(2016-10-11) Game Meeting
Game Meeting
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 10.11.2016
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OOC Center

The OOC Center exists so you can take a break from it all. We don't mind if you're just hanging out, but please do so here rather than on the IC grid. If you're IC, it's telling people that you're available for RP.

Monica breaks out the vienna sausages and little toothpicks.

Zenith laughs

Zenith greets Holden

Monica waves

Zenith wonders, "Do we know of anyone else that was going to try to make it?"

Elijah bahs

Elijah tosses that in here

Holden is here because he is hoping to score a date with the hot, snazzy little vixen known as Zenith.

Zenith laughs

Monica says, "bow chicka bowWOW…"

Zenith adds, "Only if you take me to see Billy Pilgrim"

Elijah points to tiny plot rooms for THAT, good sir

Elijah laughs!

Monica says, "I thought he was unstuck in time."

Zenith says, "Ok guys, we need to talk about the state of the game. We're kind of at a point. We need to decide what that point is."

Elijah nods

Zenith laughs, "So….with the way things played out and the defeat of the mothership, the genre of the game changes.

Zenith says, "Meaning , we change to a survival game, create a new threat, or end the game (If that happens, we can leave this open to sandbox play out any personal plots you guys have left)""

Holden is so glad we finally defeated the kotehrship.

Elijah swats Holden :P

Zenith throws out agg at anyone that mocks my typing.

Monica says, "survival, or rebuilding technology?"

Zenith shrugs, "Possibly."

Holden says, "You are asking our thoughts?"

Zenith says, "Yes. We'd like your feed back.""

Holden thinks the dilemma with the Fifth Wave as a genre is that it's very linear as a story. There's not a lot to explore if you aren't the main girl character in the book. Now that the book story is over, I think the MUSH is kind of over. We're down a ton of players (including me many nights), and I fear maybe the genre also isn't popular enough. The crappy movie did us no favors, too.

Monica says, "I think there's an interesting game to be had rebuilding civilization. Our new threat could simply be that over time people come here. How do we solve the problems? How do we make the town we've set up for 30 people work for 300? And so on. Also, how do we build a civilization that doesn't get on with the business of killing itself off like the old one did?"

Elijah 's only concern with continuing the game is whether or not it would have enough input from players overall as well as potential for continuous plot fodder to keep the momentum going to the level we'd need for it to thrive.

Zenith says, "Eli?""

Zenith nods

Zenith's going to be honest, the staff is kinda iffy on continuing. the story is , for the most part, told. We do have an offer to make though. We have been kicking around an idea for a different MUSH. If we left this game up for people to RP out their stories, and started a new genre of a game…would people be interested?

Monica says, "depends on the new game. What've you got in mind?"

AU drumrolls!

Elijah falls over

Elijah you can't sneak up like that!

Holden crosses fingers and hopes Zenith says, "Fraggle Rock MUSH"

Elijah actually would play in that…>.>

Monica might…not…

Holden laughs :)

You say, "That's coming back on HBO."

Holden cheers

Zenith grins, "Well, it's a Supernatural games set in the 1940's. In the hay day of the Men of Letters. There will be mysteries, and monsters to fight, and era things to RP out."

Zenith says, "For those of you that aren't indertested in the supernatural aspects of the game, we will ahem laypeople as well.""

Monica says, "Mm. 1940s. Dieselpunk goodness. Could be fun."

Elijah likes the idea of a known genre with the spin of pre dating. Potential for our own story and spin while still having the familiarity of the source.

Holden is all about WWII Men of Letters MUSH

Monica says, "supernatural stuff is hard to do well though. It can spiral out of control until you're in the business of raising new gods for the amusement of others. See also: Star Wars Ep 1-3"

Elijah nods "what would the guidelines for characters and such be? As in, alignment and level of supernatural that would be able to be player controlled? THAT'S what I'm worried about…moding"

Zenith has STed many years of World of Darkness. Less is more, I agree.

Monica nods. "Then when I say "Sabbatt" and spit at the same time, you understand why. ;)

Monica says, "Or "Mage" really was worse."

Elijah grins

Zenith says, "We're still hammering things out, but PCs will be limited to Hunters, civilians and possibly witches to begin with….I think"

Elijah nods "That is a good balance"

Zenith groans, "Yeah. No Sabbat or Mage."

Monica says, "in the traditional "made a deal with the <supernatural> sense?""

You say, "We will be using the Supernatural RPG as a guideline for certain aspects but not using the game system for it. For that we will stick to the FS3 and lower the amount of points characters start with to keep character from being OP."

Zenith says, "We are considering werewolves, vamps and psychics. But we will need to hammer out the powers. And same as here, only 2 characters per person, one will have to be civilian.""

Elijah assumes that for such races we'd stick with the Supernatural canon lore as opposed to other mythology and folklore? Since it can differ quite a bit

Monica doesn't wanna browbeat staff into running a game they've lost interest in. That never goes well. But my interest in a supernatural game is pretty limited, because I'm mucking about with that stuff writing.

Monica says, "But I'm just one player, and kind of an obnoxious one at best. :)"

Zenith says, "We want your opinions, it's why we're asking. If we can tweak the new game, so everyone can be happy, we will.""

Elijah nods "Monica. Would there be an interest for you if there were a way to balance it out? Like play a human focusing on interests you have for portraying in a MUSH and figuring out a way to put that into a supernatural setting?"

Elijah is biased because I love the actual show, but also the supernatural genre in general with beasts and lore and such…so I'm game

You say, "Lot's of tech was being invented in the '40s if that is what you are interested in"

Monica says, "Okay, full disclosure time. I just released a steampunk with supernatural parts to its story like, two weeks ago? I have a sequel in the works. I don't want to steal ideas from here without meaning to. That's my real paranoia."

Elijah nods "ah"

Zenith believes that all gaming groups are a community, even if we're just online. I want this to work for everyone.

Zenith nods as well

Elijah will be on the lookout for a steampunk cyborg doctor then! :P

Zenith wants a link to check out your book! :D

Monica will probably pimp her new book at you if asked, in fact. But anyway." Eyes Elijah. "Steampunk cyborg… two outa three… :)

Elijah gasps "I knew it!"

You say, "I personally wouldn't be bothered by that Monica, but I have a tendency to believe that originality is dead."

Elijah says, "Sorry I'm back on topic. So you are wanting a vote from us then?"

Zenith laughs, "Super cool. Care if I share on my FB?"

Monica nods.

Monica says, "please do. Just… I try to keep my virtual life and RL separate, so… :)"

Holden thinks it's amazing to be an author. Well done, Monica.

Monica says, "Thanks."

Monica says, "McDonalds would pay better. ;)"

Holden says, "There are a lot of people who are writers. To be an author is an amazing thing."

Elijah thinks Holden should check out this awesome book by an amazing friend of mine about bettering your RP game! :D

Monica laughs.

Monica says, "back to the subject at hand, yes."

Zenith laughs too. So many authors!

Elijah blinks "That makes me sound like an asshole! Holden is the friend! I wasn't saying he suck at RP I was making a pun!"

Zenith laughs

Zenith says, "Ok. Would you guys like to keep this open to sandbox out any remaining plots while we get this new game up and running?"

Zenith adds, "We already have the Wiki partially done, and can start on th grid asap."

Elijah laughs "Okay okay topic time. I honestly think 5th Wave has been a fun plot, but also feel we have kind of exhausted the potential of the genre presently. Maybe it's something that can be revisited in like a 'so many years after' if we ever want to come back to it, but for present time…I think it is more than fair to offer sandbox rp to close out existing plot so that people aren't just cut off cold turkey and feel robbed."

Monica can probably do some building. It's been quite a long time since she's done any of that.

Zenith peers…."Are you a coder, Mon?'

You say, "I have next week off of work thanks to one job ending and a postponement of my new job starting so I will be working on grid and coding during that time."

AU would love to have coder so she doesn’t have to do that!

Monica nods. "Definitely with the sandbox. There are plots that need resolution. And I was, once. I can do projects, but I really can't commit the time to be the codewiz.

Elijah says, "Honestly…if I can say it…you guys didn't even have to offer us that, so thank you. For giving us the chance to close out. Just supports my theory you guys are good staff that care about your players"

Monica amens to Eli.

Zenith says, "Like I said, we're a community. That's important to me. I don't want to be on a staff that doesn't take the player base's thoughts and feelings into consideration""

You say, "I won't be touching the 5th Wave grid except for a few aesthetic changes here and there, like reflecting the new name of the town."

Elijah says, "Honestly that's something I like about 5th Wave. It's rare to find a MUSH where the staff are that aware of their players and have the 'real life first' mentality. Also, for the most part, this game has one of the easier player bases I've worked with in MUSH and IRC play. I don't want to lose that so if we can keep this warped little family together I'd like to as much as possible, but I also understand this shift may lose us some people."

Monica nods.

Zenith adds, "But it will gain us people too

Elijah nods "Indeed"

Monica waggles a finger at Eli. "I'll pipe up when I disagree with the good doctor. :)

Elijah laughs! "You haven't objected to anything so far" ;)

Zenith eyes you two

Elijah laughs "See! I can make naughty puns!" *dies*

Monica says, "I dunno, that thing with the snakes? Let's not do that again. ;)"

Elijah gahs "F it! The clown episode! NO!" *clicks to next episode*

Elijah nods "It's ok I didn't like that either. Why did it have to be snakes?"

Elijah says, "So just to clarify, sorry if I missed it above, but how long would the sandbox plot take effect for? So we know how long of a window we are working with"

You say, "We don't have a ETA on opening for the new game yet. There will undoubtedly be overlap. We will keep 5th in sandbox mode for quite awhile longer and will give you all plenty of warning if/when we decide to shut that grid down."

Zenith deletes what I was saying, as AU says it better!

Elijah laughs and nods "Sound fair and good to me"

Zenith asks, "You guys want to hear the name of the new game? :D

Monica nods. "Sure… and this is based on a TV show?

Elijah wonders "So will there be an announcement on the bulletin board and website so people who weren't here know?"

Elijah squees "ALWAYS!"

Zenith nods, Yes, we'll get a summary up tonight"

Zenith drum rolls… "Supernatural:Lost & Found"

Elijah grins "I LIKE it!"

Monica says, "nice."

Monica says, "so straight 1940s, or dieselpunk?"

AU has no idea what dieselpunk is

Monica says, "bearing in mind that in the 1940s women were not taken very seriously in business."

Monica says, "Diesel punk is what happens when steampunk reaches the 1920s-30s. Very art decco, lots of themes like Metropolis (the movie) plus lovecraft fits in well. Stuff like that."

Zenith says, "Straight 1940's, with some lenience of the racist and sexist stuff. We know it's there, we'll not ignore it. But we're going tallow players to play what gender and race they want. NPCs may be jerks, but they can be over come.""

You say, "Nor were other minorities. We have discussed that a bit and decided to keep a lot of the racism that was inherent at the time as just BG noise"

You say, "And what Zen said"

Monica nods. "Okay.

Elijah nods "Okay so no throwing around racist or sexist vulgarities correct?"

You say, "There were small pockets in the south that had less problems with racism than other."

Monica nods.

Monica Waves at Rhys.

Rhys waves. :)

You say, "I would ask others in the room about that first Eli"

Zenith agrees. Just ask, or give warning if your character is like that (And staff isn't going to allow PC KKK members) (Sorry Holden)

Zenith's teasing

Zenith says, "Holden. Not about the KKK""

Elijah nods "I get historical context. I just mean if we could limit it or be aware of a player expresses an individual hesitancy against it. Wasn't sure what the scale would be"

Monica nods. "Maybe limit it to "minor " racist terms. Colored, for example.

Monica dunno. It's something she wrestles with working. Does she use racist language because it's period?

Elijah nods "Yeah like that. Again I get historical context and I'm probably just being over sensitive. Also partially worried about how it could come off to guests and new players if they aren't aware"

Monica nods. "That, yeah.

You say, "We can write up a policy about that if necessary"

Zenith waves, "Hey Rhys! We've been discussing ending 5th Wave (We'll keep the game open for you guys to finish up your plots) but are discussing a new MUSh."

Elijah says "Kind of like how sexual or abuse content is limited depending on audience. In the end I trust your judgment call, but just thought I'd throw the concern out there"

Monica says, "it also depends on where we're set. I mean if we're set in the North we're not dealing with segregation."

Zenith thinks it will be fine. Like AU says, we'll write something up.

Elijah nods

You say, "This game will be set south of the Mason-Dixon line."

Monica says, "okay."

Zenith adds to catch Rhys up, "It's going to be a Supernatural game, set during WW2, Men of Letter style.

Monica says, "interesting. What's men of Letter?"

You say, "Supernatural as in the TV show"

Zenith says, "Men of Letters is a secret society of learned people (Not just men) about the occult in the show. It's kind alike the Watcher council on Buffy….""

Monica says, "Ahh, okay."

Gabriel :D

Zenith says, "We're working out reasons for them to be station dina specific town.""

Elijah nods

Rhys has seen a little of that.

Monica sighs. Her best character idea for this new MUSH so far is… the main character of the next novel she's writing. :p Have to come up with something entirely different.

Gabriel hmmms?

Elijah already has a PB in mind…

Monica says, "Hey Gabe."

Monica says, "Someone want to fill him in?"

You say, "You're one up on me"

Gabriel says, "Sounds like Supernatural. ^^"

Monica says, "Very good. :)"

Elijah will be right back!

Zenith says, "Hey Gab! We've been discussing ending 5th Wave (We'll keep the game open for you guys to finish up your plots) but are discussing a new MUSh.""

AU has been looking at a time line of 1941 "There was a lot of war declarations in December of that year

You say, "The new game will take place in the 1940's"

Zenith does know that we're going to be , date wise, the same month as we are currently. And time ratio will be 1:1.

Elijah is back!

Monica says, "so open on December 7th?"

Holden says, "Why 12/7?"

Monica says, "Pearl Harbor"

Holden says, "What's that?"

Zenith smacks Holden

Holden says, "pew pew pew!"

Monica says, "When the United States entered the war. Or it could be 1940, when lend-lease was all the rage but the U.S. was still technically neutral. Much more complicated time."

Elijah says "There is a Michael Bay movie about it. I won't say if that's a good or a bad thing"

Zenith promises all explosions will be Michael Bay worthy

Elijah can at least accept that

Gabriel snickers.

AU loves her explosions!

Elijah feigns shock

Zenith asks, "You guys want to help us narrow down what our staff names will be?"

Elijah big eyes "YES!"

Elijah says "I mean…ya know…if you want…help"

Zenith says, "We have the theme narrowed down to 4 different ones. Items form the show, TVA damns, The Muses, Movie Monster Actors from the Silver Age.""

Elijah gasps "I'm trying not to be partial to the TVA…but that would be funny"

Elijah is honestly leaning more towards the Movie Monster Actors just bc of the genre

Zenith offers, "All of them will fit with the story we're telling."

Elijah nods

Gabriel would agree with Eli. ^^ Or Items. ^^

You say, "If we do dams I get to be Chickamauga"

Zenith's partial to Nickajack

Holden's preference is dams or actors.

Monica says, "#1 would be Grand, of course."

Zenith can't wait to call AU Chicka!

Holden would be Tellico or Boone if it was dams. Chaney or Cushing if it was actors.

Monica says, "Wait. Bleah. Sec."

Monica says, "Hoover."

Elijah grins "Cushing!"

Monica says, "Lee"

You say, "Hoover is to far west"

Monica says, "Oh."

Holden says, "Hoover's not a TVA dam. :)"

Elijah raises hand "I vote Nickajack!"

Monica says, "Ohhh. TVA. Tennisee Valley Authority. :P <- Westerner. :P"

Elijah says "And Pickwick!"

Zenith was just going to say that!

Zenith says, "So…we like the dam names? : :D"

Elijah grins "Yes! Then I can call you our Dam Staff!" :D :D :D

Holden laughs, "Best dam MUSH on the internet!

Elijah laughs!

Elijah claps "Oh this makes me happy"

Zenith hands out agg

Monica will quietly whimper. After six months of trying to figure out how to make more power for 5th wave, we'll be surrounded by hydro power. :P :)

Elijah catches it…with his face

Elijah says "So seriously what will we call you guys?"

Elijah says "Or have you picked out dam names?"

Monica says, "The dam staff, of course. ;)"

You say, "Don't you mean what will we answer too?"

Elijah grins "Oh yes…I'm going to like this very dam much"

Elijah thinks it would be great if we had Tellico, Pickwick…and Wilbur :P

You say, "Was there anything else?"

Monica thinks it's about covered?

Elijah shrugs

Zenith thinks Au should go sleep. We're good for now and will get more info out asap!

Elijah nods!

Elijah hugs Au

Monica hugs AU

Holden hates wiki css. ugh.

Monica says, "is someone gonna put a notice somewhere so new people don't keep signing up for here?"

Zenith says, "We will, we're juggling a few things, but we will get that up tonight or tomorrow""

Monica says, "okay."

Monica waves out. "Take care, gang.

Elijah waves

Zenith waves

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