As always, policies are a work in progress.

Here are the important ones:

1. I'm 18 years and older.

2. I have read or will read the following: http://wadewilson.livejournal.com/11285.html

3. As a person who is 18 years and older I agree to act like the adult that I am.

4. I will follow the W.W.B.D guideline. Translation: If you can't say anything nice, shut your piehole.

5. As Wil Wheaton frequently says: "Don't be a dick!"

6. Future policies may be added during the game's lifetime. These policy additions/changes will be announced. You agree to those too.

7. And most importantly: Have Fun!

Alt Policy

In order to keep concepts from getting over done or apped and then never played, we are putting into play a two alt policy. Meaning you can only have two approved IC characters at one time. In addition to this we are putting an app waiting period into play. There will be a two week waiting period between apps. The clock will start when your first alt is approved.


I know some of you are wondering about the TS policy at the 5th Wave. Please keep in mind that this is an RP game, not a TS game. We ask that you keep it in the realms of IC and to a minimum. Under no circumstances TS in a public area. Please limit that to a locked TP room or your own private area. I also ask that you don't post any logs containing TS. Any logs containing TS will be removed and action will be taken. Thank you.


Here at The 5th Wave all RP between players in non-staff run scenes are to be considered consent based. Nothing can be done to your character if you don’t want it to, nor can you do something to another person’s character if they don’t want it to. This is most generally seen in scenes that involve violence and combat but also in scenes of a psychological or sexual nature. If you feel forced into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact staff.

There will be scenes that are non-consent based. These scenes will be run by staff and a warning will be given so that those that are uncomfortable with something happening to their character can back out. While staff has no intention of purposefully killing or causing irreparable harm to characters, these things can happen.

Please remember that ICA-ICC. If your character does something bad and they get caught they will be punished in an IC fashion, please be prepared to accept that.

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