This is a list that will be used for the scavenging code. Please feel free to fix any spelling errors (Typing definitely isn't my forte!)-Zen
I did. - Au

1st level

Spiderman comic books
Guardians of The Galaxy collectable figures
Plastic Army men
Bag of marbles
Clown doll
Nail Polish
Signed photo of Bill Shatner
Bubble pipe
Pot holders
Ceramic Elvis bust
Box of "Hello my name is _" Stickers
Book - Fiction - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Plastic bag filled with plastic bags
Friendship bracelet craft package
Barbie Doll
Clip on earrings
Box of hair dye
Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Cards
Laundry Basket
Paper plates
Electric razor
Fremont Tigers High School T-Shirt-Black and Gold
Raw Hide Bones
Teddy bear
Ugly fruit bowl
Antique coke bottles
Dog Bowl
Contact case
Make up bag
Peter Pan on DVD
Wall crucifix
Disco ball
Teenage Girl's Diary
Box of legos
Post its
Big Busty Asian Porn Mag
McDonald Workers name badge for Cindy
Marti Graz Beads
Cat toys
Christmas tree
Christmas decorations
Box of Valentines-all addressed to Tanya
Stale Halloween Candy
Silk flowers
Plastic Fruit
Aquarium supplies
Metal Dragon fly Wall Décor
Pretty table runner
Play dough
Cookie cutters
Plastic wear
Tea kettle
Battery operated clock
Package of multi colored straws
Remote control for a stereo system
Photo frames with 2014 graduate pics
Bathroom Scale
Tennis racket
Soccer ball
Coloring books
Color pencils
Sketchbook-half filled
Stress Relief hand lotion
Oil painting in frame of scenery
Doc McStuffin's Big wheel
Handicap parking tags
Board game Sorry
Box of assorted beads
Empty can of chew
Plastic Halloween pumpkin
Small Doll House
Star Wars Comic books
Baby shower Invites-Unopened
Fridge magnets
Disney collectable glasses
World’s greatest grandma coffee mug-chipped
Microwave popcorn
See Rock City Bird House
Cook Book
Man's wedding ring
Throw Rug
Box of toothpicks
Beatles records
Lady's purse
Baby powder
Wall Wreath
Man's wallet
Music Box
Glow sticks (3)
Cheap tea bags
Ponytail Holders
1/2 box of SpongeBob Band-Aids
Loki Plushie
$2.44 in spare change
Jack Flag Trading Card
Map of Fremont
Misc. Music CDs
Book - Fiction - Bodice Ripper
Book - Fiction
Book - Non-Fiction - Autobiography
Book - Non-Fiction - Celebrity Cookbook
Book - Fiction - Sci-Fi
Book - Fiction - Fantasy
Book - Fiction - Thriller
Book - Non-Fiction - Dictionary
Book - Non-Fiction - Encyclopedia
Book - Children's
Magazine - Sports
Magazine - Fashion
Magazine - Music
Ball of yarn
Small home first aid kit
Music CD - New Age- Artist: Savannah Delgado (a/k/a Pied-Piper)
Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells
Pair of Converse
1 Walkie-Talkie
AAA Batteries
Book - Nonfiction - Kama Sutra
Book - Poetry - Edgar Allen Poe
Book - Fiction - Tales of Brothers Grimm
Sheet Music w/Lyrics - Guitar
Sheet Music w/Lyrics - Piano
Book - Non-Fiction -Hug Therapy
Book Non-Fiction - Chicken Soup for the Soul

2nd level

TMNT and other Strangeness RPG
Prom Tiara
Plastic Dinos
Half a bottle of Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets
Dinosaur Poster
Camera and bag
Hair gel
Sewing kit
Kiddie smoke bombs
Magazine - National Geographic
Magnifying glass
Jar of Honey
4 Cheap Plastic Lighters
Scotch tape
Bicycle pump
Travel Water Bottle
Traveled Back pack with different patches
Cub's baseball hat
Light bulbs
Harry Potter Gryffindor Skateboard
Electrical wires
Box of Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
Pad of paper
Handful of pens-all from different places
Ball of twine
Deck of cards
Uncooked noodles
Decorative Pillow
Fuzzy handcuffs
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Contact Solution
Potato masher
Salt and pepper shakers-empty
Hand Held Can opener
Guitar strings
Tobacco Pipe
Gardening gloves
Stale coffee
Tea bags
6 Hershey chocolate bars
Compass and protractor
Feminine products
Broom and dustpan
Men's tighty whities
Woman's undies
Tape Measure
Hair brush
Package of TP rolls
Box of Kleenex
Bars of Ivory soap
Leather cord
Jar of nails
Duct Tape
Ski Masks
A small container of loose leaf tea
Book - Fiction - Ready Player One
tea strainer
A package of mushroom Top Ramen
Hair Ribbons
Pistol Mag (empty)
Hello Kitty duck tape
Box of Twinkies
Package of Poptarts
Gauze Bandage & Medical Tape
Knitting Needles
Crochet Hook
Book - Non-Fiction - Knitting For Beginners
Can cat food
Can dog food
Snake bite kit
3 pack Condoms
Book - Non-Fiction - The Religion of the Samurai: A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan
Book - The Art of War bu Sun Tzu
Magazine - National Geographic

3rd level

Bottle of Tequila
Bottle of Rum
Off Bug repellent
Half a bag of Charcoal
Bottle of Vodka
Fishing tackle box-old
Crank Flashlight
Baseball bat
Camping Cookbook
Lap top
Trench coat with pocket knife
Spice rack
Fire Extinguisher
Prenatal Vitamins-half full
Vitamin C chews
Jug of powdered protein
Granola bars
Power tools
Chain Saw-gas powered
Ninja mask
Reading Glasses
Mountain bike
Bike Helmet
Propane Grill
Propane tank
Marble Chess Board
Tool Box
Fishing pole
Bottle of Robutussin
Bottle of Aspirin (5 left)
Half box Shotgun shells (25 total)
Pistol Mag w/5 bullets
A bottle of Pepsi
A bottle of Dr.Pepper
Powdered Chocolate Quik
A baggie of some 'fragrant' green herb
Book - Non-Fiction - Military Survival Manual
Book - Non-Fiction - Army Field Medicine
Bottle of Antibiotics - (8 left)
Partial tube of Antibiotic Ointment
First-Aid Kit - Medical Grade
Wind-Up Watch
Book - Boy Scout Manual
Book - Emergency Childbirth A Reference Guide for Students of the Medical Self-help Training Course, Lesson No. 11
Book - Home Medical Library, Volume II
Book - Surgical Anatomy
Book - Manual of Surgery, Volume III
Book - Non-Fiction - The Encyclopedia of Animals: A Complete Visual Guide (608 pages!)
1/2 Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
Syringes (New)
Book - Non-Fiction - Simple Sabotage Field Manual
Book - Common Sense by Thomas Paine
Book - Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato
Book - The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanual Kant
Book - Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Book - Non-Fiction - Guide to Living Off the Grid
Books -The Zombie Survival Guide
Snack size pack of Oreos
An almost expired chocolate pudding cup

Feel free to spelling correct or add to this too!


Embarrassing failure
You find something, just not anything good. Eitehr poison ivy or Poison oak or something when ate that will get everyone sick. Your pick!

You fail to find anything useful or edible.

You find a handful of Solomon’s seal , Dandalion, Nettles, Milkweed, Chestnuts, Skunk cabbage, Wild onions, wild Rubarb, wild Grapes, wild asparagus, corn, sand cherries, mulberries, morel mushrooms, ect. ect

Good Success

Great Success
You find a whole lot of something, and not only that, but it's nutritious and tasty.

(Additional rolls will be needed if you try to capture anything alive)

Embarrassing failure
You fail to find anything, but either hurt yourself in some way, or become the hunted or accidentally stumble upon something bigger than you.(There are mountain lions and balck bears, coyote packs)

You find nothing but the sound of your tummy growling.

You bag a small rabbit or squirrel or a bird (Turkey or duck)something along those lines.

Good Success
2 of something above
A beaver

Great Success
Big Horn Sheep

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