Overused Concepts
  • Military/Police/Avid Survivalist Backgrounds/Musicians (We have enough to start a small orchestra already)
  • Characters with Pro+ Action Skills. More background skills, please. This means NO Veteran level action skills!
  • Silencers: To app a Silencer you must speak to staff first. We are limiting the number of Silencers. Appers for Silencers must have read the books, be willing to work with staff to help push plots along, be active RPers, willing to occasionally run scenes as well as log and post scenes to the wiki-site.
  • Siblings - The plague decimated entire families. The fact that your character survived is rare enough; that someone else in your family survived as well is equally rare. You can say that you possibly have living family in your background, but until further notice they are not up for application.
  • Beautiful/Handsome People - Looks are subjective. What one person finds attractive, others might not. Please try to keep subjective metaphors out of your character's description. Such things should be saved for characters that actually have Beauty/Attractive/Handsome/Gorgeous, etc, as actual Quirks on their sheets, and even then keep it to one or two, and try not to beat people over the head with it.
  • Mute/Non-Talkers - We have three of these already, statistically that is improbable, but that's how it has worked. No more please. :)
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