Carpenter - You build things with wood, or maintain and help upkeep the buildings that make up the Camp.

Enforcer - The camp has rules, you are there to make sure those rules are followed and to deal with the people that break them.

Farmer - Hunting and Gathering will only bring in so much food wise. You deal with growing those plants common in gardens as well as the livestock that the Camp has managed to collect from abandoned farms.

Food Prep- You may have been a chef or cook before the Arrival, or you may have just cooked for yourself or your family, either way you make sure everyone gets at least one hot, prepared meal a day, usually the evening one.

Gatherer - You make yourself useful by searching through the surrounding areas for plants, berries, etc that can either be eaten or used medicinally. You may do some fishing as well.

Guard - You keep the camp safe from bandits. Or you guard the supplies to make sure no one is stealing or hording.

Hunter - You go out an hunt wild animals to provide the camp with food. You may do some fishing as well.

Medic - You have some sort of medical training. You could have been an actual doctor before the arrival, nurse, paramedic, even a Vet. You deal with injuries and illnesses that happen in the camp.

Other - Nomads and Bandits fall into this category. As do any other position that is not listed.

Scavenger - You leave the camp for extended periods to scavenge in local and not so local towns and cities to gather necessary items for the camp. This is a dangerous position as you put yourself at risk of being killed by bandits or anti-human Silencers.

Technician - The initial attack, an EMP blast that took out anything electronic on a world wide scale made just about anything that ran on electricity useless. It's your job to get the stuff working again. Or figure out ways for everyone to live without them.

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