, letting the reality sink in. "We did it…" But at what cost? Time would tell. "We…need to find survivors. I…need…to treat the injured…" His mind is in doctor mode again. They had won, but their work was not over. In fact, in a different way, it was just beginning. "I need my bag…" from the truck.

Monica tries to choke the sobs down, not very successfully. She wipes her eyes and looks at Eli. "Probably… probably should sew that up." She gestures toward his face. "And… get the truck rightside up. 'Case… silencers or the Kamo Kids haven't… gotten the memo yet."

The walkie talkie the pair has blares to life, the voice in the other end sounding the all clear and letting everyone know that the base has been pacified.

It's not to far of walk to where the Stratford group and the rest of the assault team have gathered. There are certainly fewer in numbers and all over the base are the prone forms of kamo kids, not dead, just unconscious, at least a lot of them. Casualties on both sides were a given.

The gathered group is cheering each other, and there is a lot of hugging, crying and patting of backs, there will be celebrations tonight, after the teen soldiers are dealt with and then the real work begins.

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