(2015-07-27) Sharing the Findings
Sharing the Findings
Summary: Quinton and Piper bring Gabriel a few things they found. Holden is around drawing.
Date: 07.27.2015
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A soft and calm place. That is what Gabriel's cabin is at most times. The warm weather has him out and relaxing, though the drizzling rain has made him try to set up some shelter so it doesn't get too flooded this time. Humming to himself as he slides his hands over the things in his small garden.

It better not flood again! Quinton is moving slowly down the path to the blind man's cabin, the bag of sugar in his back pack which is slung over his good shoulder. His gaze is alert and he's constantly checking around. No lions are going to take him by surprise again! It's been a long day though, and there's definitely a tiredness to his step. Glancing over to Piper, "If he's not home…do we leave it?" Or is that weird?

Piper is keeping pace with Quinton as they head down the path. She's looking better than she did earlier and she did manage to get down her half of that energy bar, eventually. At the question from her companion she gives a shrug. She isn't sure about the protocol either. And it's not like she can come right and say that leaving it out is a bad idea on account on ants and other bugs.

Holden is seated quietly just outside of Gabriel's yard. He has his spiral notebook in his lap and his backpack beside him as he sits in the wet grass. He's watching Gabriel do his gardening, though he's quiet, not having told Gabriel he's here. He writes a few notes, then watches Gabriel again closely.

If Gabriel has noticed Holden he hasn't said anything. Though unless Holden is really close Gabe probably hasn't noticed, having been busy down by the lake earlier and then been inside the cabin. The rain also making it hard to notice people. Hearing the sound of Piper and Quinton as they draw closer has him turning his attention in their direction, giving a small wave.

The backpack on Quin's shoulder is shifted as the man walks, 'Hello…robert, Thomas." The greetings are directed at both men. "…Come bearing gifts." This will teach Gab to promise Quinton food! Holden gets a head tilt, slightly confused on what the teen is doing…in the wet grass…away from Gabriel.

Piper is removing her own backpack as Quinton greets both men, waving to Gabriel would be pointless since he can't see it. And while Holden was noticed sitting to the side so doesn't greet him, just gives him a peculiar look as well before pulling an fruit bowl out of her pack. Some would call the bowl ugly, she would call it more retro…'70's kitch maybe.

Holden closes his notebook, squinting one eye for a moment, dissatisfied his observation time has been disrupted. He pushes up to his feet, leaving a wet dark patch on his butt and he picks up his backpack. Taking a moment to shove his notebook into it, he lumbers over to where the others are, tugging a bit on his Darth Vader T-shirt. "Hey Q. Gabe." And then he points at Pied Piper, "You talking yet?"

Gabriel does grip his nearby stick and nods to Quin. "Hello folks." He offers, hearing the amount of feet approaching. Perhaps guessing about it being someone else there, due to Quin's greeting. Not knowing much about the retro looking bowl. Hearing the approaching Holden as well. "Hello." He greets him as well. At least he isn't jumping or upset. Trying to place to voice. "How are you all? What brings you out?"

"Sugar." That's pretty straightforward. "Found two bags…one's for you…" As Quin explains he unslings his backpack and unzips it. Holden get's a slight frown when he throws the question at Piper, but won't answer for the girl. He will offer, "And a bowl you might want…" Maybe.

Holden just gets a look from Piper, nope, still not talking. Not for lack of trying earlier, but it just didn't work out for her. The bowl is handed to Quinton as well. Gabriel is blind, maybe he won't care that it looks like a neon pink, green and orange acid trip threw up on it.

Holden sighs, his shoulders slumping. "I rode the short bus to the apocalypse. Awesome." He folds his arms over his chest and shifts his weight from one leg to the other.

Gabriel most likely doesn't mind what it looks like, "Ah, thank you. Want anything to bring back?" He asks and gestures, "I might have some cured fish inside as well." He suggests. Taking the things if offered to him. If the bowl is handed over he will explore it with his hands, feeling any bumps or anything, or how smooth it feels. Glancing with a raised brow at Holden. "You seem able to entertain yourself at least, or at the very least stay alive." He suggests and grins. Attention back to Piper. "At least talking isn't the only way to communicate."

The bag of sugar is placed in the blow before Quin takes a few steps towards Gab and then stops and turns to look at the teen. After the week Quinton has, the fact he's not beating Holden with said ugly fruit bowl is saying something. But his fingers tighten, going white knuckled. A deep breath is taken before he hands the bowl over, "No…thanks anyway." Quin seems to be talking almost normal today. Well, it's certainly more than before.

Piper may not be a talker but she knows an insult when she hears one. Good thing she is past the worst of the hormonal stages of being pregnant or Holden would probably be nursing a bloody nose. Especially with the emotional day she has had. She gives a annoyed huff as she eyes him unpleasantly, then turns on her bare heel and stalks away toward camp.

Holden shakes his head, "Staying alive is often as much luck as it is skill, old man," Holden answers Gabriel. He looks upward, annoyed, "Is it EVER gonna stop this raining? Man…" He huffs.

Gabriel is glad that neither Piper or Quinton lose it. Taking the things and bowing his head. "Thank you." Grinning over at Holden as well. "Perhaps. Though some fail despite the luck." He suggests. Grinning about the weather. "Yesterday ws okay." Moving to put the bowl of sugar inside the cabin before he will return.

Quinton turns glaring at Piper briefly. She's abandoning him! he ignores the kid, so he doesn't say anything mean, instead he nods, telling Gabriel, "If…If you can make shakes, like you said….Piper could use it." He worries for the pregnant girl. "I can find you other ingredients…"

Holden cocks his head, "Shakes?" He unfolds his arms and steps closer. "Like… Milk. Shakes?" He walks over all the way to them. "You can make milk shakes???"

Gabriel smiles and nods. ""IF Jade is able to help out with the dairy, if the cows can help with that. After which I think I should be able to do something. Might take a little time, though we shall see." Listening to them both. "Ah, I see." About Piper needing it. Before nodding about ingredients. "Thanks, and I will try."

Quinton glances at the approaching teen, "As close as we can." He shifts, reaching up to rub at his left shoulder gently. It's where he was shot at, and probably shouldn't be carrying stuff, much less out scavenging. "Jade's cows will…just give them time…" He hopes, anyway.

"We have cows," Holden says, more to himself than anyone else. He looks back at the two other men, "Does anyone know how to raise a cow?"

Gabriel nods, "I believe Jade knows." He suggests with a small shrug. "And probably a few others." Listening to Quinton. "Thanks. Though I shouldn't be keep the two of you." Since Piper left already.

Quinton agrees, "Jade." They're her cows, she better. He nods, shifting again, "Be well, Gabriel." Holden is given a brief glance before the poet turns to start walking back towards camp.

Holden nods, "Cool." He sniffs, and then turns to head back to his own tent.

Gabriel nods and does head back towards his cabin. "See you." He offers to them before heading inside for now.

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