Guide to Scavenging

Scavenging is an essential part of life on The 5th Wave. Accordingly, the MUSH is equipped with a system designed to simulate such activities (using the scavenger's Search skill). The MUSH will run some behind-the-scenes numbers, and then generate a list of items found, if anything. Higher Search skill means better loot-finding opportunity, but don't be surprised if you come up empty (such is life). The reverse is also true: just because you're not the best scavenger doesn't mean you won't get lucky, once or twice, and turn up a big haul.

Do note that scavenging is limited to four times per day, and must be included in a logged/published scene for the results to count.


To initiate a scavenging attempt, type: +scavenge

Scavenging Tips

If you're looking for…

Try searching..

Forks, spoons, menus Restaurants
Clothes, knick-knacks, housewares,
books, children's items
Residential areas, [*]Houses
Personal hygiene, medical items Pharmacies, stores, houses, residential areas
Automotive parts Auto shops, parking lots, dealerships, junkyards
Books Schools, residential areas
Office supplies Offices, schools, dealerships
Medical supplies Pharmacies, doctor's offices
Livestock Rural areas (Road 15, Two Mile Road)

[*] There are 'rare' drops that can only be found in Houses (boarded or otherwise)

If you are looking for something not on this list, Au can tell you where to look or, if there isn't a location for that type of item, set it up for you.

Logs Featuring Scavenging


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