For countless generations people have looked up to the sky and wondered "Are we alone? Are there other intelligent races out there?" And for generations that question was left unanswered. Until five months ago.

It was dubbed the Arrival. A huge spaceship spotted passing by Mars and then two days later dropped into the upper atmosphere of Earth. It was huge, five miles in diameter at the least. We sent welcome messages and tried to communicate with whoever or whatever was inside. Our messages were met with silence. And it was deafening.
No one knew what to make if it. Some people welcomed the visitors, throwing parties and continued attempts to communicate. Others saw it as the beginning of the end, and fled to what they thought were secure areas, to wait out what was going to happen.

The first attack didn’t even seem like an attack at all. One minute we are living life normal, driving our cars, tweeting our every move and listening to our I-pods. Then it all stopped working. No computers, no electricity, nothing electronics or anything that run on electricity worked at all. Suddenly we were back to pre-Industrial revolution tech. It took a few days for everyone to release that this was caused by an EMP blast caused by the Spaceship that floated above our heads. The first wave was over. Casualties 500,000.

The follow-up was much more blatant. There was no doubt where the attack came from, the surprise was the method. With all its fault lines, and tectonic shifting, causing major earthquakes was child’s play to the aliens that hung in their space ship over the Earth. The earthquakes weren’t enough though, the tidal waves they caused made it so much more worse. California, Florida, Central America, gone. Japan, Hawaiian Island…any island, bye-bye. New York, Boston, Washington D.C and any other coastal city across the world, wiped off the map. The second wave. Casualties…millions upon millions.

Birds were the third wave, or rather the carrier, the aliens made them the Typhoid Mary of the animal world. Only the disease the birds spread made typhoid look like a little head cold. It was giving many names, but most just called in the Plague. It manifested as just a cough but then quickly escalated into a fever and then blood ooze from everywhere, like a hemorrhagic fever on steroids. If you caught it you were pretty much assured a painful death as you bled out and your brain burned with fever. 9 out of 10 people succumbed to the plague, and those lucky people to survive or that were immune, well time would tell if they really were the lucky ones. Large population centers were wiped out. Those that survived and hadn’t fled into the wilderness, did so now. Forming small bands for survival, or most going it alone. Trust in your fellow man was slowly degrading. With survival instincts kicking in and resources thinning the every man for itself attitude was gaining momentum. Humans were being stripped of their humanity. It was no longer help your neighbor, it is help yourself.

The fourth wave has been subtle and much slower. It is us, preying on each other. We have begun to realize that the aliens look like us, or has brainwashed humans to kill other humans. Not knowing if the person you come across is planning to kill you or not, it’s best to shoot first and ask questions latter. So now the aliens have us doing the dirty work. But in times like these it’s the strong that survive and in that strength we begin to decide what matters. Humanity.

Based on the novels by Rick Yancey.
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